Liu Wenzhi clarifies the internal letter of the "5G voting" incident


Liu Wenzhi clarifies the internal letter of the "5G voting" incident

Liu Wenzhi clarifies the internal letter of the 5G voting incident

On May 16, the public opinion storm caused by Lenovo's "5G voting" incident, Lenovo Holdings Chairman Liu Chuanzhi, the founder of Lenovo Group, and Yang Yuanqing, Chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group, and Zhu Linan, President of Legend Holdings, issued an internal letter with the theme of “Acting on, Swear to Win Lenovo to Honor Defend”. "5G voting" actual situation and investigation results.

I have read a lot of open letters or press conferences this year, including an open letter from Texas Huang Ming and an interpretation from the ZTE conference.

Today, I will read the sentence of Liu Chuanzhi’s internal letter. Internal letters and open letters are different. The internal letter is written to the company's colleagues, who themselves know that it will be passed on. But this form can be more clever, more frank, and more retreatable.

The following is the full text of Liu Chuanzhi's internal letter, and my interpretation.

A letter to all my colleagues in the Lenovo Group

Action to fight to win Lenovo honor battle!

Lenovo's comrades:

In recent days, I noticed from an article that my friends had transferred to me. Suddenly There have been some articles that have been pointed to associations and are quite vicious, even tying the hat of “treating the country” to Lenovo. The voice has become louder and louder, causing the reputation of Lenovo to be seriously challenged. This has shocked me! Since I no longer held any position in Lenovo Group during these years and I did not understand the whole story, I conducted a detailed investigation of Yuanqing and several Lenovo executives, including representatives of Lenovo who participated in the 3GPP conference. I, Yuan Qing and Lenovo Holdings President Zhu Linan believe that we need to explain the actual situation and survey results to all Lenovo employees.


Directly point out the problem, do not cover it, big brother is big brother, this confidence, like one.

This is what happened in 2016 on 5G channel coding standard program voting. During the entire voting process, Lenovo Group representatives followed two principles: One is basic, and it is necessary to safeguard the interests of their own companies; the other, higher principle is to focus on the overall situation. What is the overall situation? The overall situation isThe overall interests of the country and the development of the industry.

These two principles, no problem, companies must coordinate the interests of enterprises and the overall situation, you can not ask companies to sacrifice themselves for the overall situation, and of course companies also have the responsibility to do their best for the country and industry development . Personally, I think that companies are doing their best and are doing their best for the country.

The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) is the communications standardization organization with the greatest impact in the world. It coordinates the development of standards for organizations in the communications field. This is a very specialized academic organization. The conferences are all pure technical fields. discussion. In the first round of the 5G eMBB scheme (RAN1#86bis) voted by the 3GPP organization, Lenovo Group chose the LDPC technology solution based on its own prior technology and patent reserves. In the second round of voting (RAN1#87), we comprehensively considered the country’s overall industrial cooperation, innovation, and development, and resolutely chose Polar code solutions that did not have much technology accumulation before Lenovo. Throughout the entire process, I personally think that Lenovo's voting principle is no problem and there is no problem in implementing it!

The first round was based on its own claims and the second round was based on the country's overall industry. In this regard, there are various opinions on the Internet and the technical details of various voting. Netizens doubted that Lenovo supported Qualcomm and did not support Huawei. Liu Zhongxin said that Lenovo supported Qualcomm in the first round and Huawei in the second round.

In order to verify this conclusion, I specifically talked to Mr. Ren Zhengfei of Huawei and he told me that Lenovo had no problem in the voting process of the 5G standard. Thank you for your support. We all agree that Chinese companies should be united and cannot be provoked by outsiders.

There should be applause for this. In recent years, there have been some voices in holding Huawei and pressure on Lenovo. In fact, this is the inferiority of the people. A single flower is not spring, all flowers are blooming and full of gardens, Huawei is developing, and Lenovo is also developing. This is where the two work together. They are not born with a bright and healthy relationship. Liu Zong and Ren Zeng are all military personnel and must understand these principles. Look, Huawei also expressed support for the association!

In a technical field event, almost two years after the incident, it was suddenly overturned. It was also being stigmatized as a traitorous act, and it was constantly fermenting. Is this accidental? alsoIs it being used? All kinds of abnormal phenomena cannot help but think deeply.

Yes, why was it turned? At this sensitive moment of the Sino-US trade war, at the moment when the 5G conference will be held, who is behind this? It's not normal. As always, I am opposed to all acts of giving people hats.

Because all Lenovo people understand that Lenovo's brand is hard-won!


Attention, began to talk about the history of struggle!

In 1984, a group of scientific researchers who did not understand the market and had the dream of serving the country in the industry hardly started the entrepreneurial path of the domestic PC brand. Several generations of Lenovo people, all the way to the wind and waves, for which they paid for their youth, during which there is sweat, tears, and even blood, is so rushing forward, only today Lenovo this national brand, which is all Lenovo employees The crystallization of decades of hard work!

The development of Lenovo to today is indeed not easy!

China did not have its own computer industry at the beginning of the 1990s. Faced with the massive offensives of a large number of foreign companies, the association, like a small board, took risks and competed with these giants. Using the money earned by agents of foreign products, sticking in to insist on the research and development of domestic computers, resolutely raised the banner of the national industry, and ultimately defeated the international giants. Only in this way can the domestic computer go into millions of households and all walks of life, so that China's information industry can develop! It has also become a solid foundation for the great development of China's Internet and mobile Internet today!


It reminds me of the slogan: If you lose association, what will the world do? At that time, Lenovo was full of vigor! Unfortunately, we have focused on trade and marketing, and we have not invested enough in technology research and development. This is one of the reasons why netizens have black associations.

In 2004, Lenovo acquired IBM's global PC business. While the outside world encourages our courage, it is not optimistic about the results of M&A. But we are determined to do it! China needs more companies to grow and stand tall in the world. Since then, several twists and turns, life and death competition, in 2013, Lenovo Group's personal computer market share has become the world's first, for the Chinese enterprises competed for light!

The snake swallowed elephants, acquired the IMB's PC, and then integrated it, creating a precedent for Chinese companies. In addition,It is also better than Haier to integrate after acquiring Japanese companies. The internationalization of Lenovo has many experiences and it is worth learning from.

This is Lenovo's gene, which has never been changed. Because of what? It is not just business, because in our hearts, we have the faith to fight for honor. That is our greatest support!

The combat spirit of Mr. Liu is amazing!

In more than 30 years, Lenovo has shared the same fate with China's development. For more than 30 years, Lenovo has moved from China to the world, making a national brand into a global brand, technology and The service is provided to more than 160 countries and regions in the world, which fully demonstrates that only the nation is the world.

It is indeed a global brand. This is not blowing.

The history of Lenovo is well-deserved as a microcosm of China's national computer industry from scratch, from weak to strong, and from China to the world. All Lenovo people will remember history and inherit belief. How can the truth be distorted! Lenovo's honor can be trampled on!

This internal issue plays a role in boosting morale.

All of Lenovo's colleagues, today we are facing severe challenges. If we have mistakes, we must use a very modest and open attitude to face reality and find ways to solve problems. During the 30 years of Lenovo's growth, we have been ravaging the water all the way. After nine deaths and one lifetime, we rely on solidarity and unity. Today, we cannot allow someone to splash dirty water on us. Even a hat with a “traitorship” is purely coincidental. If it is intentional, it will try to impact our military morale, defeat our morale, and trample on the dignity of Lenovo. To fight the pride of a national brand, all of us must not and will never tolerate it!

I think it is not necessary to overemphasize national brands.

Brothers and sisters, it's time for us to stand up and stand out. If there are tens of thousands of employees who can't make themselves upright, we still have to do business. We're just a bunch of waste! Lenovo's cadres must take active actions. All colleagues must actively offer advice and suggestions. They must unite with one another, share the same enemies and swear to win this Lenovo honor battle!

Military style, raised to the height of the battle. However, don’t count on the technical men’s ability to play a role. They’ve done a good job of technical research and development.The biggest help for Lenovo. After several years of expectation, there are standards based on Lenovo on the world's IT landscape.