Cool ride a bike deposit difficult to retreat event tracking: deposit has not yet returned, CEO was removed


Cool ride a bike deposit difficult to retreat event tracking: deposit has not yet returned, CEO was removed

Securities Times reporter Zhang Guofeng

Last month, the securities times, venture capital exchange reporter reported cool cycling returned to deposit events, then cool cycling founder, CEO Gao Weiwei said in an interview with reporters, the deposit returned to upgrade which belongs to the technical problems in the new technical team will be returned in September after the induction of all. However, according to a number of media reports, last night, cool cycling Beijing headquarters has a number of users queuing to refund the deposit, the police maintain the order of the scene, and even had to pull up the cordon. That night, Gao Weiwei finally long appearance outside sound, claiming that the refund is the technology upgrade reasons at the same time, also said the company will be a wholly owned acquisition.

To this day, the incident has new development - cool bike issued an open letter, said it is now actively docking management, seeking government guidance and support. At the same time, cool cycling also decided to recall high CEO duties. The new management is urgently preparing for the formation.

Users queued at headquarters for refunds

Yesterday, micro-blog users broke the news, a group of cool cycling users came to Beijing, Tongzhou's cool riding headquarters to refund the deposit, because the APP has been unable to complete the refund.

According to media reports, the queue of users, mobile phone number directly registered on the site, and then directly refund Alipay prepaid recharge, WeChat will need to wait. Cool ride headquarters, only a few staff registration, as well as police, no one in the company.

In fact, from the beginning of August this year, there are a lot of cool bike users all over the country, cool cycling can not be carried out on the promise of a deposit refund within 7 days. Some users said that the refund has been applied for more than a month, so far has not returned, the customer service phone can not get through.

In August 30th, cool bike issued a statement saying, "cool riding a bike, the new CTO will soon mount guard", in September, the technical system will soon be stable and perfect, stressed that the deposit return is slow because of the instability of the system upgrade.

At the time, Gao Weiwei told the securities times venture capital exchange reporter that the deposit refund problem is expected in September will be completely resolved, and time will soon. He also said that this incident will definitely cool off some of the user lost, there will be some impact on the brand. But cool riding has always been the intention to do things, conscience, and believe that the future by cool riding a little improvement, will win back the user's approval.

By mid September, former employees of cool bikes revealed to the media that the refund of the cool bike ride was not as simple as the official response to the "technical issue". It broke the news that the high Weiwei or P2P loan company credit loans of CEO, and the two companies are in Beijing Wanda 30 office, is actually a cool bike company, all financial and technical personnel, financial officers are in good faith loan. However, the high Weiwei and credit loan terms have denied this, and said that the two companies are separate independent operators in the business, and the high Weiwei also said that he resigned from the post of CEO integrity loans as early as last year.

The management is being actively docked

Faced with so many dilemmas, the cool cyclist released an official announcement this morning.

Cool cycling said that since mid August, cool cycling back deposit delay problem and then evolved into a run, the company has been trying to solve the problem of funds, including investors and negotiate for a comprehensive acquisition. But progress is not comparable to the development of the run, leading to further deterioration.

At the same time, WeChat will cool bike ride payment channel closed, funding freeze, nearly 40 million of the freezing of funds. In response, WeChat responded by saying that it has opened a "cool ride" security settlement channel, merchants can refund user orders, users can contact cold ride as soon as possible. According to its response, WeChat had received complaints from users, in order to protect the interests of users and financial security, WeChat temporarily limit the flow of cool riding merchant funds. WeChat said it also noted the need to improve the platform process, has begun to start optimization, to ensure that the user's funds under the premise of security, to help businesses improve user experience.

Up to now, cool ride cumulative investment of more than 900 million funds, there are nearly 1 million 500 thousand users did not choose to refund the deposit, there are nearly 1 million 400 thousand bicycles on the market in operation. The cool bike is actively docking of funds, seeking government guidance and support.

In addition, the company research shows that cool cycling in view of the high management capacity shortage, decided to dismiss his CEO duties. The new management is also urgently preparing for the formation.

Share bike industry fear again reshuffle

Entered in 2017, sharing bicycle industry in the first half of last year after the continuation of the unpopular situation, gradually showing a decline. Since this year, including Wu Jing bike, 3Vbike, Ting Ting bike and many other sharing bike enterprises declared bankruptcy, and even founder of direct running. Recently, in addition to cool cycling, another industry in the second tier game player - Xiaoming burst was also difficult to deposit bicycle back, let the whole industry cast a shadow.

Even Zhu Xiaohu, a Jinsha River venture partner who has been clamoring for "90 days to share a bike to solve the fight", has changed his mind in the near future, ofo. In June of this year, ofo and the v-mobile still fierce, Zhu Xiaohu made it clear that the two will not merge. But in a few days ago, he changed "while ofo and Mobell occupy most of the market share (95%), but still every month to invest a lot of money for the operation. Only two mergers make it possible to make a profit."

So do two giants, let alone other shared bike companies. In fact, there is still no clear profit model for the sharing bike industry. It can be said that sharing a bike is so hot, depending entirely on the power of capital. Gao Weiwei said, on the bike sharing project there are 13 ways to achieve profitability, such as the launch of the App store, selling riding equipment, folding bicycles; boot screen advertising, body advertising, software on each car logo can be replaced by logo, can also be a single car connected business services etc.. But Beijing has just introduced a new bike sharing policy clearly stipulates that "the body may not be set up commercial advertising", some shared bike enterprises have to even change.

In recent months, regulation of shared bikes has also begun to creep in all over the country. Beijing, Shanghai and other more than ten city "to suspend new launch shared bicycle", and the requirements must be parked in the replacement of electronic fence, which has the function of GPS electronic lock and so on, to share the bicycle enterprises increase the pressure is not small in the invisible. Many places have also issued a deposit supervision measures, requiring enterprises to collect deposits, the deposit must be set up special accounts, to accept the third party supervision, to ensure that earmarking.

One side is that the giants are rolling their share of the market, on the other hand, the pressure of regulation, coupled with the lack of ammunition, for the two or three tier shared bike companies, the coming autumn winter season may be even colder.