Shanghai's attack on the "set-up car" problem


Shanghai's attack on the "set-up car" problem

Shanghai's attack on the set-up car problem

On April 5, the Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission’s Law Enforcement Corps to the United States Taxi service delivered a “request for correction notice” and asked the US group to follow the rules and regulations to immediately rectify the problems existing in the clearance of non-compliant vehicles and drivers, upload operational data in real time, and regulate competition, so as to maintain the normal operation of the industry.

On April 6th, Wang Huiwen, the senior vice president of the American Mission Group, organized a reconsideration and reorganization meeting at the Beijing headquarters to seriously re-instate the problems existing in the US team’s taxi in Shanghai for the past two weeks, and ordered The contents of the "Corrective Notice" and the content of the Shanghai media supervision report were compared one by one, specific rectification measures were formulated, and a "Rectification Work Team" of the US group taxi was established. The chairman of the Group Office Zhong Yongjian took the lead and the rectification working group was already on the 7th. Go to work in Shanghai.

According to reports, there are inconsistent vehicles and drivers on the platform, as well as media reports of "set car" and "vehicle car" (that is, the actual carrier vehicle information is inconsistent with the registration information on the platform.) The outstanding problems such as the vehicle, etc., the United States group taxi will start on April 8 special action, heavy blows to fight the "card car" problem, found a car, banned one, never be soft. The U.S. taxi group will adopt the methods of upgrading the auditing mechanism, encouraging consumers to report, and introducing dynamic image recognition technology, strictly increasing the number of cards, strictly checking the inventory, strictly controlling the repeated actions, and clearing the issue of "set-up car" on its own platform, and through multiple parties. Cooperation to eradicate the "card set car" gray industrial chain. The U.S. group taxi has made an announcement through the official micro-pronged attack on the specific actions of the “set-up car” problem.

In addition, in light of the issue of platform data being uploaded in real time and regulatory platforms, “low-cost marketing” and other social concerns, the rectification working group will rectify one by one and send it to the Shanghai Communications Commission’s Law Enforcement Corps and other departments on a daily basis. Report on the entire improvement of the exhibition.

Zhong Yongjian, the leader of the rectification working group, told reporters that thanks to the media supervision, we will effectively carry out rectification in accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations and in accordance with the explicit requirements of the relevant government departments, and report the rectification situation to the society within one week. Supervision.

[Article source:Eastern Net]