Tenpay paid for the second clearing agency Jingdong Mall and was ordered to rectify


Tenpay paid for the second clearing agency Jingdong Mall and was ordered to rectify

On May 16, Weibo ID Li Fei’s full-time lawyer broke the news. TenPay illegally provided the “secondary liquidation” agency Jingdong Mall with payment services and was ordered by the People’s Bank Shenzhen Branch to be rectified.

The netizen stated that “After paying the Clearing Association and the Central Bank Administration Department, another authoritative regulatory agency responded to my report. On May 14, I received a reply from the Central Bank Shenzhen Branch, confirming Tenfu's illegal facts. The deadline for rectification in Erqing is approaching and there will be few time left for violating agencies!"

According to the central bank’s feedback letter posted on it, the TenPay was ordered to be rectified. , This microblogging certification is: "Shanghai Yi Jin Law Firm, full-time lawyer Li Fei," the real name of the report.

A feedback letter from the Central Bank Shenzhen Branch on May 14 confirmed that of the three transactions provided by the lawyer, two transactions were made by the Tenpay Company's contracted merchant Jingdong Company. The funds were settled by Jingfutong to JD. Another payment was not completed. Therefore, it is believed that Tenpay has provided payment services for Jingdong Mall affiliated companies suspected of “secondary liquidation”.

The term "secondary liquidation" referred to as "two clear" means that the payment company or bank first pays the POS machine's settlement money to an individual or a certain company, and is settled by the company or individual. Merchants are illegal.