Dripping "Shuangshou" passenger car parked for 12 days 1330 yuan parking fee who pay?


Dripping "Shuangshou" passenger car parked for 12 days 1330 yuan parking fee who pay?

Dripping Shuangshou passenger car parked for 12 days 1330 yuan parking fee who pay?

Ms. Gan received a 1330 yuan parking ticket for her car after returning to Xiamen.

Dripping Shuangshou passenger car parked for 12 days 1330 yuan parking fee who pay?

Taihai News March 3, according to Xiamen Daily reported one day in advance Appointment of a drop-and-drop car and confirmation with the driver, but it is always impossible to contact the driver before traveling. In order to catch the plane, Ms. Gan’s family had to drive to the airport and park at the airport.

After 12 days, Ms. Gan, who ended the Spring Festival holiday, paid a parking fee of 1,330 yuan when he picked up the car at the airport. Facing the high parking fees caused by the special driver's "cool appointment," DDT customer service can only compensate for 500 yuan.

Ms. Gan believes that the driver of the car violated the contract first, and she reflected the situation with the customer service platform at the first time. The customer service staff said at the time that the company would be responsible for the cost of parking. The relevant information on this order is really annoying.

In recent days, Ms. Gan phoned 12328 on the supervision of the transport services. The relevant authorities have accepted their complaints.

Appointment to the airport drop driver “missing”

Ms. Gan lived near Wuyuan Bay, at 3 pm on February 14th, she The dripping car scheduled for 5 o'clock in the morning the next day was to go to the airport terminal T3, ready to take a 6:50 flight back home in Hunan.

“Soon, a driver took orders. At around 9:00 that evening, I specifically called the driver to confirm that the other person said there was no problem. He would pick us up on time.” Ms. Gan recalled that on the 15th At 5:00 in the morning, Ms. Gan took her luggage and stood waiting for her at the designated place. He hadn’t seen the car for a long time. He called the driver immediately. As a result, she had made several calls in succession.

After 5:20, Ms. Gan was still unable to reach the chauffeur. At that time, there were few taxis on the road. Ms. Gan could only return home to drive to the airport.

Ms. Gan said DDT customer service agreed to reimburse parking fees.

Suggested to be cool for no reason, Ms. GanThe family was very annoyed. On the way to the airport, Ms. Gan called to report the situation to the customer service platform.

Ms. Gan told reporters that the customer service staff had tried to contact the driver after receiving her complaint. The driver still could not get a call. At the same time, the customer service personnel confirmed that Ms. Gan's order information was real.

In the process of communicating with the customer service, Ms. Gan informed the customer service that her family had to return to their hometowns in other provinces for the Spring Festival. The car could only be parked in the airport parking lot. The cost incurred was the responsibility of the Dripper. “Customers agreed at the time and told me to save the receipts of the receipts and then send them to the public number when they returned to Xiamen.” Ms. Gan told reporters.

The parking fee is RMB 1,330, and the drops are said to be worth RMB 500.

At 1:00 in the morning on February 27, Ms. Gan returned to Xiamen. Has been parked in the airport parking lot for 12 days. When Ms. Gan collected the car, she paid a parking fee of 1,330 yuan. “The airport parking is 50 yuan on the first day and 80 yuan on the second day. The third day starts at 120 yuan per day,” said Ms. Gan.

In the afternoon, Ms. Gan took photographs of parking tickets, boarding passes and other information and uploaded them to the public platform of the Dripping Trip. He also contacted Didi Customer Service.

"Customer told me that I can only pay 200 yuan." Ms. Gan said that she was very angry when she heard such a reply. She thinks that the driver was in breach of contract, and the situation is reflected to the customer service at the first time. Speaking about how to handle parking fees, she couldn’t accept the 200 yuan claim.

According to Ms. Gan, on the morning of February 28, the customer service said that he could pay 500 yuan. She still couldn't accept it. On the afternoon of the same day, the customer service again called and could only pay 500 yuan.

Indignantly, Ms. Gan dialed the complaints from the 12328 Transportation Service Supervisor. “The staff asked me to provide the driver's license plate number. I returned to the platform to check and the order information could not be found again.” The woman told reporters that she had communicated with the customer service staff. The customer service said that if the relevant channels required information such as drivers and vehicles, they could contact the customer service platform directly and this information could not be provided to her personally. "No way, I can only commission 12328 staff to help check and accept my complaint."

Drops apologized for the “missing” driverPoints

Yesterday, Didi responded to the incident. Didi said that because the driver failed to arrive on time and caused trouble for passengers, Didi apologized.

Diptokes said that the passenger on February 15 had feedback on the driver's decision to cause delays due to a delay in calling the car. Follow-up passengers drove to the airport by themselves, resulting in more than 10 days of parking fees. After the passenger provided parking vouchers, DDT Customer Service’s comprehensive assessment combined with its own authority decided to compensate 500 yuan.

At the same time, the “missing” driver indicated that he was unable to pick up the passengers on time, which was caused by a mobile phone failure. The Dickey had already deducted service points according to the special car management rules.

Furthermore, for passengers who couldn't see the orders, they had communicated with the passengers after the verification of the drops. The passengers said that they could still see the order in the APP itinerary record, but because the order was closed, Platform rules, passengers cannot get more driver information.