The old man parks an arrow in the dog. What is going on?


The old man parks an arrow in the dog. What is going on?

Injured arrows in the elderly park dog

Amateurs accidentally wounded by practicing arrows have been detained by criminal detention

On May 13, Zhang Daye, who lives in Chaoyang District, was in ancient times. Tower Park encounters a "cold arrow" when walking a dog. The one-meter-long composite bow hit Zhang Unye's left leg and leg, with a wound depth of nearly 5 cm. It is understood that there were four or five men practicing archery not far from the scene of the incident. On the afternoon of May 15, the Chaoyang Police reported that the “Arrow Friends” who had allegedly shot and wounded Zhang Daye and Yuan Mou had been detained in criminal detention.

After the incident, the old man took the dog on the way.

Yesterday, in the orthopaedic ward of the Chaoyang First Aid Center, a reporter from the Beijing Morning Post saw Mr. Zhang Lao, who was undergoing an operation in a intensive care unit. The old man told reporters that after being taken to the hospital, the doctor had sutured his wound and he still needed to continue observation and treatment in the hospital. Zhang Zhang’s son, Xiao Zhang, told the reporter, “My father was walking his dog and suddenly felt a sharp pain in his left leg. When he saw an arrow in his leg, he was in pain and fear. But endured the pain and pulled the arrow out of his leg." Xiao Zhang said his father found a man with a bow and arrow around him. “The young man admitted that he was an archery shooter and he had bows and arrows on his hands. My father couldn’t attend as much and then quickly went to the hospital after the alarm. Afterwards the father told me that he saw there were four in the park at the time. Five men are practicing archery. They are shooting on the side of the road. There are so many people coming and going. It's too dangerous."

Xiao Zhang said the man was holding a composite bow and arrow. Very strong. "This time the arrow was shot on my father's lap. If it was shot somewhere else, what would happen if human life was lost!" It is reported that surgery and treatment lasted for more than two hours. Although the father was not in danger, but let it be small. In Zhang’s heart, his father suffers from diabetes and healing may be difficult. He is worried that there will be follow-up problems. It is understood that due to the local microcirculatory disturbance and the decrease of overall resistance, diabetic patients do have a wide range of problems in which the wound does not easily heal. It is likely that severe infection of the skin and soft tissue occurs.

The old man parks an arrow in the dog. What is going on?

Injured Elderly

Treatment: Two The wounded “Arrow Friend” has been detained by a criminal detention.

Xiao Zhang told reporters that the man who claimed to have wounded was 1998Born in the year, not a native. "He said he practiced several times here. Before that, he did not hurt anyone." After the man entered the hospital with the elderly, he found that the old man was in serious condition. He quickly changed his mind to saying that he was actually not a wounded person. Instead, he "spoken uprightly." Friends "back pot." "He said that several of them were archery enthusiasts who met and practiced archery on the Internet. After the accident, this young man volunteered for his buddies and allowed wounded netizens to leave. However, the injured bow was provided by him. He gave me a treatment fee of 5,000 yuan and was then taken away by the police.”

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned from Chaoyang police that on May 13th, Mou (male, 31, Inner Mongolia), Yuan Mou (male, 20 years old, Heilongjiang) waited to play with bows and arrows in the Quta Park in Chaoyang District and shot a visitor's left lower leg. At present, Yan Mou and Yuan Mou are criminally detained and examined by Chaoyang Public Security Bureau.