Meizu Announces Merger of Meizu Charm Blue Two Brands Sales and Market Divided into Two Centers |


Meizu Announces Merger of Meizu Charm Blue Two Brands Sales and Market Divided into Two Centers |

New Beijing Express (Reporter Liang Chen Ma Yi) On the 16th, the reporter confirmed from Meizu that the Meizu technology organization structure was readjusted. Meizu and Charm Blue divisions originally announced separate mergers, but sales and markets were established separately. The center is headed by Li Nan and Yang Hao respectively.

According to the new organizational structure disclosed on the 15th, the founder Huang Zhang served as chairman and CEO of Meizu Technology and participated directly in the company's operations. Meizu COO and CFO Qi Weimin and Meizu CSO Li Nan assisted the CEO management company. However, Huang Zhang has always been low-key. After returning to the company's management in February 2017, several of its products were personally caught, but none of them attended the follow-up product launch conference, nor did they have open interviews with the media.

According to the reporter's understanding, Li Nan will be responsible for sales center related business and team management. The team will be responsible for Meizu, Charm Blue mobile phone products as a whole operator and the company's products under the domestic and offline sales, operators, distribution, retail management and other services.

Meizu CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Yang Hao will be responsible for market center related business and team management, including Meizu technology brand strategy, Meizu, Charm Blue mobile product brand promotion, marketing, event planning, media PR Business.

The Meizu side stated that the restructuring of the organization is intended to focus on the company's resources and management and help to further enhance the competitiveness of the two core functions of sales and marketing.

However, it is worth noting that Bai Yongxiang, Meizu’s once-second figure, has disappeared into the new organizational structure. He served as Meizu CEO, President, COO and other positions.

Meizu Technology has made several adjustments in the past year and a half. In May 2017, Meizu was divided into three business divisions: Meizu Business Unit, Charm Blue Business Unit, and Flyme Business Unit.

In December, Meizu upgraded two business divisions, the Overseas Business Unit and the Accessories Business Unit, and was assigned to Yang Yan, the head of the Flyme Business Unit.

But after the Spring Festival of 2018, Meizu Technology first reported the news of layoffs, and then the market department was guilty of guilty before the release of the flagship product.

In 2016, Huang Zhang’s goal for Meizu Technology at the annual meeting was to achieve steady growth, create profits, and advance IPO. However, its market share was weak after 2017. The third party IHS analyst Li Zegang told reporters that the Charm Blue series is the core benefit product of Meizu products, and Meizu’s current volume and profitability are difficult to have sufficient resources to support dualDivision development. Although divided into two business divisions last year, the work is not internally separated.