Private Car Suspected of Ball Shooting Broken Window Glass into "Spider Web"


Private Car Suspected of Ball Shooting Broken Window Glass into "Spider Web"

Original title: Private car suspected of being broken into a "cobweb" by a ball shot windowpane

Suspected of crashing a window shot glass

Accident occurred in the South Fourth District of Nanning City, and the relevant owner has handled the alarm

Private Car Suspected of Ball Shooting Broken Window Glass into Spider Web

Guangxi News Net- Southern China Morning Post Nanning (Reporter Lu Wang) May 1, Nanning Hengyang West Road South Rail North Fourth A private car in the district was suspiciously shot with steel balls, causing four small holes in the window glass and cracking in the side window glass. The owners reported that in recent months, many cars in the district have been brutally poisoned. At present, relevant owners have handled the alarm, and the Wuliting police station of Nanning Public Security Bureau has accepted the case.

"My car was shot again with steel balls." On May 1st, Mr. Shi, who lives in Hengyang West Road, Nanning, called the South China Morning Post news hotline to tell him of his annoyance.

Mr. Shi lived in the 65th North District of South China Railways. In 2015, he purchased a Chery car. The car was parked downstairs. Recently, many cars under the district have been suspected of being shot with steel balls. His car has not been spared.

The reporter noted that Mr. Shi’s Chery windshield had 3 holes on the left side of the windshield, and the left door window glass also had a small hole made of soybeans, and the entire glass had been broken into pieces. "Spider Web."

Mr Shi said that before that, his car was parked in this position, and the rear window glass was also broken, so he had to spend 700 yuan to replace the new rear window glass.

On the left side of this Chery car, a private car parked. Mr. Shi opened the protective cover of the car and similar broken holes appeared in the left front door glass of the car. Some car paints were peeled off.

The reporter saw a green belt between the 61 and the 65. With the increase in the number of vehicles in recent years, some green belts were removed and tiled to become parking spaces. The parking space has been reported to the property and the property charges 80 yuan parking fee per month. Mr. Shi introduced that nearly 10 vehicles on these parking spaces have been suspected of shooting in the near future.

In the afternoon of the same day, the civilian police of Wuliting police station in Nanning Public Security Bureau received the reportArrive at the scene to understand the situation. The reporter learned from the police that, before that, the area did have alarms from residents saying that the car had been shot and cracked. The specific number of times was not yet available.

“Now it is only suspected that it was fired by steel balls. We are investigating the situation.” A police officer said that the police station has already received the case and the cause of the incident does not rule out the connection with a neighboring dispute such as a parking space.