Miss Hong Kong Letters


Miss Hong Kong Letters

The "Miss Letters" was a smash hit in Hong Kong. Prisoner Qian Zhiming used various aliases in the 1980s and 1990s to play multiple roles such as pimps, movie director, and rich family. There was a relationship between the RV and money apprehensive female entertainers. A number of female artists were photographed with nude photos and extortion. The victims were not deceived. The police on August 13, 1990 was discovered and the incident was discovered, causing Hong Kong incitement.

Miss Hong Kong Letters

When the case was opened in 1991, the court protected the victim As a person, he ordered the media to not disclose the victim’s data. The media used the words A, B, C, D, E, and X to call six female witnesses. Qian Zhiming was charged with 11 charges, including theft, extortion, fraud, intimidation, and inducing other people to have sex. He was sentenced to 47 months in jail. Before the verdict, he claimed to have had sex with 50 to 70 female artists, of which about half were for beauty contestants.

On July 22, 1991, the case was opened in the Wanchai District Court. The defendant Qian Zhiming had four cases before the case, including threats of extortion, theft, weaponry, criminal damage and fights. Denies 11 charges. During the trial, a large number of people in the court appeared in the public gallery and they wished to see the status of women artists in the case.

The victimized female artists reacted in different ways. Some of them wore sunglasses, lowered their throats, and put on their headscarves. They had to cover their faces with a screen, but their identities were still there. One of the semi-red female Asian TV artists has openly interviewed the media with a sexy attitude. The media has reported on her role in the case with concealment.

1, Miss A

In the case, Qian Zhiming played "Philp Yip," "Sam Yip," "Mr. Ye," and "Han." "Sir", "Chris Chin" and other names, etc., set up a bureau to seduce female entertainers. Miss A was more well known among the witnesses and had received several newspaper interviews during the case. According to her confession statement, she once taught as a kindergarten teacher, participated in Lai's TV artist training class, and became an entertainer and fashion store.

In August 1988, she suddenly received a call from a self-proclaimed “Sam Yip” (Mr. Ye), claiming that she could introduce sex to her. She claimed to haveI never paid for sex, but at the time I was feeling a fashion business and the stars were flat. That night, at a hotel near the Kai Tak Airport, I met a man who called himself “Chris Chin” (Mr. Qian) and he A cheap hotel in Mong Kok has a relationship.

Miss Hong Kong Letters

Mr. Qian will give her 100,000 yuan afterwards, write down Her bank account, but she went home and found 800 yuan in the package was missing, but also think of "Mr. Qian" choose cheap hotels, so he suspected that he was cheated.

A few days later, “Mr. Ye” phoned her and said that she had been photographed at night and extorted 15,000 yuan. Miss A had to pay the money, and she also borrowed more money to “Mr. Ye”.

In March 1989, “Mr. Ye” called again, referring to “Mr. Qian” has a habit of collecting nude photos, asked Ms. A to shoot a series of nude photos, Miss A and “Mr. Qian” in another in Wan Chai Interviewed at a cheap hotel, two nude photos were taken. Afterwards, “Mr. Ye” added that “Mr. Qian” did not work well and asked Ms. A to pay RMB 140,000 and said that “Mr. Qian” had participated in a major case in the past and had many followers.

"Mr. Ye" has also arranged for her to accompany the boss on different occasions. Miss A said that she had been extorted for a momentary greed, and had been suspicious of suicide because the elder brother disputed with money. At that time, the prosecution lawyer Ai Qinxian questioned that after Miss A had received a phone call from a stranger, she had already traded in a very short time, reflecting that “Mr. Ye” was basically a “pimp” she was familiar with and that she was actually a Name prostitute. He also questioned Miss A's appearance in court, hoping to create an image of a bad girl like Madonna.

Ms. A denied that she said she was only afraid of things and did not call the police. She also heard that the entertainment industry could earn huge sums of money through sexual services. It was believed to be true and the result was cheated. This case did not help her either. Star Games, just to tell the truth.

When Ms. A gave a statement, Qian Zhiming in the prison column suddenly smiled.

2. Miss B

After Ms. A gave the testimony, Ms. B gave the testimony. She entered a beauty pageant in 1980 and entered the entertainment industry. In July 1990, she received a home phone call from a man claiming to be Patrick Yip (Ye Yeh).The other party said that he would introduce a boss's son to her, and as long as the relationship took place, she could get 50,000 yuan in meat. Ms. B pointed out that she had been scared, but the other person said that if there were no private cars and properties in the entertainment industry, they would be looked down on. Miss B accepted the transaction and went to a clock hotel for sex with a “rich child” who claimed to be the surname Han.

Miss Hong Kong Letters

During Mr. Han's cheque, he cheated The company said that it could provide 100,000 yuan in cash, a RV, a unit of 2 million yuan, and an attached gold card. Miss B was bathed in a nude photograph. Although Miss B rebelled, "Mr. Han" means: "Cooperate, don't make me unhappy !”

After “Mr. Ye” said to Miss B, it was “Mr. Han” who conspired to deceive her and whispered to her. Since then Miss B has not contacted Mr. Ye.

The trial of the "Miss Alphabet" case attracted a large number of people to attend, in which Ms. B was covered with a screen when the judge approved the testimony.

3. Miss C.

Ms C, who was the third person to participate in the trial, made a statement when she made a rehearsal in the TV beauty contest in August 1990. A strange man calling himself “Philip Yeung” called her and claimed to be a staff member of Jiahe Film Production Company. She asked her if she was eager to shoot and told a very wealthy Han surnamed businessman to meet her. The caller said that if there is a relationship, it will cost 50,000 yuan each time. When Miss C questioned the letter, "Philip Yeung" confessed that she was a middleman, repeatedly asked Miss C to give him a commission, and taught her to use the "Mr. Han" gold card to buy items and cash out, give him a commission to make the transaction more realistic. .

Miss Hong Kong Letters

Ms. C finally made an appointment. Ten minutes after leaving the hotel, Philip Yueng called her by telling her that she had been photographed naked and had to pay a ransom of 50,000 yuan. At the same time, she discovered that she had lost her credit card and was being withdrawn by 5,000 yuan.

Ms C immediately called the police and claimed to be blackmailed, intimidated and stolen. However, she was not sure whether “Young's” and “Korean” were the same person at the end of the day.For their details.

4. Miss D and Miss E

After the multi-day interrogation, go to Miss D to give evidence. She admitted that she was a beauty pageant but claimed that she was still a virgin before the incident.

On August 12, 1990, she received a phone call from a man named Patrick Leung at home, who claimed to be the director of Jiahe Film Production Company. Patrick looked at her with her boss in a magazine and was willing to pay her 800,000 yuan for a high salary to ask her to make a movie. She also hoped that she would go for social entertainment. Miss D was scared and she decided to go to the meeting with Miss E. After they entered the hotel, they checked whether there was a device in the room.

A man who claims to be surnamed Han appears to claim a comedy for her. The actor may be Andy Lau or Stephen Chow. The South Korean boss asked to have a relationship with them. He also said that he was infertile and there was no need to worry about suspicion. Miss D refused, but Miss E agreed. After the incident, Miss E was suspected of being defrauded and asked Han to go with them to the police station.

Miss Hong Kong Letters

On August 13, 1990, three people took a taxi to Outside Happy Valley Police Station. Miss D and Miss E and the “money boss” got off and one of the women claimed to call the police, but decided to give up after consulting with her peers. The police then copied three people’s information.

Afterwards, the police discovered that the incident was unusual. They wanted to follow up on the incident and found out that the man’s address was a construction site and the phone could not be reached.

Two days later, the former policewoman returned to the police station and made an official call for help. The police formally launched an investigation and then contacted several women who were suspected of being deceived and revealed the sensation.

When Ms E gave her testimony, she did not evade the love-making situation. She was reported to be very careful and vivid.

5, Miss X

Finally, another female witness named Miss X provided a statement. She said that in November 1986, a man named Patrick was called and he was introduced to a man named Ronald. Afterwards, he received 50,000 yuan. She was also photographed naked. She later learned she was deceived, but because she was too lonely at the time, she lived with Ronald. She pointed out that Ronald often abused her. After more than a month, she discovered Ro.The Chinese name on the NALD ID card is Qian Zhiming. According to her confession, when Qian Zhiming used a pager to find someone, he often used names such as Patrick, Sam Yip, and Chris.

Miss Hong Kong Letters

The trial was concluded to the closing stage and the defense focused on the defendant The charges related to Miss A, and the fact that Miss A is like a prostitute, is testimony to be questionable. As stated by the defense, Qian Zhiming has a problem of personality splitting and delusional disorder as a reason for intercession.

The prosecution rebutted that the confessions of the witnesses appeared to be fragmented, but the combination was still quite complete. Qian Zhiming emphasized to the media before the verdict that the relationship with witnesses was purely prostitutes and clients.

The woman judge pointed out that the defendant had decorated a number of points and used fraudulent techniques to contact the victim and used their mentality to obtain sexual services, reflecting that he was a smart person rather than a split personality and delusional disorder. Qian Zhiming was eventually jailed for 47 months and was released from prison in 1994.

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