Tianjin joins the battle to get people without social security and residence permit


Tianjin joins the battle to get people without social security and residence permit

The "Population Wars" continues. On the opening day of the 2nd World Smart Conference, Tianjin announced a new talent introduction policy, Haihe Talents Action Plan. The new policy significantly eases the conditions for the entry of talents, chooses where to settle independently, and simplifies the procedures for settlement.

Tianjin joins the battle to get people without social security and residence permit

How low is the new policy threshold? Do not pay social security! No residence permit!

Educational Talent: Full-time college graduates do not exceed The font>40years of age, the postgraduate student does not exceed 45years of age, doctoral students can be settled directly in Tianjin without any age restrictions. No other conditions are required.

Qualified Personnel: Obtained the title of associate senior and above, and possessed domestic and foreign actuaries, certified public accountants, certified tax agents, and registered architects. Lawyers and other professional qualifications can be settled directly in Tianjin.

Skilled Talent: Graduated from a Higher Vocational School and Worked in Tianjin.1year or Secondary Vocational College Graduation Work in Tianjin in full time3year, with advanced professional qualifications, no more than 35years old, with professional qualifications as a technician , not more than 40years old, with professional qualifications of senior technicians, no more than 50years old, can settle directly in Tianjin .

Entrepreneurial Talent: Establishing a company that complies with the industrial policy of Tianjin and the company is operating in a stable manner for more than one year. If the individual accumulatively pays an income tax of more than RMB 10 million, he can settle in Tianjin directly.

breakthroughs: in urgent need of talents enterprises shots!

artificial intelligence, biomedicine, new materials, new energy strategic The urgently-needed talents of key enterprises in the emerging industries are determined by the entrepreneurs themselves to settle the conditions.

Secretary Tianjin Human Resources and Social Security Bureau Yang Guang: leading enterprises, have the final say by the entrepreneur himself, entrepreneurs say what needs to be The kind of urgently-needed talents are set by themselves, and the government handles the receipts according to the bills, according to the single receipt, identifying, introducing, and evaluating the talents and highlighting the decentralization of power to the market.

how do no house no units? Talent market can be settled!

Recipients can independently choose their own or spouse’s property Housing, or the unit where the household settled.

No talented, non-employed, or non-employed person in the unit, can choose to settle in a designated collective public service provider And archive it.

Can I finish in a few days? 3Day feedback review results!

"Tianjin Public Security" mobile phone APP< / Font>Or log on to the "Tianjin Public Security" Livelihood Service Platform to submit an application for settlement online and the public security department will feedback the results of the review within one working day. After passing the review30in the day, carryingBring material and run once at most, and settle the formalities at the administrative licensing service center.