5.16 Turkey expelled to ambassador Israel counterattack! Safe-Riding Gold Counterattack Tour opens


5.16 Turkey expelled to ambassador Israel counterattack! Safe-Riding Gold Counterattack Tour opens

According to the latest situation in the Middle East, on May 15, Turkey expelled the ambassador as a response to the conflict in the Gaza Strip. In response, the Israeli government ordered the expulsion of Turkish Consul General in Jerusalem. According to reports, the Turkish Foreign Ministry summoned the Israeli ambassador to Turkey and protested on the 15th of the violence in the Gaza Strip and demanded that the latter leave Turkey for "a period of time." On the 14th, Palestinians held large-scale demonstrations in various parts of Pakistan to protest the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem on that day. More than 60 Palestinians were killed and more than 3,000 wounded in the conflict between the protesters and the Israeli army. The situation in the Middle East and the unstable situation in the Korean Peninsula may help gold to further rebound.

5.16 Turkey expelled to ambassador Israel counterattack! Safe-Riding Gold Counterattack Tour opens

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The Israeli government ordered the expulsion of the Turkish Consul-General in Jerusalem on the 15th. Earlier in the day, Turkey expelled the Israeli ambassador to Turkey. Subsequently, the Israeli Foreign Ministry summoned the Turkish Consul General in Jerusalem and demanded that he leave Israel.

The report stated that on the 14th of May, the 70th anniversary of the establishment of Israel and the Embassy of the United States from the Tel Aviv relocation ceremony in Jerusalem held a protest against the Gaza Strip. Israeli soldiers opened fire to protest participants. Earlier it was reported that gunshot attacks and gas attacks had caused 61 Palestinians to die and more than 2,700 injured. Palestinian leader Abbas announced a three-day mourning campaign.

The report stated that Turkish President Erdogan stated that Israel’s behavior in the Gaza Strip was a “genocide”. He announced three days of mourning for the victims of the Gaza Strip in Turkey, and also announced that he had decided to recall Turkey’s ambassador to the United States and Israel. In addition, he also expressed his intention to hold an informal summit of the Islamic Cooperation Organization in Istanbul on May 18.

The expulsion of Israeli diplomats by Turkey may trigger the expulsion of Israeli diplomats from other countries in the Middle East and may infuse the future of the Middle East.

5.16 Turkey expelled to ambassador Israel counterattack! Safe-Riding Gold Counterattack Tour opens

Analysis of the gold trend:

The gold day line is pulled down by the Great Yin, the key support of 1300 fell, and there is room for further decline in the short term. The resistance of short-term rebound repressed the attention of the 1300 integer mark; The daily 5-day and 10-day moving averages are expected to hand over the Sicha Hooks to the downside, while the Bollinger Bands are opening downwards to extend their development. The short-term trend of gold on the daily market is still weak; on the short-term 4-hour chart, the average system has been seriously short. Arrangement, and Brin with open mouth; combined with the pressure of the US dollar holding steady high, the short-term trend of gold continues to bearish, the operation is recommended to rebound short-based, the pressure above we look at the 1298 near the bottom of the support look at the 1288, strong support at 1280 Integer pass, gold is expected to hover around the 1280-1310 range before the June interest rate hike.

Operating Suggestions:

Callback to 1290~1292 enter the market more than one, the top target to see 1298~1300. Powei holds, does not break 1298 position more than a single leave, backhand into the air The target is still 1290 support.

Crude oil trend analysis:

The oil and crude oil exchanged between the yin and yang on a daily basis and retreated to a high level around 72-70.3. It has fallen into this range since last Thursday. On Monday, the Asian-European stocks oscillated and fell to the bottom. The 70.3-70.2 shocks rebounded. The Asian-European disk shocks moved higher yesterday with a new high near the 71.92 area. The stock hit a 70.4 rebound on the day and the high-yin-yellow cross K. The operating structure of crude oil is the same as the overall upward direction in the near term, but it belongs to the daily reversal of the high bids on the daily market, focusing on the consolidation of the 72-70.3 range, and it is recommended to do low altitude operations first.

Operational Suggestions:

Recommend 70.9 is short on the first line, stop loss 71.2, target 70.5;

Suggest 70.4 line, stop loss 70.2, target 71.2


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