Want to rejuvenate the wife caused by hot cosmetics Woman really can not do without cosmetics?


Want to rejuvenate the wife caused by hot cosmetics Woman really can not do without cosmetics?

China Business Intelligence News: Recently, the husband of Chongqing hot mom Liu Li saved her newly born baby. Her husband quit smoking for nearly ten years, but as a condition of exchange, her husband asked Liu Li to lower the cosmetics grade. . Wife quitting smoking, his wife lowered the grade of cosmetics, seemingly fair, but in recent years, cosmetics have been deeply rooted in people's minds, Liu Li said she could not stand the replacement of such conditions, female friends said that she could not do without cosmetics. In recent years, the Chinese cosmetics industry has flourished,

I.The role of cosmetics

Cosmetics refers to the use of smear and spray , sprinkling, or other similar methods applied to the human body (skin, hair, nails, lips and teeth, etc.) to achieve cleanliness, maintenance, beautification, modification and change of appearance, or to correct human odor, shielding part of the UV rays to achieve the effect of sunscreen, keeping Good for the purpose of the product. China is one of the first countries in the world to use cosmetics. There are records of thrush and lip in ancient Chinese books. In the 1980s, with the rapid development of the national economy and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the cosmetics industry has mushroomed, and the cosmetics industry’s system has also extended from the light industry system to other systems. Cosmetics have experienced luxury products in the concept of people. The history of essentials.

II. Cosmetics consumption habits

1. Per capita consumption of cosmetics

According to Weibo data According to the Center's data, in 2016, Japan’s cosmetics consumption per capita was US$284, US was US$263, and China was only US$36. There was a big gap between the US and Japan. China is now on the road to consumption upgrades and the rise of skin care products. In the future, per capita annual consumption of cosmetics in China will further increase.

Want to rejuvenate the wife caused by hot cosmetics Woman really can not do without cosmetics?

Data Source: Weibo Data Center

2, cosmetics consumption frequency

Chinese women pay more and more attention to build their own "face project", enhance their self-value, cosmetics purchase frequency is getting higher and higher, and there is a trend of younger. According to the Kayue Consumer Beauty Index, the younger generation cosmetics market has a brighter eye and the frequency of female cosmetics purchases for 15-24 year-old womenThe index is highest, reaching 117.25-34-year-old women's purchasing frequency index is relatively reduced to 106. 35-44-year-old female purchase frequency index is less than 100, only 92,45-54-year-old women buy the lowest frequency of cosmetics index, only 84.

Want to rejuvenate the wife caused by hot cosmetics Woman really can not do without cosmetics?

Remarks: Purchase frequency index = annual purchase frequency of women of all ages / Women's Total Annual Purchase Frequency

Data Source: Kantar Consumer Beauty Index, China National Industry Research Institute

III. Industry Development Status< /p>

As a daily consumer product, cosmetics have been accepted by more and more consumers. In particular, over the past decade, European cosmetics giants have continued to invest and nurture the domestic market. Domestic consumers have gradually established the correct usage habits and consumption concepts, and the cosmetics market continues to expand.

1. Scale of the cosmetics market

With the deepening of China’s national income multiplication plan and the implementation of the urbanization strategy, the total amount of urban residents in China has further expanded, with per capita The increase in disposable income has driven the continuous increase in the market size of the cosmetics sector. From 2013 to 2017, the scale of China's cosmetics market maintained a steady growth trend. In 2015, the scale of the Chinese cosmetics market exceeded 300 billion yuan. In 2017, the national cosmetics market reached 254.2 billion yuan. It is estimated that in 2018 the national retail sales of cosmetics will reach 373.7 billion yuan.

Want to rejuvenate the wife caused by hot cosmetics Woman really can not do without cosmetics?

Data Source: China Business Research Institute

< p>2,Skincare market size

Skin care products are cosmetic skin care cosmetics sub-categories, which mainly have clean skin and supplement skin nutrients, etc. Features such as facial cleanser, facial cream, mask and more. At present, the scale of the market is expanding rapidly, and the industry is still in growth. Skin care products include four categories: facials, body care, hand care and care packages. It is the largest in the cosmetics industry.Sub-sectors. In 2014, the scale of China's skin care products market exceeded 150 billion yuan and reached 178.4 billion yuan in 2017. It is expected that the skin care market will exceed 180 billion yuan in 2018.

Want to rejuvenate the wife caused by hot cosmetics Woman really can not do without cosmetics?

Data Source: China National Business Research Institute

< p>Fourth, the competitive landscape of cosmetics in China

China's cosmetics industry is one of the industries with the highest degree of domestic marketization, and it is also a fully-competitive and fully competitive market. With the development of the year, with the increase of residents' income, the increase of the urbanization rate, the change of consumption habits and the promotion of consumption concepts, the market capacity of the cosmetics industry has expanded rapidly. Cosmetics multinational companies have entered China and gained a lot of market share.

Domestic cosmetics companies have gradually explored brand positioning, channel expansion, marketing planning, and corporate organizational structure that are suitable for their own development, and have gradually reversed their inferior position. Some outstanding companies in the industry have invested more resources in commercial supermarkets and franchised stores, especially e-commerce channels, by launching new products that meet consumer preferences. They also communicate more accurate brand marketing strategies and are flexible and efficient. In response, more and more consumers are accepting and market share has increased year by year.

Major cosmetic manufacturers in China include domestic brands such as Nature Hall, Marumei, Meifubao, Herborist, Baique Ling, and Han Shu.

Want to rejuvenate the wife caused by hot cosmetics Woman really can not do without cosmetics?

5. Trends in China's cosmetics industry >

Injecting Technology to Reshape Cosmetics Concepts

With the continuous development of science and technology, the concept of cosmetics has been constantly updated, mainly including: (1) intelligent cosmetics; cosmetics contain a large number of Smart factors, there is an active response response, once the human skin problems, such as: aging, relaxation, infection, radiation and lack of water, they will repair their own epidermal cells, enhance the skin's ability to regulate and help the skin to recover. This concept belongs to the development trend of cosmetics. (2) Energy cosmetics; cosmetics contain energy supply system, increaseStrong human epidermal cell energy is good for the skin to absorb nutrients. (3) Natural cosmetics; combined with relevant statistical data, it is found that more than 50% of women in the world have different degrees of skin allergies. Requires manufacturers to increase their research and development efforts in natural cosmetics.

Cosmetic technology mainly includes nanotechnology, pharmaceutical science and technology, biochemical technology, and biological genetic engineering technology, which not only change the function and quality of cosmetics, but also directly affect the economic efficiency of enterprises, adding more to product marketing. Shantou. Therefore, relevant staff are required to develop the organic synthesis technology of cosmetics, such as: polymerization technology, phosphorylation technology, esterification technology, acetylation technology, amidation technology and alkoxylation technology, and innovative cosmetics carrier, such as: , Liposomes and microcapsules, etc., research and development of new types of emulsifiers, significantly improve the quality of cosmetics, and enhance the company's core competitiveness.

2. Cost-effective to build new domestic brands

The arrival of consumer upgrades has made consumers begin to pay more attention to product quality and they are more willing to pay for cost-effective products. At present, international brands firmly occupy the high-end market. Chinese domestic brands want a strong market and need high prices to gain consumer recognition. After entering 2016, the term "new domestic goods" has begun to become the direction of Chinese brands. Not only China's manufacturing industry, but also the domestic cosmetics brand in China's cosmetics industry has also launched a new domestic product movement. In the future, Chinese domestic brands will use the high-end quality to capture the market at the mid-range prices.

For domestic cosmetics, Shen Lanpeng, the founder and managing partner of Sequoia Capital China, is confident that in the next 5 to 10 years, the domestic cosmetics market is expected to gradually replace the foreign brands, and there are a large number of local cosmetics brands. Development opportunities. Herborist, Han Shu, Bai Que Ling and Po Lai Ya are facing huge challenges.

For more information, please refer to the “China Cosmetics Market Outlook Survey and Investment Opportunities Report for 2018-2023” published by the China Business Research Institute.