Look! A new shopping mall will be built on the south side of Xinhua Square in Hohhot.


Look! A new shopping mall will be built on the south side of Xinhua Square in Hohhot.

Zhenhua Shopping Mall Hohhot

Look! A new shopping mall will be built on the south side of Xinhua Square in Hohhot.

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Project Name: Hohhot Zhenhua Shopping Mall

Type: Previous Publication

> Date of publication: 2018/5/7 to 2018/5/15

Look! A new shopping mall will be built on the south side of Xinhua Square in Hohhot.< /p>

Look! A new shopping mall will be built on the south side of Xinhua Square in Hohhot.

Hohhot The "Zhonghua Shopping Mall Project" "Planning Project Planning Permit" will be publicly displayed before approval

In accordance with relevant laws and regulations of the "PRC City and Town Planning Act" It is proposed to issue a “Planning Project Planning Permit” for the Zhenhua Shopping Center Project in Hohhot, which will now be publicized before approval. The content of publicity is as follows:

Construction Unit: Yantai Zhenhua Department Store Group Co., Ltd.

Project Name: Zhenhua Shopping Center, Hohhot

Project Location: Inner Mongolia Hohhot Hui District, south of Xinhua Plaza.

The nature of the site: Commercial facilities (WholesaleRetail Land)

Construction: Zhenhua Shopping Center, Hohhot, with a total construction area of ​​337,550 square meters and a basement area of ​​18,069 square meters. , The above-ground construction area is 270,878 square meters (including 125510.50 square meters of shopping malls, 8,349 square meters of 2,3# base shops, 48,122.50 square meters of 1# apartments, 44,453 square meters of 2# apartments, and 44,443 square meters of 3 apartments), and the underground construction area is 66,672. Square meters (including storage area 21,875 square meters, garage and equipment room 44,797 square meters).

During the publicity period, if the relevant unit or individual has any comments or suggestions on the approval of the project, it may report to the Planning Bureau of Hohhot City (click the bottom of this article to read The original "reflected". Those who do not respond within the time limit are deemed to have waived their rights.

Hohhot City Planning Bureau

Source: Hohhot City Planning Bureau< /p>

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Good News! Hohhot: It is planned to build another landmark shopping mall and see where it is located.

Hohhot Daily (Reporter Yun Jing) In order to achieve new breakthroughs in investment promotion and promote the high quality development of the capital, the city has established nine investment promotion projects. The special team fully launched investment promotion activities. On the evening of March 6, the chairman of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, Yun Jiandong, led the first team of the city to attract investment and arrived in Beijing. The following morning, they entered the company and started the “precision model” of attracting investment in the capital.

Look! A new shopping mall will be built on the south side of Xinhua Square in Hohhot.▲Huhhot Xinhua Plaza (picture/ Hohwa"Haote government network)

"A key task for this year's capital is to increase the 'going out, introducing' investment promotion efforts, take the initiative to undertake industrial transfer, seek industry, do a good job of investment services In the morning of March 7, when inspecting Yuanda Real Estate Group, Yun Jiandong took the initiative to introduce the center of the capital to this year's capital, and to promote the high-quality development of the capital.” And introduce many favorable conditions for the development of Huh.

Yuanda Real Estate Group is a nationwide real estate investment, development and operation group based on commercial development and operation, supported by residential development. In the field of commercial real estate, Yuanda Real Estate has a commercial complex centered on “Grand Shopping Mall” and is a well-known commercial retail company in China. At present, large-scale commercial complex projects in many places in China are all in investment and construction operations. The person-in-charge of the company, when negotiating with the investment promotion team, said that in recent years, the rapid development of Huhshi and the good city appearance and investment environment have attracted the attention of the company.

During the inspection, Yuanda Shopping Mall expressed its strong desire and confidence to settle in the city and plans to build another landmark in the capital near Xinhua Square. Great shopping mall. After a detailed exchange of project site selection and landing work with team member Hui Hui District Party Secretary Ma Huijun, the two parties signed the “Huhehot Hui District Government and Yuanda Real Estate Group Project Cooperative Framework Agreement”. According to reports, the project plans to invest 10 billion yuan.

With a registered capital of 33 billion yuan, Shenwan Hongyuan Securities Co., Ltd. has 24 regional branches and 309 sales offices throughout the country, and has branches in Hong Kong, London, Tokyo, Singapore, Seoul, etc. to carry out comprehensive securities. business. The company is optimistic about the commercial status of the capital and plans to develop and build a tourism town in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, in the Grand Shopping Mall and the Jinhai Industrial Park. Zhang Guoping, a member of the Party Group of the Hohhot City Government and director of the Municipal Major Project Construction Office, stated clearly during the inspection that the company’s project has settled in the capital: The current capital has ushered in a new opportunity for leap-forward development in the enterprise.The word is also a good time for a director to start a business. The Hohhot Municipal Government will mobilize all favorable factors, give strong support to the project construction, and do its utmost to provide good services for business development and project settlement.

With the rise of national fitness, there is huge room for the development of the sports product market. The French sports brand Decathlon has a large market share in China. On March 7th, the first special team of investment promotion team also went to Decathlon's largest flagship store in Beijing Dajiaoting Store to conduct a field trip. The two sides conducted friendly and in-depth exchanges during the inspection. In the negotiations, Decathlon said that it plans to invest in the Decathlon Sports Specialized Supermarket in the capital’s Huimin District, self-sustaining property to operate the sports mall, and integrating Hohhot cage football and other sports industries in the remaining parcel areas, planning and constructing a sports park as a national The fitness and leisure base will inject new vitality into Hoh trade, sports industry, and national fitness and contribute new strength. In the afternoon of the same day, the two parties signed a framework agreement for cooperation in the project, and Decathlon said that the project will be docked as soon as possible.

The Swedish IKEA Group has a large customer base in China. At the IKEA Siyuanqiao Store, the first special team of the Investment Promotion Team visited the IKEA business model in detail and introduced the business development of the capital to the company. In the inspection, companies also expressed the hope that they could build a store in Hohhot to radiate surrounding cities.

During the inspection, Yun Jiandong detailedly developed the changes and good investment environment in Hohhot in recent years to the company. recommend. Yun Jiandong said that Huhhot, as the capital of Inner Mongolia, enjoys outstanding geographical advantages and broad prospects for development. In particular, this year, the municipal government and the municipal government attach great importance to the work of attracting investment, adhere to the principle of talent-led innovation, innovation-driven development, insisting on targeted and accurate investment promotion, industrial chain investment promotion, and commercial introduction, insisting on industrial selection and platform introduction. To cultivate talents through projects and to retain talents in the environment, this has also ushered in a good opportunity for development for enterprises. We hope that more powerful companies can choose cooperation with Hohhot and achieve a win-win situation in which the development of enterprises drives the local economic prosperity.

Source: Hohhot News Network, Hohhot Daily (Reporter Yun Jing), Hohhot, PA.