"Rome Sport": Ancelotti approaches Naples


"Rome Sport": Ancelotti approaches Naples

Rome Sport: Ancelotti approaches Naples

The tiger flutters May 22th, "Roman Sports News" reporter Ivan Zazaloni: "'An Chelloti, basically got it ', I have received this news twice in a matter of hours from Naples. 'Only when Surrey continues to remain in the remainder of the two-year contract, this contract will be terminated,' but At the moment, apparently, it is clear that Surrey’s chances of leaving Naples are even greater, and at the moment I tend to believe this news because over the years the 'person' who has given me a message has never given me an error message.

“I had a great deal of suspicion before. According to my understanding of the two people, at first I thought that Ancelotti’s return to Italy and his acceptance of Drouwertis were not very high because It seems that there is a certain difference in the way they do things. But in the end I got positive conclusions based on news from multiple parties. I tend to come Ancelotti. Here are my reasons:

1. For Naples, Ancelot Pedro's reputation is natural enough. Compared with Benitez and Mazzari, Ancelotti is more attractive to big players.

2. For Surrey, Drouentiens has never There is no stinginess, and there is something to it;

3. As far as I know, there aren’t a few head coaches that fit with the boss of Naples. Ancelotti is one of them. He was also contacted when he changed the head coach in Naples. Passing Ancelotti;

4. At present, the relationship between Surrey and D-Lorentos in public has been alienated. In my opinion, for a few months, there has been no recovery. Room;

5. Ancelotti also expressed the desire to return to Italy to work, and no other team currently invites him, of course, Arsenal have made other choices;

6. According to sources, a lawyer from Parma has already been involved with the Naples Club on matters related to both parties Negotiations began;

7. Last summer Surrey expressed his intention not to continue to serve as head coach of Naples after the end of the season;

8. Surrey is not a conformist The head coach, it is difficult to save the situation in him, this point, Dela Laurentius and Naples players are very clear.