Star-chasing caused delays in flights, drill loopback fee loopholes, "Noisy" fans provoke anger!


Star-chasing caused delays in flights, drill loopback fee loopholes, "Noisy" fans provoke anger!

Star-chasing caused delays in flights, drill loopback fee loopholes, Noisy fans provoke anger!

On the evening of May 7, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport

20 Many fans follow up on idols

Purchasing tickets for full flight

Disrupting airport order and flight operations

According to statistics

The average number of incidents per month is 15

that occurs every two days


Can the "Noise" be included in the "black list" of civil aviation?

Star-chasing caused delays in flights, drill loopback fee loopholes, Noisy fans provoke anger!

Pick up fans up to more than a dozen times a day.

“Even if I flew in and out, I was shocked by the flight CA1886 that took off at Hongqiao on the evening of May 7.” passenger Ms. Liu told reporters A few days ago the bad things when taking Air China flights.

She said that most of the passengers were preparing to queue up at the airport and found that gate 48 had been thrown into a mess and continued to scream and squeak. The ground staff was obviously not enough. Some passengers rushed in without checking the boarding pass, and the staff rushed to chase after another. The "cat and mouse game" lasted for half an hour until the police appeared. Those passengers who did not pass the boarding pass were chased back.

Originally, this is more than 20 fans in order to follow their idol, bought a ticket tracking.

Star-chasing caused delays in flights, drill loopback fee loopholes, Noisy fans provoke anger!

At 11 PM, the boarding pass finally resumed order and the flight took off Delayed from 21:55 to 00:15. After taking off, the fans in the economy class brushed toward the first class. The main job of the flight attendants on the plane was to intercept them. When the flight was on the ground, the fans did not listen and block up the exit of the cabin. P>

This mess has been commonplace.

According to statistics,On average, 15 occur every month, which occurs every two days.

Star-chasing caused delays in flights, drill loopback fee loopholes, Noisy fans provoke anger!

Take Capital Airport Terminal T3 as an example:


Average fans once every two or three days. In April, more than 1,000 fans were picked up by a celebrity combination, which caused great pressure on the airport's order.

When Korean stars were hot in China, they could come to pick up fans for up to one day. After seeing the stars, the fans may step in at any time before the fans get on.

There were 20 recorded fan alarms in the terminal building in 2017, and the number of fans was more than 50; this year, there were 7 police records of more than 50 fans.

Drilling Refund Vulnerabilities Low-cost Starchaser

In addition to real money buying tickets, there are more fans of their own. Cost-chasing Dafa: Buy a full-price ticket in the economy class and even refund the ticket in the first-class full-price ticket, then evacuate the airport after a close contact with the star.

According to the existing Civil Aviation Airline Refund Policy, refunds will be issued at the time of departure of the adjacent flight. Full-price tickets for economy class will generally receive 5%-10% of the processing fee, and basic tickets can be refunded for free in the first class. Some fans buy high-priced full-price or first-class airline tickets at high prices, and the cost of taking a star back ticket is at most 100 yuan. Fans occupying the VIP room chasing stars is increasingly common.

The more extreme situation is that the plane is planning to take off but there are uncontrollable fans rushing down the plane. According to the requirements of civil aviation, in this case the aircraft will need to conduct security inspections again, and all passengers will have to be screened again, resulting in a waste of civil aviation resources and police force, as well as an increase in the frequency of “fighting” incidents.

In view of this phenomenon, the airline has not thought of ways to increase the refund fees, but fans will temporarily change their visas and pursue other stars. According to police disclosure, many fans’ airport gatherings are encouraged and funded by brokerage companies.

One airline management personage stated that the huge fan base is a frequent visitor to civil aviation travel, especially when gathering dozens of fans on a flight. No airline has the courage to refuse so much. People, so even if they have crazy moves, but after all, damage is not damaging, airlines usually close one eye.Eyes are relatively forgiving to them.

Tolerant to “overbearing” tourists, civil aviation “blacklist” dystocia

not only for fans of star-chasing fans, for a long time The tolerance of domestic civil aviation for “overbearing” tourists has also become one of the fundamental causes of the frequent occurrence of “machine riots”.

Many years ago, privately-owned Spring Airlines attempted to launch a similar restriction flight opportunity. “We do not call blacklists and call non-service-capable passengers.” Zhang Wuan, vice president of Spring Airlines, said that airlines pushing themselves to “blacklist” will face legal risks, so civil aviation will be more forceful in issuing “blacklists”.

▲Video: Crowds of Astronomers Arrive at the Airport Police Pleasure and Safety

On April 18, Civil Aviation Authority It was announced that the "Opinions on Properly Restricting the Use of Civil Aircraft by Certain Serious Discipliners for Promotion of the Construction of a Social Credit System within a Certain Time Limit" jointly formulated by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Supreme Law Department will be formally implemented on May 1, with 9 types of passengers It will be limited to one year.

According to statistics, since February 2016, the Air Transport Association of China issued the first record of uncivilized conduct of civil aviation passengers. As of May 4, this year, a total of 387 airline travelers’ uncivilized behaviors have been recorded. 400 air travelers were "registered in the register."

The misbehavior of fans, such as jams, strong occupations, impact value of cabinets, security inspection channels, boarding gates, etc., is a “noisy” behavior that can limit one year of boarding, but “blacklist” is always Not formally disclosed. So it is not that easy to pull them into the "blacklist."

There are no disciplinary or restrictions on these uncivilized passengers. There has been no clear statement and the binding force is not strong. "We provide the list to the airlines, is itLimit flights are determined by the airline. The relevant person in charge of the China Aviation Industry Association stated that whether or not uncivilized behavior will be linked to the official “black list” of civil aviation in the future is still not stated.

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Star-chasing caused delays in flights, drill loopback fee loopholes, Noisy fans provoke anger!

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