Shenzhen Nanshan Police cracked a fund-raising fraud case


Shenzhen Nanshan Police cracked a fund-raising fraud case

Shenzhen Nanshan Police cracked a fund-raising fraud case

The Pu Yin warehouse has only a small amount of Tibetan tea.

“Puerto Rico” cheated 300 million Shenzhen Nanshan police to crack down on fund-raising fraud more than 3,000 people were defrauded “blockchain+hidden tea” for 307 million yuan.

Two years, if not Knowing these popular words like "blockchain" and "Bitcoin" are embarrassing to go out. For a time, all kinds of virtual currencies that use the banner of “decentralization” and “using blockchain technology” are popular, making it hard to distinguish between true and false. This does not, a certain company in Shenzhen issued a so-called "world's first standard digital currency," and there are 10 billion possession of tea endorsement of "Pu silver" out of the matter, more than 3,000 investors were cheated, and even the number of investors Millions of dollars went bad.

Yesterday, the Nanshan police held a press briefing session to inform the fraudulent fund-raising case that fraudulently used the virtual currency as a basis for fraud. At present, six criminal suspects have been arrested, involving a total amount of 307 million yuan. At a time when the “5·15” Combating and Preventing Economic Crime Publicity Day was held, the police reminded investors to increase their awareness of risk and not to be blindfolded by such gorgeous cloaks as the blockchain. The high profits publicized by the investigators are often huge risks behind.

Ten billions of Tibetan tea support? fake!

Up to now, the introduction of "Pop" is still on the P2P website "Fun Silver Network". The reporter saw that the Poundcoin is known as "the world's first standard digital currency" and that "Principal Group has used 1 billion quality Tibetan tea as its primary property, through digital storage, authentication, evaluation, and authorization. Technology writes Tibetan tea assets into the blockchain and distributes the standard digital currency."

British coins have soared in the past two years, leaving many investors paying special attention to the blockchain. Various virtual currencies have emerged overnight. Although the technical terms such as blockchain, digital encryption, etc. are hung up, investors are most concerned about the safety of funds.

Pd silver coins claim that they correspond to the physical assets of Tibetan tea, with high circulation value and a broad value-added prospect. In addition, the parent company of the Bank of Shanghai Group has begun preparations for listing and has received international recognition. It started on the Korean platform in September 2016 and will be launched on the platforms of Singapore and Japan in the future. The prospect of these renderings has led to a large number of investors flocking to subscribe.

At Baidu Post Bar, investors exchanged ideasThe test, "Why does the silver coin soar today?" "How do you plunge today?" The common silver coins, which are similar to the ups and downs of the stock market, have caused investors to break their hearts. Until December 2017, the hotspots discussed in the Post Bar began to change to “Can the coins in the U.S. wallet be returned.”

The investors began to panic. They found Pu'er's office. The company’s boss had disappeared. Only 3/32 employees in the office were supporting the company and had ceased business. The rumors of "P & Silver Run" began four times.

How high is the return of Pu'er coins? fake!

The reporter learned that in November 2017, the Shenzhen City Inspection Bureau had imposed administrative penalties on the Bank of China blockchain, and the parties used advertising materials to publish ads with false content and posted investment returns on the website. The expected merchandise (Pu'er Coin) advertisements, through the repurchase, pledged to pledge the future earnings of Pu'er Coin, and ordered the parties to stop issuing illegal advertisements and impose a total fine of 1.2 million yuan.

In fact, the police already involved in the investigation. On June 15, 2017, the Nanshan police received reports from the public and Shenzhen Pu Yin Block Chain Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Pu Yin Bank) had illegal fund raising. According to the investigation, Pu Yin Company illegally absorbed public funds through the "Purchasing Money" P2P platform and defrauded the victim of approximately RMB 307 million, and was suspected of fraud in fund-raising. Nanshan Police immediately set up a task force to carry out investigations.

On March 28 this year, Nanshan police arrested P&G's alleged fundraising fraud and successfully captured six suspects such as Pan Moudong and Xiong Moulong. At present, it is pursuing other criminal suspects, recovering money for the victims and maximizing their losses. The police urged other suspects at large to flee their crimes and surrender themselves as soon as possible, retreat actively, and strive for leniency.

"Blockchain" + tea fraud trilogy

Step 1: Put on "Vest"

Step 1 It is a virtual currency packaged with fresh elements and covered with a “blockchain” coat. Pulk’s claim that its “Pu'er coin” (later renamed as “Pd silver coin”) is a kind of self-proclaimed billion-million Tibetan tea as a mortgage. In the virtual currency, every ordinary silver coin held by the investor has the equivalent of possession of tea as a mortgage. Investors can put the silver coin on the poly coin network (virtual trading platform) to buy and sell, in order to make a difference.

Step two: Ink and inkDebut.

The second step is to conduct crazy propaganda in the early stage to attract a lot of hot money into the market. This company has set up publicity campaigns on the Internet, social platforms, and investment forums, and even made road shows at star hotels, and promised high returns in a short period of time.

The third step: attracting talents into the world.

The third step, the suspects pulled up the currency price in the early period, so that "investors" could eat some sweetness. However, according to the results of the police investigation, the change in price was caused by the company’s use of investors’ investment funds, which drove the price of Pu’er coins from 0.5 yuan to 10 yuan. The company promised to split the ordinary silver coins held by investors by two splits (one for ten), expanding the ordinary silver coins held by investors by 100 times, and claiming to add 10 billion yuan of Tibetan tea as a support, actually only a small amount. The inventory of possession of tea.

The fourth step: Reap the “vegetables”

The last step is to “cut the leeks”. When a large number of investors entered the market, the company maliciously manipulated the price movements of ordinary silver coins and continued to cash out. As a result, the silver coins in the hands of investors were worthless and suffered heavy losses. When the company issued the money, it said that the funds would be used for tea investment. However, during the investigation, it was discovered that the investors’ money was wasted by the company for other purposes.

Police: Virtual Currency Combines Various Criminal and Criminal Features

Wang Fei, deputy chief of the Economic Investigation Team of Shenzhen Nanshan Public Security Bureau, stated that China prohibits the issuance and trading of virtual currencies. The currency itself is worthless, and the perpetrators construct the virtual currency, and the characteristics of the stakeholder fraud are obvious." This year, 60 platforms audited and spotted by related departments found that all of them actually do not have the declared technology and any currency functions. In addition to illegal fundraising, virtual currency is even used for pyramid schemes.

The Baoan police reported yesterday a new MLM case in the name of virtual currency. The suspect Tang Mouqig met Wang Moujun, who claimed to be the head of China’s “LPA global inclusive financial investment platform”. The company's mode of operation is to issue 2 million LPA coins on the platform, each valued at 0.2 cents. Investors trade 100,000 LPA coins per transaction. The price of LPA coins will increase by 0.01 US dollars when the price of LPA coins rises to 0.4. The dollar has reached the standard for splitting. After splitting, it can apply for withdrawal. And Tang Meng as long as the development of membership, you can get a 5%-6% commission on the amount of investment members.

During February to July last year, Tang Moumeng continued to draw in people's heads for development through incentives and persuasion.Downline, and set up WeChat group for teaching. At the time of the incident, its team level exceeded three levels, with more than 100 employees under its jurisdiction and a team investment of over RMB 5 million. Tangmou Meng therefore illegally profited more than 500,000 yuan, including a commission of 300,000 yuan.

Lawyers: "Ponzi scheme" risk in virtual currency

Zhang Xingbin, a well-known legal commentator in Shenzhen, said that virtual currency has the risk of "Ponzi scheme" and there is a huge bubble. Once the bubble bursts, they will return to their original value - zero.

Zhang Xingbin believes that, in essence, the focus of virtual currency speculation is to allow retail investors to take over. With blockchains and other exquisite packaging, entering the financial market, many retailers go to the top of the pyramid and become rich.


Investors Should Raise Risk Awareness

In the face of virtual currency, the police remind investors that the first is to choose legal finances such as banking, insurance and securities. Institutions invest; Second, investment is rational. In the investment process, it is necessary to understand whether the absorption of funds by enterprises or individuals is in compliance with the financial management laws, examine the true assets and operating conditions of the company or individuals, analyze whether the promised profits are reasonable, and not be dazzling signboards and attractive projects. The "high returns" and other appearances are confused and blind investment; the third is to increase risk awareness. High-yield is often accompanied by high risks, and illegal financial activities are a great risk. Investors first consider the safety of funds, and do not be tempted by the temptation of high interest rates to avoid “making profits and losing the principal”.

Zhang Xingbin said that investors are only far away from the virtual currency investment packaged in blockchain technology, giving up the affluent fantasy of quick success and instant profit is the best "investment road." (All media reporter Cui Ningning reports from correspondents Long Wei and Tang Ting)