Morning Post: Microsoft or push a cheap version of Surface iPad & x2f plus one plus 6


Morning Post: Microsoft or push a cheap version of Surface iPad & x2f plus one plus 6

Domestic News

Liu Qiang Dong Ruan: To clarify half of the employees, there is no such thing.

Morning Post: Microsoft or push a cheap version of Surface iPad & x2f plus one plus 6

Liu Qiangdong attended the second session of the World Smart Conference held in Tianjin. He clarified the rumors circulating about the dismissal of half of the employees and stated that it was Completely sensational. He believes that Jingdong is still growing at a rapid rate. We also need people who will never expel any brother.

Liu Qiangdong pointed out that Jingdong now has 160,000 employees. What he wants to express is that with the application of artificial intelligence technology, only half of the employees are required to work. Artificial intelligence can liberate human beings. This description does not mean to express 80,000 layoffs, but rather fully affirms the development of artificial intelligence technology.

CCTV reporter reported the US group deck car and discovered afterwards that the vehicle in question is still operating.

Morning Post: Microsoft or push a cheap version of Surface iPad & x2f plus one plus 6

CCTV news, from last month, the US group and Didi two major network about car platform for passengers to collect illegally operated deck car clues, report a successful cash reward. Seemingly positive rectification, the effect may not be ideal.

In mid-April, the reporter unannounced a visit to a white Kia car with the Shanghai A tail number 999 through the US group taxi platform. The result was a white Kia car with the Su J tail number 999.

The driver did not hesitate to admit that he did use the other person's license to register for the US group account: "How can a foreign license be registered successfully? I specifically found a license for the Shanghai license. My family is (tail number) 999, specifically to find the same one, I spent a few hundred to the cattle."

Then, the reporter taxied to the US group to report, verified by customer service, confirm the report is true, as the first Reporter, the reporter received a reward of 100 yuan. However, after successfully reporting on April 19, the platform showed that the number of driver orders was 444. Clicking on the driver's information interface again, the number of orders increased to 1,130.

In response to this, the US group customer service responded to the reporter's reply, “There was no investigation,” and stated that “the follow-up will continue.Follow up on this issue. If it is a fault of the customer service personnel, we will also penalize the customer service personnel accordingly. If it is a system problem, we will reflect it to the technical personnel to optimize accordingly.

Nokia establishes Shenzhen laboratory and reopens China market

Morning Post: Microsoft or push a cheap version of Surface iPad & x2f plus one plus 6 p>

On May 16th, HMD announced in Beijing that the Nokia Mobile Global Future Lab will be launched in Shenzhen, China, with a focus on cutting-edge technology to provide a core innovation reserve for the global strategic development of Nokia handsets.

< p>HMD Chief Product Officer Juho Sarvikas told the media: "HMD will bring Nokia Mobile Global Future Lab and top team to China, focusing on 5G technology, new materials and processes, imaging technology and future mobile experience. This is an important step in HMD's deep commitment to the Chinese market and its commitment to the Chinese market.

HMD is a Finnish-based company that officially took over the Nokia smartphone brand business from Microsoft 16 months ago.

Jama, research analyst at Canalys, the research organization, said that Nokia After the brand was brought back to the smart phone market by HMD, after a year of operation, it had already gained some market gains. "But, including China, HMD also needs to strengthen its market and channel operations in the relevant regions in order to upgrade Nokia phones as soon as possible." Performance after re-entering these markets. "Jia Mo pointed out."

Flying pigs to "three times the difference between the air ticket is not standard retreat change sign" drop the real hammer

Morning Post: Microsoft or push a cheap version of Surface iPad & x2f plus one plus 6

In recent days, Mr. Zhang purchased airline tickets from Beijing to New York on flying pigs. In follow-up changes, Feipi verified that there was an irregular retreat and change of orders, and started immediately. The platform pays first: after compensating the price threefold, the total compensation for Mr. Zhang is 11,514 yuan, which is the highest amount of compensation after Feiying’s resignation and signing of the New Deal.

Return to the hot ticket The phenomenon of changing fees and charges was changed. On May 7th, Alibaba’s travel platform was the first to announce that:Starting at 0:00, the platform-wide merchants must collect refund fees and change fees according to the airlines' specifications. If the fees charged are higher than the airline standards, they must be based on the original penalty points, fines, clearances, and other penalties imposed by the platform rules. Extra three times the cost difference to the buyer.

A week ago, three orders have been implemented for three orders, and a total of 14,565 yuan has been paid to consumers for compensation due to failure to operate according to the company's norms. At the same time, flying pigs also imposed penalties such as penalties and fines for illegal businesses.

Hu Chenjie, vice president of Alibaba and vice president of Fei Pig, said: “Customer satisfaction is the number one KPI of flying pigs this year.”

Zhou Hongshun is cold for unmanned drivers: Tess We can hijack every car we drive out.

On May 16, at the 2nd World Smart Conference in Tianjin, Chairman Zhou Hongyi of the 360 ​​gave cold water to the driver during a live speech: Tesla or other smart cars can be controlled by mobile phones after they are connected to the Internet. It can be hijacked. The words of Zhou Hongyi are as follows:

Without security, there can be no real arrival of the smart car era.

Either Tesla or any other smart car can be controlled with a mobile phone, including keeping in touch with the depot server, and can regularly update the software to change the car's driving mode. Since the car is connected to the Internet, you can remotely open the car door and air conditioner, and you can certainly hijack it.

Every Tesla car is out, our company's research team can hijack it as quickly as possible. Why do we want to simulate hijacking a car? It does not mean that everyone should be defensive, and those who do shields must first study the spear.

The movie "Speed ​​and Passion 8" in the "zombie car" surging scene may become a reality two or three years later, a large number of unmanned vehicles in the streets are controlled by hackers. I do not agree with the idea of ​​Elon Musk or Hawking: The machine will become self-conscious and endanger humanity. If many unattended systems are hijacked by hackers, the opportunity is controlled by hackers, so the danger is greater.

World News

Microsoft will launch the low-priced Surface iPad in the second half of the year, priced at US$400

Morning Post: Microsoft or push a cheap version of Surface iPad & x2f plus one plus 6

Bloomberg News, informed sources, Microsoft plans to release the low-priced Surface tablet product line as soon as possible in the second half of this year, seeking to be at Apple. Its iPad has dominated the market for low-priced tablet PCs.

Microsoft has already tried to launch a low-priced tablet PC model. In 2012, Microsoft introduced the first generation of Surface RT and began to enter the consumer-oriented market. The hardware market.

At the time, the Surface RT was priced at $ 499. After failing to gain the favor of consumers and product reviewers, Microsoft turned to the more expensive Surface Pro product line. Pro has been welcomed by the market and will probably drive the demand for the professional version of the iPad.

It is reported that the new Surface tablet will be equipped with a 10-inch screen, which is basically the same size as the standard version of the iPad but smaller than that of the Surface Pro notebook. With a 12-inch screen, Microsoft’s new tablet costs about US$400 and will use a rounded screen design similar to the iPad, unlike the square-angle screen design used in current models, it will be flat for the first time in the Surface series. Equipped with a USB-C interface to support new charging and synchronization standards for some of the latest smartphones.

People familiar with the matter said that Microsoft plans to introduce several models, including 64GB, 128GB storage capacity, and support for LTE networks. The new tablet will continue to be equipped with a stand for supporting typing and watching videos. Like other Microsoft devices, it will run the Windows 10 Pro system.

The Caviar Solar iPhone X is sold for $4,500. /p>

Morning Post: Microsoft or push a cheap version of Surface iPad & x2f plus one plus 6

Russian accessories manufacturer Caviar has begun selling iPhone X's "Tes "pull" version, which has a solar panel embedded in the back and the first solar iPhon worth $4,500e X will provide the plan to Tesla Motor CEO Elon Musk.

Morning Post: Microsoft or push a cheap version of Surface iPad & x2f plus one plus 6

Initially announced in November, iPhone X Tesla will become Caviar's first smartphone version includes solar panels on the back. The large solar panel on the backside supplies the dedicated battery for charging, and then presses the power button on the back to charge the iPhone X's battery.

The iPhone X Tesla is sold directly as a unit, but instead of selling solar mobile phone cases, the overall thickness of the device is significantly larger than that of the original device due to solar panels. From the original 7.7 mm to 16.2 mm, the projection of the rear camera is now a recess.

Caviar sells 64GB of iPhone X Tesla at a price of 284,000 rubles (4,555 US dollars), while the 256GB model does not include tax and customs duty, but sells for 299,000 US dollars (4,805 US dollars).

U.S. prisons are using video calls in place of prisoners and family members for face-to-face visits

Morning Post: Microsoft or push a cheap version of Surface iPad & x2f plus one plus 6

In recent years, more and more prisons have introduced video calling services. In theory, these products can make it easier for prisoners to keep in touch with family and friends outside. However, many prisons have moved in the opposite direction, using the advent of these "video access" services as an excuse to limit or eliminate traditional face-to-face interviews.

There are many reasons for the prison to go this route. But critics say that money plays an important role. Face-to-face interviews require more staff supervision, both to protect prisoners’ access to the visiting room and to ensure that no contraband transactions occur during the visit. So switching to video access can save the prison money.

Although on-site video access is usually free, companies that provide the system usually provide paid off-site video calling services. Prisons receive a large part of this money. Prisons often choose thatThe companies that pay the largest proportion of the prison’s commission are not companies that choose to offer the best price. This not only raises the price paid by prisoners' friends and family, it also stimulates prisons to make visitors experience less attractive, so they will switch to remote phones instead.

New Hardware

One Plus One Plus Phone 6 and One Wireless Headphone

One Plus One Mobile Phone took the lead to host the launch conference overseas and launched a new flagship Plus phone 6 and Bullets wireless headphones.

Bullets wireless headsets are similar in appearance to Betas X, but they can be absorbed when the magnetic design is added to both sides of the headset.

Morning Post: Microsoft or push a cheap version of Surface iPad & x2f plus one plus 6

Bullets Wireless Headset has a built-in noise reduction module that supports Type-C Its fast charging, the official said that charging for 10 minutes can be used for 5 hours, priced at 69 US dollars (about 439 yuan), on June 5 for sale.

Morning Post: Microsoft or push a cheap version of Surface iPad & x2f plus one plus 6

Morning Post: Microsoft or push a cheap version of Surface iPad & x2f plus one plus 6

On the cell phone side, the one-plus-six-inch 6-inch 19:9 ratio Liu Hai full screen design was adopted. The top "Bai Hai" design and Huawei P20's are not. The symmetry style is somewhat similar. The sensor, the handset, and the front camera are sideways. There is still a small chin at the bottom of the screen. There is no Logo nor a front fingerprint module.

Morning Post: Microsoft or push a cheap version of Surface iPad & x2f plus one plus 6

One plus 6 back with full glass body and Corning Five Gorilla glasses, matte black, bright black and white three colors.

Morning Post: Microsoft or push a cheap version of Surface iPad & x2f plus one plus 6

One plus six on the camera takes the front 16 megapixels + rear 16 megapixel and 20 megapixel dual cameras and adds OIS optical image stabilization and electronic image stabilization.

Morning Post: Microsoft or push a cheap version of Surface iPad & x2f plus one plus 6

Morning Post: Microsoft or push a cheap version of Surface iPad & x2f plus one plus 6

On the hardware side, one plus six is ​​equipped with a Qualcomm Xiaolong 845 processor supplemented by 6GB/8GB storage + 64GB/128GB/256GB UFS2.1 storage space.

Morning Post: Microsoft or push a cheap version of Surface iPad & x2f plus one plus 6

In terms of selling price, one plus 6 (6+64GB version) is priced at US$529 (approx. RMB 3,370), 8+128GB is priced at US$579 (approximately RMB 3,689), and 8+256GB is priced at US$629 (approximately RMB 4,007). Two black versions will be on sale on May 22nd. The white version will have to wait until June 5.

In addition, the one-plus domestic launch will be held in Beijing today (May 17th) and Ai Fan Er (Micro Signal ifanr) will For reports, please pay attention.

Moto Green Tea 1s released, priced at $1499

May 16, Motorola official The official launch of the Moto Green Pomelo 1s will be officially launched at 10:00 am on May 17.

In appearance, the Moto Green Pomelo 1s adopts a 3D curved glass process, with the NCVM coating process highlighting the ceramic frame The texture is provided in two colors: Victoria Blue and Charlotte.

In terms of configuration, the Moto 1s uses a 5.7-inch 2160×1080 display, and the body size is not the same as the traditional 5.2-inch. Large, one-handed operation without pressure, takeIt is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 processor with 4GB of memory +64GB of storage, 3000mAh of battery capacity, and runs ZUI 3.5 based on Android 8.0 depth customization.

Photography, Moto Green Teasel 1s is followed by 12 million main shots + 5 million shots, the main camera unit pixel area is 1.25μm, aperture is F/1.8, added depth of field effects, support for adjustable background Blurring, background black and white, with AI smart image graphics processing technology, to achieve separation of people, a photo can be arbitrarily switched the desired background.

Investment & Financing

Meituan announced the acquisition of catering software services company screen core technology wholly-owned company

Meituan and Screencore Technology announced that the US group has completed its wholly-owned capital Acquisition of screen core technology.

After the completion of this acquisition, Screencore will continue to operate independently and the team's future division of labor will remain unchanged. The rights of screen core technology partners and merchants will continue to be protected. The screen core technology will further receive the full support of the US Mission platform technology, organizational capabilities, marketing and other aspects. The original screen core technology CEO Guo Jiasu, COO Gao Ping and VP Shen Yang will join the US Mission SaaS Business Management Committee, which is responsible for coordinating all the Group's catering SaaS business.

The screen core technology was established in 2008 and currently serves more than 150,000 catering traders. It has extensive experience in food industry cognition and technology services, and is deeply involved in the field of catering big data. The informatization, dataization, standardization, and platform construction have played a leading role.