Cover Review | How Much to Offset Women's Cosmetics


Cover Review | How Much to Offset Women's Cosmetics

Cover Review | How Much to Offset Women's Cosmetics

Liu Li is 27 years old and lives in Chongqing. She is married to her husband Mr. Xue for one and a half years. . In March of this year, the daughter Qianqian Qian came and her mother-in-law moved from her hometown. The arrival of Qianqian made the couple happy while also feeling economic pressure. At the end of March, Mr. Xue announced that he had decided to quit smoking and calculated an account, saving 750 yuan a month. This was originally a good thing, but in turn, her husband asked her to ask Liu Li to make changes, so that she could lower her cosmetic grade. Her mother-in-law also said that she never used more than 20 yuan in her life. For this matter, netizens have been knocked over. (Yangtze Evening News)

The shorter the parents are, the more they attract attention. Two thousand cosmetics are expensive? Is it absolutely impossible for women to save money on “face”? Does her husband's joint mother-in-law exert pressure on her? In response to this issue, netizens did not give up and argued around each other. As a result, this trivial matter that was originally trivial, actually somehow became a public hot spot. The parties expressed their own opinions and expressed their beliefs about a specific outlook on life and values ​​in the commentary on the incident itself and the male and female protagonists. Of course, no one can convince anyone after all that there is a lot of fun.

There are female compatriots who have said, “The requirement for women to downgrade cosmetics is too harsh. Moreover, the birth of a child requires more maintenance.” Such an argument is justified, and it instantly gains support. It is true that there are indeed inertias in consumer behavior. In particular, women’s purchase of cosmetics is even more loyal and stable. In the narrative routine of the modern commercial society, what brand of cosmetics is used to a large extent reflects the social class, aesthetic taste and life attitude of women – and this is not just an objective classification. It is a subjective expression. In other words, what kind of cosmetics are used is a unique ritual for women to construct their own identity.

From the feminist perspective, buying cosmetics is not a simple consumer behavior, but also represents the desire and pursuit of a specific lifestyle model. The mediocre days are already depressing, and cosmetics, especially expensive cosmetics, provide a good placebo effect. Allow women to jump out of the real daily routine and seek an active oneSelf-introduction and ease of mind and body relaxation. From the psychology point of view, what cosmetics can bring to women is a kind of protection and a sense of security. Any attempt to change this steady consumption habit will be regarded as offensive, and they are all destined to trigger a rebound.

A crowd of onlookers has expressed their enthusiasm for the fact that they dare to let their wife demote consumer goods. I respect you as a hero. Although this is a ridicule, it still refracts the feelings of life of the majority of male compatriots. In the context that cosmetics are just needed for women, and the default can only be upgraded and cannot be downgraded, Liu Li’s experience seems to be somewhat different and somewhat special. Liu Li himself also said that he hated this "conditional replacement" and that the plan was "combined pressure." This expression is actually another meaning, that is, the husband and wife do not agree with the mode of communication and communication, do not accept. Because of this, netizens also have a lot of insights.

Indeed, cosmetics are women's faces and women's obsession. This has even become a golden rule that cannot be challenged. However, the daily life is there. The family’s bills and financial situation are there. They continue to hide in the comfortable "safe areas" built by cosmetics, and perhaps not for a long time.