The 2nd World Smart Conference opened in Tianjin on the 16th and came to Tianjin to embrace the smart era


The 2nd World Smart Conference opened in Tianjin on the 16th and came to Tianjin to embrace the smart era

The 2nd World Smart Conference opened in Tianjin on the 16th and came to Tianjin to embrace the smart era

"We will use the World Smart Conference platform to accelerate the development of 'big smart' innovations. System, to create 'Tianjin-Hong Kong', to Tianjin for the progress of Tianjin, to promote the development of intelligent technology industry's 'China program' to explore new paths, create new experiences, so that intelligent scientific and technological achievements to better serve human destiny community." In June last year, the first World Smart Conference was held in Tianjin. The main officials of the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee introduced the original intention and mission of the meeting at the opening ceremony.

The 2nd World Smart Conference opened in Tianjin on the 16th and came to Tianjin to embrace the smart era

One participant at the opening ceremony of the first World Smart Conference Tianjin At the Huawei booth, experience the car service simulator. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yue Yuewei's photo.

On May 16th this year, the 2nd World Smart Conference will be opened in Tianjin. This session of the World Smart Conference will take the “Intelligent Age: New Progress, New Trends, and New Measures”. With the theme of “High starting point, mainstreaming, internationalization, and distinctiveness” as the theme, we continue to build the world’s most authoritative, most quality, and most complete global event in the field of smart technology.

The 2nd World Smart Conference opened in Tianjin on the 16th and came to Tianjin to embrace the smart era

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Planning in Advance,

Seizing New Opportunities in Intelligent Times

“The timing system of this competition uses automatic image sensing, and drones pass through image transmission equipment. At the time, the induction device will be activated and the flight performance will be recorded automatically.” Xie Bin, General Counsel for the World Drone Racing Competition, was introduced during the recent rehearsal. The drone competition is one of the activities of the 2nd World Smart Conference. It will be held in the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City from May 17th to 19th.

On the basis of last year's event, this year's Smart Assembly has increased to 4 events, namely the World Smart Driving Challenge, China Smart Drone Competition, Open Data Innovation Application Contest and 2018 China (Tianjin). Industrial APP Innovation Application Contest. The reporter learned that the Second World Smart Conference will hold a series of events such as conferences, exhibitions, events and smart experiences.By bringing together cutting-edge products in the smart technology industry at different latitudes in the “land, sea and air”, we will create a “four-in-one” international platform with global influence.

In addition to conferences, exhibitions, and tournaments, this year's Smart Conference has expanded its exhibitions to include a new intelligent experience, using intelligent approach, intelligent performance, intelligent driving simulation, and conference intelligence systems. In other ways, it will further enhance the smart technology experience of the conference.

Tianjin, as the birthplace of modern industry, has a solid manufacturing base and a significant development advantage. In the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei, it carried the historical responsibility of creating "a base for the three regions" and possessed "golden signboards" such as independent innovation zones, free trade zones, and reform and opening up predecessor zones. Entering a new era, Tianjin seizes opportunities, lays out smart technology and digital economy in advance, builds new economic growth momentum, and builds new advantages in intelligent development.

Strengthening the development of smart technology industry is a strategic choice for Tianjin to promote high-quality development. It is an urgent need to make up for the shortcomings in the development of the Tianjin industrial structure and the transformation of old and new kinetic energy. The main person in charge in Tianjin stated that it is necessary to seize the opportunity for a new round of industrial change with smart technology as the core driving force, and to develop the artificial intelligence industry as a banner to realize the “turning overtaking” and “changing overtaking” of the industrial development.

The 2nd World Smart Conference opened in Tianjin on the 16th and came to Tianjin to embrace the smart era

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To promote industry,

Promote high-quality development

The World Smart Conference is both a meeting for sharing ideas and sharing experiences, as well as working together and seeking common development. The event. Tianjin is in the critical period of industrial transformation, power conversion, and structural transformation. It is both a challenge and an opportunity for the smart general assembly and smart economy to perform.

The 2nd World Smart Conference opened in Tianjin on the 16th and came to Tianjin to embrace the smart era

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At the end of April, Tianjin Port (Group) Co., Ltd. completed the “operational system integration” switch of its six container terminals, becoming the first coastal port in the country to realize the integrated operation and management of the entire production process of the container terminal. The port enterprise is one step closer to the construction of Tianjin Zhigang. At the same time, the operating system is also automated for the docks and yards under development.Upgraded and upgraded, unmanned electric container truck transport access provided support.

"We must profoundly understand and grasp the connotation requirements of high-quality development, adhere to quality first, benefit first, and correctly handle the relationship between quantity and quality, break and stand, and drop and ascend. Insist on new development concepts and meet Quality change, efficiency change, and power change.” Yang Maorong, head of Binhai New Area, said, “Next, we will vigorously develop smart manufacturing industries such as new intelligent terminals, intelligent networked vehicles, artificial intelligence, and drones, and accelerate the construction of national intelligent manufacturing. Demonstration Area".

In recent days, the "Internet + Highway Logistics" leader in trucks helped to take advantage of Tianjin's port logistics and formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tianjin Development Zone. The helper trucks will land on the core business of “Car-free transportation” and actively deploy intelligent logistics parks and port logistics wisdom cloud platforms to launch cargo unmanned pilots and work together to build the TEDA into an important engine of “Internet + smart logistics” in the north.

The 2nd World Smart Conference opened in Tianjin on the 16th and came to Tianjin to embrace the smart era

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In the past year, apart from seizing opportunities and transforming and upgrading, local companies in Tianjin have also settled in Tianjin and gathered in groups.

In June of last year, Tianjin and Ant Financial signed a cooperation agreement to jointly promote the construction of a “cashless city” in Tianjin and promote the “Internet+Government” intelligence upgrade; in September, the Jingdong Group and the People’s Government of Binhai New Area, The Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee signed a strategic cooperation agreement to create a base for smart logistics industry clusters. It is estimated that 22 billion yuan will be invested in 5 years, which will generate related revenue of 32 billion yuan. In April this year, the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Tianjin municipal government signed a total of Construction of China Engineering Science and Technology Development Strategy Tianjin Research Institute Framework Agreement.

Industry Landing,

Government Takes Platform for Business

Tianjin has launched ten “1+10” program systems such as ten special action plans since 2017 We will focus on building a "big smart" innovation system, accelerate the development of "big smart" industrial clusters, and provide new momentum for development.

"Train the clusters that have an advantage in Tianjin, plan the clusters that can make up the industry, place in what places, which industries to do, and which areas to do." Tianjin Municipal Standing CommitteeZhang Yuzhuo, Party Secretary of the Binhai New Area, introduced that there are more than 6,000 Chinese-foreign joint ventures in the Binhai New Area that need to be intelligently transformed. Therefore, in terms of technology clusters and industrial clusters, Tianjin has done a lot of work and done practical work. “Last year, in the areas where artificial intelligence features are obvious, we achieved a growth rate of around 30%.”

The goal of formulating and implementing policies is to create a good environment for development. The Tianjin municipal government has developed the artificial intelligence technology industry and economy by creating an environment, attracting talents, and attracting investment.

Since April 1st, Tianjin's national tax "run once" list has been implemented, and another 81 items can be handled online. Taxes are completely "no need to run"; on April 9, the market supervision committee in Tianjin The Trade and Test Zone introduced the first batch of new electronic business licenses of the country. The company's management office did not "see"; the municipal public security bureau launched the "double ten" measure to serve the people's livelihood and service enterprises, and introduced talents to implement "lease-and-look settlement"...

< "Private technology companies are particularly sensitive to the business environment, the environment is suitable, and the seed can germinate," said Qi Juntong, chairman of Tianjin Yifei Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd.

The 2nd World Smart Conference opened in Tianjin on the 16th and came to Tianjin to embrace the smart era

At the first World Smart Conference, the audience visited a flying intelligence aircraft.

In order to create a favorable environment for the development of entrepreneurial entrepreneurship, Tianjin has promulgated the "Regulations on Establishing a Good Environment for Entrepreneurial Entrepreneurship Development." Inspire managers positively and supervise accountability as non-executive officials. Tianjin issued the “Three-year Action Plan on Special Governance for Doing Nothing Unresolved (2018-2020)” to carry out a three-year non-accusation non-responsibility issue. .

"After special treatment, some persistent illnesses have been resolved, creating a powerful atmosphere for the establishment of a director." Tianjin is not responsible for the problem of special governance.

The 2nd World Smart Conference opened in Tianjin on the 16th and came to Tianjin to embrace the smart era

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