The ancient Zen concession system contrasted with the early history of Mengyuan and Manchu.


The ancient Zen concession system contrasted with the early history of Mengyuan and Manchu.

In the book of "Shang Shu. Dian Dian", the book "Zen Chan Jean" was recorded. In "Da Yung", "Yan Zan Jean" was recorded. The Analects and Mencius are also recorded.

In the Zen conceit, Zen means “strongly recommend before the ancestors” and “to let” mean “to yield the emperor.” The surname of Yi’s surname gave way to Yao’s surname. To the surname surname, this is not passed on to his son, and the person who chose virtuousness as his successor system has been praised since ancient times.

The ancient Zen concession system contrasted with the early history of Mengyuan and Manchu.

Some people raised skepticism during the Warring States period. "Yanzi Zhengzheng": "Fei Xu Zen concession, is a false word also, is the transmission of the shallow, the leader The said also." "Han Fei said suspicious": "Accelerating, smashing, Tang Fang, Wu King, the four kings, who are officials and their king are also."

Unearthed During the Western Jin Dynasty, the book "The Year of the Bamboo Slips" was a history book of the Wei State during the Warring States Period. It read in the book: "Badness is bad and it is imprisoned. The prisoners were reunited with Sedanzhu, so that the father and son could not meet each other. "In the "Shitong" he wrote in the Tang Dynasty, Liu Zhiji said: "Yao Fang is lingering on Pingyang." He also said that Yan was dying to the sky and died.

It seems that the ancients Already doubted the meditation system.

The ancient Zen concession system contrasted with the early history of Mengyuan and Manchu.

Song Shaoxing 31 years (1161 In the second year, the leader of the Mongolian Yan Yan Department also beat the deaf and beaten him, and took Mrs. Eunlun as his wife. In the second year, he also gave birth to the leader of the Tatar Department, Temujin Zhenge, and he gave it to himself. The oldest born son was named “Tiemu Shin.” When Temujin was 9 years old, his father was poisoned by his neighbor's son, Temujin Zhenge. When Temujin was 18 years old, he was the minister of the enemy’s father and son. He took away his wife, and Temujin went to the children's warfare field and defeated the son-in-law.Since the eleventh year (1184) of the Song Yuxi, Temujin was elected as the Khan of the Mongolian Ministry. p>

This section shows that in the early days of the nomadic race, they killed each other and even took pride in robbing other wives.Timki's father did this, and he did so, and their enemies did the same.


From Temujin Kublai early Yuan Dynasty, like Yao, Shun period. Temujin died, his son TorreSupervising the country, Torre and Zen give way to his brother, and he spreads his position to his son. You pass on his position to his cousin Mengo, and Mengge passes on to his brother Kublai. Both Wokudotai and Guiku emerged a short-term queen and supervised the country. Then the Prairie General Assembly elected a new sweat. It seems that during this period of time, virtuousness was a move, but it was accompanied by bloody rain. In the end, Kublai Khan destroyed the Zen conquest and established the Yuan Dynasty. During the Yuan Dynasty, the emperor took another round of contention. In the 39th year, he replaced nine emperors.

After the rise of Manchu, Nurhaci imitated the Mongolian "Brillitec Conference," and created the "eight kings to discuss politics." In essence, a handful of several imperial parents and nobles jointly negotiated a number of military affairs. Including the heir to the imperial throne (sweat spot). According to this system, the emperor (Khan) has no dictatorial right of transmission. Even if he is designated heir, he must be elected by the parliament to become a legal ruler.

After Nurhachi's sweat, the eldest son, Yingying, was killed and the second generation was crowned with the 8th emperor Tai Chi. Daban Abahai was forced to interment, in exchange for her three young sons, Aziger, Dorgon, and many flags. After Emperor Taizong's emperor Taiji died, the fierce battle between the brother of Dorgon, the brother of Zhang Zhengbai, and the eldest son of Emperor Taiji, Hagrid, led to a fierce dispute between the two sides. The two parties finally compromised and embraced the imperial ninth son Fulin as the emperor. The Manchu confession system was full of blood. After entering the customs, it became a hereditary system of the emperor.

The ancient Zen concession system contrasted with the early history of Mengyuan and Manchu.

Huangdi is the ancient ancestor of Huaxia, the tribal alliance he created. The middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River. The leaders of the tribal alliance passed away from the Yellow Emperor family. The Yellow Emperor gave birth to the grandson and he passed on to the imperial concubine. The emperor passed on to the son and the rumored pass to his brother.

In the period of time, the descendants of another branch of the Yellow Emperor family launched a coup d'état and imprisoned their father and son. He first took the regent and later won power with the Zen concession method. He took the four ministers who were loyal to Yu Gonggong to work together, to celebrate the tribute, the three seedlings, and the desecration, and also to find an excuse to kill him. In the "Year of the Bamboo Book", the beggar was exiled to the imprisonment of the city and the son of Yan was exiled to Danshui. “Han Feizi Suspect” sighs: “The so-called king of the ancient monarchs was only the party feathers and the alley races that forced the monarchs to seek their interests.”

The floods in the world Flooding has only enabled the awkwardness of the water family. My father's father died in his hands and he took control of the water.The Sui Dynasty’s great powers, killing windbreakers to Liwei, controlled the tribes. Later, he was imprisoned by the emperor and he was ordered by various clans to ask him and Zen was placed in heaven. He took the emperor to the wilderness and died in a barbarous land. Only the imperial eunuch and the female elder shouted in front of his spirit.

The son of Daxu, like Kublai Khan, changed the meditation system into the emperor system and established the Xia Dynasty. Chinese history entered the era of hereditary times.

The ancient Zen concession system contrasted with the early history of Mengyuan and Manchu.

Han Feizi puts him in a hurry and puts soup The King of Wu is a member of the official minister. The book "Sheng Shutao" records the destruction of the whole family Dan Zhu. In the Tang Dynasty, Liu Zhijian established Wang Chao, Xin Wei Chong, Jianwei Wei, Si Mayan Jian Jin, and during the period of the Southern and Northern Dynasties, they changed their name in the name of "Zen Concession," and listed him as the leader of an ancient man.

The Taosi site in Song County, Shanxi province is considered to be a site of the Qiang Age. Archaeological discoveries have witnessed fierce violent destruction and destruction over 4000 years ago:

In the middle period of Tao Temple, the city walls of the Tao Temple were overlaid or broken by late relics.

Second, waste palaces - destroyed buildings in the middle period of the Tao Temple piled up garbage of the late Tao Temple. p>

3. Killing Ding - The ash pit in the middle of the Tao Temple was filled with dozens of bones in different places. Most of them are young adults.

4. 35-year-old female skeleton was broken and died from the neck;

5. The ruins of the Temple of Dying Zong Temple and Tao Temple were laminated on the middle of the small town worship area;

6. Disturbance of the ancestral mausoleum: The bones of the owner of the M8 skull were damaged and displaced, and there were 5 skulls randomly abandoned by the M22.

It can be inferred that he served as a leader and destroyed the family of the Sui family.

The ancient Zen concession system contrasted with the early history of Mengyuan and Manchu.

Tao Temple Ruins Killed Women

What is the reason why this rumor comes from the chanting of the monk Zen? It turned out that Confucius read the book of the world and discovered that only the ancient trio was not a hereditary emperor, so he called ‘the world’s virtue’.Take 尧舜禹 for the example of the world's monarch. After the Confucians proclaimed it from generation to generation, there was a story of meditation.