Meizu and Charm Blue rejoin Huang Zhang with internal reforms against the industry shuffle?


Meizu and Charm Blue rejoin Huang Zhang with internal reforms against the industry shuffle?

Today, news leaked that Meizu will once again adjust its organizational structure: The original Meizu and Charm Blue independent divisions will be merged again. After this structural adjustment, Yang Wei, senior vice president of Meizu, will continue to be responsible for marketing. Li Nan, senior vice president of Meizu Technology and president of Charm Blue Division, will be responsible for sales. In response, Meizu responded: The news is true.

Meizu and Charm Blue rejoin Huang Zhang with internal reforms against the industry shuffle?

The most important part of this organizational structure adjustment The news is undoubtedly a new organizational structure. Meizu's chairman and CEO Huang Zhang will return and directly participate in the company's operations. Huang Zhang stated on Weibo in February 2017 that he will devote all his energy to Meizu's high-end brand, R&D in his mind more perfect machine, that is, he is showing the dream machine.

This is the Meizu community that has frequently adjusted its organizational structure in recent years and adjusted its organizational structure again. It is only a half year or more before the biggest adjustment of the organizational structure in the history of Meizu. Immediately after the yellow chapter announced its return and announced the creation of a dream machine, in December 2017, Meizu ushered in the largest organizational restructuring in history. Based on the original Meizu, Charm Blue, and Flyme business units, Meizu newly upgraded two business divisions: Overseas Business Unit and Accessories Business Unit, and renamed the original PQCS Center as the QCS Center.

As early as May 9, 2017, Meizu announced the reform of Meizu's organizational structure and established Meizu, Charm Blue and Flyme. This is in part consistent with the previous rumors: Charm Blue is indeed independent, but it is not the establishment of subsidiaries, but the establishment of Charm Blue Division, Li Nan was promoted to Meizu Technology Senior Vice President and President of Charm Blue Division.

Meizu and Charm Blue rejoin Huang Zhang with internal reforms against the industry shuffle?

Charm Blue is the low end line of Meizu in recent years The reputation earned for the Meizu is far higher than that of the Meizu, and the sales volume is also good. This is mainly because Charm Blue re-embraced Qualcomm chips and gave up MediaTek chips, which have been greeted by savvy users.

In addition, the low-end market environment is relatively loose compared with the fierce competition of high-end lines of major mobile phone brands. Prior to the Meizu and charm blue is nothing more than to think of multi-line parallel, low-end and high-end Qi force. However, as far as the current situation is concerned, after the separation of services, the two major businessesThe Department's parallel development strategy is not optimistic, so the merger may be a better practice, which will help Meizu integrate resources to focus on business.

The latest data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology show that in the first quarter of 2018, domestic shipments of 81.87 million smart phones fell by 27%, setting a record for the largest decline in history. Domestic smart phone brands also usher in a severe test. According to the report, the overall mobile phone shipments in the domestic mobile phone market continued to decline. In April 2018, the domestic mobile phone market shipments reached 34.451 million, a year-on-year decrease of 16.7%, and the decrease rate was narrower than the 11.2 percentage points in March; In July, the domestic mobile phone market shipped 122 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 23.7%.

It is worth noting that in April 2018, China's mobile phone shipments in the domestic mobile phone market were 31,641,000, a year-on-year decrease of 17.7%, accounting for 92.4% of domestic mobile phone shipments in the same period; 2018 From January to April, domestic shipments of branded mobile phones totaled 108 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 21.5%, accounting for 88.4% of domestic mobile phone shipments during the same period. All indications indicate that the pace of development of the smart phone industry has slowed, domestic smart phone brands may enter a more intense stage of competition, weak market demand, lack of innovation and other factors have spawned the "cold wave" of the smart phone industry, prompting the industry to reshuffle.

After a lapse of six months, it seems that the Meizu has gone back to its original point, and Meizu has also made significant layoffs for the third consecutive year. Some netizens said that the internal structure has undergone major adjustments. It seems that the Meizu may have a new beginning. It is only possible to turn the tide down and save Meizu in dilemma. The result is not yet known.