"The parrot case" party released from prison: plan to appeal, do not reject the foster parrot


"The parrot case" party released from prison: plan to appeal, do not reject the foster parrot

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Know that Wang Peng is going to be released from prison today, and his wife Ren Panpan asked for leave early. She and her mother-in-law went home together. Everything is ready, towels and sheets are replaced with new ones. They hope that this family will usher in a new beginning after returning from Wang Peng.

Yesterday, some media reporters who had paid close attention to Wang Peng’s case found Ren Panpan. They talked about some things in the case. Because they are all young people, both sides have quite a common language. The media generally feel that Ren Panpan's state is good, very happy and talkative.

Ren Panpan said that after all, her husband wants to come back and it feels good. However, it is not very exciting, but it just feels like "it's a good thing".

In the evening, Ren Panpan began to take care of the children to sleep. I did not expect that the two-and-a-half-year-old son had a little burn in the evening. However, he learned that tomorrow he will go to “accept his father” and he will not be tired. During the interview, a reporter from the media called and interviewed. Even though the problems were similar and she was dizzy, she also received a warm reception. She had been chatting with reporters until the early hours.

Because he did not know the specific time of release, Ren Panpan decided to wait at the gate of the detention center early in the morning. At 9:00 in the morning, she and her parents and Wang Peng’s parents came to the door of the Bao’an District Detention Center in Shenzhen. At approximately 11 o'clock, the release formalities were completed and Wang Peng stepped out of the gate of the detention center. Ren Panpan hugs the child in the past. His two-and-a-half-year-old son calls his father with open arms.

Wang Peng was wearing a light green work suit when he was taken away by the police two years ago. After leaving the guards, he changed into clothes brought by his wife. The clothes are sent to Ren Panpan by enthusiastic netizens. The black and red pattern above represents “freedom”.

After Wang Peng returned home, he was in a good state. "After all, I returned home and I still feel good." After lunch with his family, he began to interview the media. Tells about his life experiences in the past two years.

The parrot case party released from prison: plan to appeal, do not reject the foster parrot

▲This morning, Wang Peng walked out of the detention center and his wife Hug together


Wang Peng from 201Since 4 years, he has started to raise birds for a fortuitous opportunity. Later, he became obsessed with keeping parrots. He is also famous in the bird circle of Baoan District in Shenzhen. He once said: "The parrot is the boss and the son is the second child."

The family feels that the parrot is too noisy and has too much flavour. It has been arguing with Wang Peng many times, but it is nothing but him.

In April 2016, because his half-year-old son was ill, Wang Peng had no time to take care of him. At the same time, in order to change some money, he will raise two big "Little Sun" parrots and four mysterious ones. The wind parrot was sold to the bird dealer at a price of 500 yuan each.

Who knows, the bird dealer was later controlled by the police and implicated Wang Peng. On May 17, 2016, Wang Peng was taken away by the police together with dozens of parrots raised at home.

A police investigation revealed that two of the six parrots sold by Wang Peng were included in the Appendix to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, belonging to a protected animal. Wang Peng was arrested. "Illegal sale of valuable and endangered wild animals and their products."

The parrot case party released from prison: plan to appeal, do not reject the foster parrot

▲Protection of animal "little sun" parrots involved in Wang Peng's case

Wang Peng was sentenced to five years of imprisonment by the court of first instance. After the appeal, the case was filed on March 30, 2018. On the second instance in Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court, Wang Peng was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment. This judgment is implemented after approval by the Supreme Law. The prison term begins on May 17, 2016 and ends on May 16, 2018.

The controversial point of this case is whether the two small sunbirds kept by Wang Peng belong to “precious and endangered wild animals”. Due to the attention of the legal community and the media, the "parrot case" caused a sensation.


When Wang Peng was arrested, his son was only half a year old. Now that two years have passed, his son will already call him a father and he will understand. However, my father's impression still stays with her parents' wedding photos.

Ren Panpan told the Legal Evening News reporter that at first the child was very young. She thought that the children did not know anything. Later, the child started to learn to call father with other children and began to have his own emotions and ideas. She thinks something has to be said with the child.

In the past few days, Ren Panpan startedSpeaking to his son Wang Peng, “Daddy came back in a few days and wanted to go to meet his father with his mother.”

The child will babbling and saying, "Go, meet my father."

The parrot case party released from prison: plan to appeal, do not reject the foster parrot

▲With his son growing up, his wife has been working for two years Panpan will also mention his father with his son. “Daddy will be back soon.”

Wang Peng has seen Wang Peng in the courts of the first instance and second instance only two years after he was detained. Afterwards, Ren Panpan worked hard to meet with him once. The time was only ten minutes. Wang Peng only asked her to take good care of her parents and children.

Ren Panpan’s plan Wang Peng took him out to take an individual check. If the body is not seriously affected, they would like to rest for a period of time before allowing the child and Wang Peng to find a parent-child relationship.

And Wang Peng’s parrot was taken away, and now there are only a few abandoned bird cages in his home.


Ren Panpan and his family still believe that Wang Peng is not guilty. She insists that “man-reared animals are not wild animals. Peng's failure to organize a permit is only an administrative violation, not a criminal offense."

Previously, Ren Panpan said in an interview with the media that although Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court changed Wang Peng’s second term of imprisonment, it took less than two months from the date of the verdict to the end of the sentence, many people think "People can come back as soon as possible," but she still hopes to appeal. However, this requires the husband to come out and discuss later, "everything he sees."

This afternoon, Wang Peng told the Legal Night Evening News reporter that he also wanted to continue the appeal and hoped that this would promote judicial progress.

Legal Evening News·Views News: What is your current status?

Wang Peng: It was still agitated at about 11 am this morning. After all, it was home.

Legal Evening News·Views News: What do you want to do after you come out?

Wang Peng: What I want to do most is to accompany my family and owes them too much in the past two years.

Legal Evening News·Views News:What's wrong with going home?

Wang Peng: Fortunately, there are often outside concerns in the inside. Just came back and felt that the surrounding environment of the residence had changed.

Legal Evening News·Views News: Your family has always insisted that your actions are not guilty and you want to appeal. Do you have any complaints?

Wang Peng: I also want to complain. After my wife came out, my wife told me that there are many cases that I would like to consider similar to the case. I hope that the complaint can help their cases and I hope that I can promote judicial progress through complaints.

Legal Evening News·Views News: When you were taken away by the police two years ago, did you know that it was illegal to sell Little Sun Parrot?

Wang Peng: At that time, it was not known that selling these parrots was illegal.

Legal Evening News·Views News: What do you want to say to your family when you come back home in two years?

Wang Peng: In the past two years, she has lost her freedom and feels that she is in a great debt to her family. I still hope to stay with my family more.

Legal Evening News·Views News: It is said that the parrot you raised later died a lot after adoption. How do you feel?
Wang Peng: Later, I learned through a lawyer that the parrots I had been seized had indeed died a lot. It was indeed a pity that I felt very distressed. Because at that time I was raising them as a family member. Later, when I sent it to a professional organization, I died so much that I didn't know what the reason was and felt very sad.

Legal Evening News·Views News: Will parrots be raised in the future? Will you raise other animals?

Wang Peng: It should not be actively raised. However, if a friend of a bird is sent to foster care, he will still be able to help them and will not completely reject the animals. If my son likes other small animals, he will support him.

Legal Evening News·Views News: What are the plans for future families?

Wang Peng: For the time being, I didn't want to be too long-term, or I spent a lot of time with my family.

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