Foxconn today's subscription of demon stocks collectively suspended 4 shares Wang Chong limit to open new market


Foxconn today's subscription of demon stocks collectively suspended 4 shares Wang Chong limit to open new market

Foxconn today's subscription of demon stocks collectively suspended 4 shares Wang Chong limit to open new market

Jufeng Today's Strategy

Ju Feng Gu Gu believes that volume shrinks during the early period of the broader market adjustment and is the signal to build the bottom. Wednesday's stock index correction, coal fell sharply, and led to the recent active price rise theme stocks retreat, the late new shares also have a greater degree of diving. The market fell below the 10-day moving average support, the stock index fell to 3200 points, the GEM fell below 1850 points, and adjustments started again. Quantity energy is still the main factor that restricts the stock index. On the external front, European stock markets generally fell, and US stocks opened lower and higher, or supported A shares. Today's unicorn Foxconn will purchase, the market is expected to appear short-term low point, operation, oversold bounce is still the most robust strategy, can continue to dig.

International Marketplace

Foxconn today's subscription of demon stocks collectively suspended 4 shares Wang Chong limit to open new market

On Wednesday, the three major stock indexes of the US stock market opened lower and closed higher. The Fed announced the minutes of the May meeting. The minutes show that most members believe that if the U.S. economic outlook remains intact, it may be necessary to speed up the rate hike. In addition, investors are also concerned about corporate earnings and a series of economic data released during the day.

News Express

1. The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection stated that the strictest legal system is used to protect the ecological environment.

2. The State Council: Doing a good job of copying and promoting the fourth batch of pilot reform pilots in the free trade trial zone, and intends to launch a number of open initiatives in the fields of telecommunication tourism finance and other fields.

3. National Standing Committee: Take measures to accelerate the rejuvenation of the dairy industry.

4. The Securities Regulatory Commission stated that it will use big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies to crack down on illegal and irregular behaviors, achieve penetrating supervision and comprehensive supervision, and earnestly protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors.

5. According to the Ministry of Commerce, Mr. Ross, the U.S. Department of Commerce Minister, will soon visit China.


1. Wu Tong Holdings:Terminate the plan to reorganize the asset restructuring into a strategic investment into the Shares Network;

2. Rejuvenate your health: Terminate the reorganization and apply to the SFC to withdraw the application documents;

3. Panhai Holdings: The controlling shareholder increased its holding of 1.54 million shares again today;

4. Fangda Group: The company controlled by the controlling party added 1.12 million B shares;

5. ZTE: A Stocks continue to be suspended;

6. Brand new: Hanfu Holdings became the largest shareholder and the controlling entity was changed to Han Xueyuan;

7. Rebecca: investing $20 million in US investment in setting up a sales company;

8. Shanghai Pudong Development Bank: The board of directors agreed to invest RMB 2 billion in a state financing guarantee fund;

9. Lanxun Drive: to invest RMB 76.95 million for the crown Technology 10% stake;

10, Zheshang Securities: Approved to set up 7 branches.


The National Standing Committee promotes the revitalization of the dairy industry and builds quality dairy bases

State Council An executive meeting was convened and it was held that the dairy industry is an indispensable industry for healthy Chinese and strong people. It is necessary to accelerate the revitalization of the dairy industry and improve the quality and safety of dairy products. We must vigorously introduce and breed good-quality dairy cows and build a national core breeding farm. Strengthen the production of high-quality forage materials. We will develop standardized scale farming and build a high-quality milk source base. Strive to significantly improve the quality, competitiveness and reputation of domestic infant formula milk powder within 3 years.

Organization believes that benefiting from the wealth effect and purchasing power brought about by the monetization of the shed change and the accelerating consumption habits of the past few years, the low-end market is expected to maintain two in the next three to five years. The number of stable and rapid growth.

Targeted: Manor Ranch, Yantang Dairy.

China's world's first long-acting injection of anti-AIDS drugs coming soon

A few days ago, the injection of cutting-edge organisms by Aibo Weitai has entered " The "approval" stage is about to usher in the listing. Abbeville is a human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) fusion inhibitor suitable for use in combination with other antiretroviral drugs.

Zhang Fujie, leader of the National Health and Family Planning Commission’s AIDS Clinical Working Group, said: “At present, the packageNo drug regulatory agency in the United States, including the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has approved a long-acting anti-AI drug. If Aibo Weitai is successfully approved, it is likely to become the world's first long-acting anti-Ai drugs.

Subject:Shenzhen Energy, Public Utilities.

Stocks concerned

Original Shangshang 603813

Shangshang is a more influential third-party automobile logistics company in South China. Since its inception, Yuanshang has persisted in providing "safe, accurate, and rapid" for its customers. The logistics service has a strong competitive advantage, and after years of development, the original shares have gradually won the recognition and trust of customers, and established long-term and stable cooperative relations with a number of well-known auto manufacturers and parts suppliers. /p>

Longbo Technology 603655

Lambo Technology, as a leading company in China's precision rubber seal industry, has successfully operated for several years. Accumulation of more obvious competitive advantages in business management, sales channels and technology accumulation, etc. With good operating results, the company has established a good brand image and market reputation.

Today's trading tips Strong>


Industrial Rich Alliance: Issued at a P/E multiple of 17.09 times. Code 780138, the subscription price is 13.77 yuan, the maximum subscription limit for a single account is 413,000 shares, and the number of subscriptions is a multiple of 1000 shares.


Dulwich New Materials, ., ,, *


*, four-way share

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