Disclosed measures for rectification, the girls do not need to change the picture profile


Disclosed measures for rectification, the girls do not need to change the picture profile

This afternoon, Didi announced the stages of rectification measures. Please also look down to the specifics:

Drops and drops have been rectified since midnight on May 12th, these days We launched a comprehensive internal self-examination and listened carefully to criticisms and suggestions from various sectors of the society. We are now making public the stage of rectification measures. Didi will strictly implement the rectification, and request supervision from all walks of life.

Rolling Corrections:

All the personalized labeling and commenting features are offline ;

The personal information and the avatar of both parties have been changed to be visible only to themselves, and the external avatars are all system default virtual avatars;

Car owners each time Face recognition must be performed before the order, to maximize the possibility of preventing private exchanges;

Continuing to assess the feasibility of security at the time of the evening rider and rider, Shutting to suspend acceptance22 Orders that arrive during the -6 point period. Orders with an order prior to 22 o'clock but with an estimated service time of more than 22 o'clock are subject to safety warnings to both passengers before departure.

The above rectification measures will be completed before the rider service is re-initiated.

All-platform travel-related businesses have made the following corrections on the basis of the previous driver background screening and three-certificate verification:

Specific remediation of vehicles does not match, and resolute zero tolerance. Drivers must carry out face recognition verification before the daily departure of express trains, private cars, and luxury cars. At the same time, the award-winning whistleblower vehicles do not match on the entire platform.

Modify the product design to raise the emergency help function to a prominent location. After pressing for the help of the original function (press to upload live recording in real time, the customer service monitors and calls back the user's phone number, and automatically sends the itinerary information to the emergency contact), the user can independently select one key to dial 110, 120, 122 And drop 24-hour security customer service and other numbers.

DDT promises that we will take the initiative to assume due legal responsibility in relevant traffic accidents, public security and criminal cases and user disputes that occur on the platform. In addition, on the basis of existing safety protection mechanisms (including insurance, medical advance advancement, accidental injury humanitarian aid, car owners' death and public welfare assistance, etc., with a total of 1.2 million guarantees),Dripping has set about establishing a care fund to provide more help and care for parties and families outside the scope of the law.

The above rectification measures will be completed by May 31st. At the same time, the entire platform will accelerate the promotion of a comprehensive real name system. We hope that the majority of drivers and passengers will work with us to make travel more secure.

In the process of rectification, there are also some problems that have plagued us for a long time. We also hope to discuss this issue with the community in succession and sincerely seek the help and suggestions of everyone:

In reality Among the complaints, most of the complaints involving disputes were disputed by both sides, and it was difficult to provide strong evidence. This caused great difficulties for the platform to blame, and it also caused many drivers and passengers to think that the platform was partial or not.

We also received a lot of suggestions for this, whether we can consider recording the entire journey in the car (we will clearly inform the user, and authorized by the user to use the software), while improving the quality of service It is convenient to collect evidence in case of car disputes or policing criminal cases (such as sexual harassment). To protect the privacy of the Division, the recorded materials are not stored in personal mobile phones and will be encrypted and uploaded directly to the server, and will be automatically deleted after 72 hours of retention.

We are very aware that not everyone is willing to be recorded during the trip. And if you want to add in-vehicle video surveillance capabilities in the future, you may also need to ask users for more privacy authorizations. However, this is indeed the most effective way to improve safety, service, and evidence-gathering after accidental disputes. With regard to such measures, do you think it is acceptable?

At present, we have cooperated with the public security authorities to conduct background screening of registered drivers to prevent people involved in criminal records of personal property and public safety from entering the platform. However, we also want to respect each individual’s legitimate rights and interests (such as the right to employment), and whether those who have been released from prison will not be involved in personal property and public safety crimes (such as the crime of copyright infringement). Car owners' opportunities?

The above two issues, we will actively consult relevant departments, experts and scholars in the near future. We will also solicit the opinions of the public through official Weibo WeChat and other channels, and maintain such a consultation mechanism for a long time.

Okay, we have already announced corrective measures, and the girls can finally change their profile. Some of the things that have happened in recent days are indeed lingeringAt night, taxis have become a thing for girls to fear.

So, some time ago, the Internet suddenly set off a boom of ##!

People come to feel the style

Disclosed measures for rectification, the girls do not need to change the picture profile

Disclosed measures for rectification, the girls do not need to change the picture profile

Disclosed measures for rectification, the girls do not need to change the picture profile

Disclosed measures for rectification, the girls do not need to change the picture profile

Although changed Dropping the picture and name of the drop, not much help for safe taxi, platform to strengthen supervision, more legal protection, strengthen their own prevention capabilities, etc., these together become better, in order to have a more secure network about the car industry!