The whole article did not use a word of “wine” but wrote it out


The whole article did not use a word of “wine” but wrote it out

The whole article did not use a word of “wine” but wrote it out

Overview of literary world, wine and poet Excellent music is accompanied by people's sadness and happiness. When the poets were happy, wine was their happy stimulant; when the poets were in pain, wine was their grief and forgetfulness. Drunken poetry, poetry and beauty drunk; poetry, wine, spirit, spirit, wine, poetry, mellow and elegant; wine inspired poetry inspiration, poetic add wine charm. Poetry and wine are intertwined, and poets and wine are also indissoluble, thus forming a unique "Chinese poetry and wine culture."

Liquid Fire

Lets you

If you have a dream If you're awake

Landing and letting go

Let the world be turned upside down

Let the world spin

Put human history

Watering ups and downs

Passing the poetry and painting

Fashioned colorfulness

The whole article did not use a word of “wine” but wrote it out

Drunk Liu Ye

Fantastic poetry

Frank Cao Mengde

Writing the Banquet p>

April wetted apricot blossom

Leathered Haiyi Li Yian

Jingyang Gang

Assisting Wusong's Three Fist's Tigers

Gongyang Building Head

Long Song Jiang's poem revolt

You ah you

How many heroes are heroes

Put down How many village husbands are there?

The whole article did not use a word of “wine” but wrote it out

Singing and dancing with you


Beauty and your companions

The poetry is ridiculous

Zhuang literati fights

Someone lent you crazy

Someone Take you to take power

Sometimes you're just a prop

Looking up at the negotiating tableAtmosphere

Sometimes more like a hidden weapon

Heap opponent's fling

The whole article did not use a word of “wine” but wrote it out

You ah!

Into the Zhumen Mansion

Into the Cottage

> Kim Yee, who is overflowing with the royal family

A thick bowl of farmhouses.

Here is also yours

Hi also wants you

Longmen students

Military exiles

Lost literary men and women

The great court clerk

All of your confidants

Your partner

The whole article did not use a word of “wine” but wrote it out

because you< /p>

How much was delayed

How many mistakes have been made because of you

Because you have lived How many anecdotes?

Because you have created many masterpieces

It is true

There is also you

< p>Falling also has you

You're more awkward and scented

You'll burn forever for thousands of years

Flame for liquids


Extended reading: There is only one classical Chinese pronunciation, ancient wisdom

The whole article did not use a word of “wine” but wrote it out

There are no cows, only more gods

Tervers frequently read

There is only one pronunciation in the whole article

In front of the classical text, it was purely a trick.

《Kiji Ji Ji Ji Ji》

< /section>

135 Editor


Ji Jiji, chicken, chicken is chicken.

Chicken famine, Ji Ji and Ji Ji chicken.

Chicken Jiji, Yu Ji Ji, Ji Jiji,

Kicking Chicken, Ji Ji, Following Jiji, Ji Jiji,

Ji Ji Sniper chicken, scorpion hit a few crickets, 伎 齑 is 齑.

The chicken quail collects several bases. Ji Jiji slams the chickens.

The chickens are quacked and Ji Ji excited. The Ji Ji Ji Ji Ji Ji Ji.


Zi Ji feels lonely and Luo Ji has some chickens to raise, which is from the thorn bushes. Pheasant.

The pheasant was hungry and shouted. Ji Ji took them from the bamboo millet.

When the chickens were full, they jumped to Ji Ji's bookcase. Ji Ji was scared and was busy chasing the chicken. The chicken was scared. Then he jumped to several tables. Ji Ji was in a hurry. The bamboo pheasant was used as a tool to catch chickens and attacked pheasants. The speed of the bamboo raft was very fast, but it hit several pottery pots on the table. The pottery fell to the ground and was crushed.

Zi Ji contends for a glimpse and the chicken hides under a few tables to scream. Ji Ji is furious and takes off his clogs to beat the chicken and kills the chicken.

After thinking about raising chickens, Ji Ji became excited and wrote this Ji Ji Ji Ji Ji Ji.

Is there a feeling that the tongue is tied after reading?

The whole article did not use a word of “wine” but wrote it out

Dare to challenge this

>《Shi Shi Shi Shi History》



Shi Shi Shishi Shi Shi, lions, oath Shi Shi.

Shi Shishi Shi Shishi.

At 10:00, Shishi Shishi.

It is suitable for Shishishi.

The lion is ten lions, and the lion's savior is such that ten lions are dead.

The pick is ten lion's corpse, suitable stone room.

Stone room is wet, so Shi Shi Shi room.

Stone chamber swabs, the first meal was ten lions.

At the time of eating, the first literacy was ten lions.

Trying out is something.


There is a poet named Shi who lives in a stone house. He especially likes lions and vowed to eat. Ten lions.

The Shi poets often go to the market to see the lion. At ten o'clock, there are exactly ten lions in the market. At this time, it was just in time for the poet to catch up with the market.

The Shi poet looked at the ten lions and leaned on the power of the bow and arrow, causing the ten lions to die. The Shi poets picked up the ten lions and went to the stone house. The stone house was wet. The Shi poets sent servants to clean the stone house.

The stone house was dried and the Shi Shi talent tried these ten lions. At the time of eating, only ten lions were discovered. In fact, they were the bodies of ten stone lions. Try to explain this!

Want to challenge,

first straighten your tongue, Strong>

Try again with big tongue

"Yu Yu Yu Yuyu Yu Yu"

Original text:

Yu Yu For fishing, Yu Yu Yu apartment. Yu Yu: "Yu Yu Yu Yu Yu silt, Yu Yu Yu?"

Yuyu Yu: "Yu Yu Yu Yu, Yu Yu Yu Yu, Yu Yu Yu Yu Yu Yu Yu Yu."

Yu Yu Yu Yu Yu Yu Yu Yu Yu, Yu Yu Yu, Yu Yuyu Yu, Yu Yu, Yu Yu Yu Yu. Yu Yuyu: “Yu Yu Yu Yu Yu Yu Yu Yu Yu Yu Yu Yu Yu Yu Yu Yu Yu Yu?”

Yu Yu and Yu Yuyu Yu Yuyu, Yu Yuyu Yu Yu Hey, Yu Yu, Yu Yu Yu Yu Yu Yu, Yu Yu Yu silt.


Yu Yu wanted to go fishing and went to my house to find me and said to me: "I want to go The beach of the water is coated with fish. Will you go with me?" I said, "I'm going to sell jade. Yu Yu wants to buy my jade. I have to go to his house."

So I went with Yu Yu When Yu Yu came home, she met Yu Hao and wanted to sell him jade. At this time, the world began to rain, and heavy rains passed over the house of Yu Yu’s family. I said to Yu Yue: "I was originally going to go fishing on the muddy beach. Now it's raining in your house. Is it fishing or selling jade?"

Yu Yu is with me After Yu Yu’s home was sheltered from the rain, I sold jade to Yu Yu. Waiting for the rain to stop, Yu Yu and I slowly walked out of Yu Yu's home and went fishing on the muddy beach.

Describe one thing with only one pronunciation,

Except for Chinese, all over the world

Fear that no other language can do it

The whole article did not use a word of “wine” but wrote it out p>

Writing Suspects

Original text:

Iraq, Eg.

Yi Yi, Yi Yi plague, Yi Yi medical doctor.

Here, billions of deaths are left, and the doctors are evasive.

Medical Yi Yi suspects, hey, Yi Yi suspect.

Yi Yi chair recalls Yi Yi Yi Yi,

to discuss Yi Yi, also.

Hey! Also different!


His aunt died and left billions of property. He rushed to the city and allowed the doctor to re-examine the aunt's illness.

A doctor examined Yi’s aunt, but the next day, her aunt’s billionaire family property was lost. He suspected that the doctor had a problem and was a reproachful physician.

In the face of suspicion, doctors used hang-ups to prove their innocence. He leaned back in his chair to think about this matter and thought that he had lost hundreds of millions of assets instead of doctors, causing the other person to hang himself and stunned himself. He could not even hang himself to death.

Hey! This is too strange!

The whole article did not use a word of “wine” but wrote it out

Easy Tips


Easy to use, relying on medical advice. The doctor suspected pancreatic epidemics, Yi Yi Yi Yi chair, with a different instrument to move the pancreas, a hundred million different ants, pancreatic fluid overflow, ants, pancreas to the doctor. Yi Yi Yi Yi, Yi Yi Yiyi. Medical clothes Yiyi, Yee Yee.

Hey! To ants doctor pancreas, different! It is also advisable to use Yiyi to get medical treatment!


Yi Aunt was depressed and everyone called her to see a foreign doctor.

The doctor suspected her pancreas was sick, told her to lean on a chair, moved his pancreas with special instruments, and managed to retrieve 100 million special ants for treatment. As a result, the juice of the pancreas flows out, the ants die, and pancreatic diseases are healed.

Yi Aunt was very happy and gave the doctor a set of dresses. The doctor was very happy and very energetic to put on his dress.

Ah! How strange it is to use ants to treat diseases of the pancreas! How comfortable is it to give foreigners to foreign doctors!

Was former Dublin ObservatoryDeputy Director

Chinese astronomer Jiang Tao,

A homonym pronounced “yi”

A story of 71 characters was written. Pancreas,

This article is categorized as "Examiner's Candidate"

(also the one above)

< p>The whole article did not use a word of “wine” but wrote it out

< p>"Xi Xi Xi"


Xixi Rhinoceros, Hi Playful .

Xi Xixi Xiu Xie Xie,

Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi.

Sucking Creek, Xi Xi.

Chen Xixi Xi Shixi.

Yi Xie Xi Xi Xi.


Xixi's rhinoceros loves to play. Shi Xi (name) took rhinos out every day and carefully learned to bathe the rhinoceros.

The rhinoceros sucked in the stream and sprayed it to Xixi. Xixi smiled and let the rhinoceros stop. However, rhinos are happy and love to play.

The whole article did not use a word of “wine” but wrote it out



< p> 羿 熠, 邑彝, 义, 诣.

The ancestral Yi Yi Yi, Yi Yi 迤, clothing 旖, different 奕矣.

Yi Yi Yi, Yiyi Yiyi, Iraqi Yiyi, Yiyi Yiyi Yiyi, Yiyiyi.

Yi Yi, Yi Yi, Yi Yi. Elegance Yi Yi, Yi Yi, Yi Yi, Yi Yi. Yi Yiyi, Yiyi, Yiyi, Yi Yiyi, Yi Yi Yiyi.

Hey, Yi Yi Yi. Yi Yi is a tiger and Yi, and Yi Yi is a Yi Yi.

Imports of the epidemic, Yi Yi, Yi Yi, Yi chair, and Yi Yi.

Yi Yi, meaning Yi, Yi Yi Yi Yi, Yi Yi, Yi Yi Yi Yi. Yi Yi Yi Yi, Yi Yi.

Immediately use Iraqi medicine, suspect Iraqi pancreatic fistula, to falter Iraq, Yi Yi Yi Yi, Yi, Yi. Yi Yi moved to the doctor, Yi Yi.

Yi Yiyi, Yi Yiyi, Yi Yi Yiyi, Yi Yiyi. Yi Yi, hey, hey.

Hey, hey.


The descendants of Houyi have a cry, living in ethnic minority areas. He is a righteous doctor and he is often free for the general public to visit the doctors for medical treatment.

Aunty's aunt left a daughter named Yi, Iraq looks very beautiful, pleasant, dressed in beautiful clothes, is simply the heavenly fairy, human mundane people simply can not be compared.

He liked the cousin Iraqi, he bought beautiful clothes for Iraq, but Iraq is not sympathetic, throwing away the clothes his cousin gave him, dressed in weird clothes to show that they do not like to chant, I feel very depressed.

In order to avoid the entanglement of his cousin, Yi left his hometown and hid in a remote place. He found a player called Yi to play chess. Yi is very handsome and looks like a good man. He is proficient in playing chess.诣.

Yi is unusually dressed and looks impulsive. Yi Yi led Iraq and benefited Iraq. I'm very happy. I secretly liked Yi and Yi also liked Iraq.

The next day, Iraq continued to play with Yi, Yi gave a lizard to Iraq as a gift, and Iraq returned his clothes to Yi.

Ye is ill, and the dream shouted Yi's name. Iraqi spirit is not normal, leans on the chair whisper, Yi accompanied her, followed her whisper.

I’ve heard of Daisuke’s name before, so he’s found him, stating his intention, and asking for help. We must work hard to put forward the conditions and ask Yi to leave after curing the disease in Iraq.

Thinking that only Yi can cure Iraq, Yi agreed to the request.

I remembered Yi and once again called Yi Yi’s name in her dream, indicating that Yi Yi had already left.I like her very much.

Imagine never seeing again, life is boring. So he hanged himself and committed suicide. I was paralyzed and also committed suicide.

The whole article did not use a word of “wine” but wrote it out

"Chicken Chicken"


< p> Chickens, Chickens.

A few chickens crowded the ridges.

Extreme disease, chicken hunger extremes, chickens have attacked and slander.

The machine is not only economical, but it is also a few chickens.

The machine is very sick, extremely awkward, rushing to gather at the level.

Following the trace of silence, followed by a few chickens that are hungry,

that is.


The roaring chicken, squeaking, and several chickens are looking for food in crowded cages of. The chickens in the chicken car go very fast and the chickens are very hungry. They are desperately waving their wings and hard as fish scales.

Finally, the car for the chicken arrived at the place (name). Suddenly, several chickens knocked open the cage, and all the chickens rushed to get off the bus.

But the car is still walking very fast. Those chickens with tough wings that have seen the speeding wheels are scared. They hurry back and do not care how crowded the cage is.

In the end, the cage was quiet, and even if the chicken was hungry, it would only dare to cry.