China Unicom set up large data companies to build foreign joint venture cooperation platform


China Unicom set up large data companies to build foreign joint venture cooperation platform

[Caixin] (reporter Ye Zhanqi)Traditional business growth slowed, operators dig big data value. In September 25th, China Unicom data company officially inaugurated, Chinese Unicom deputy general manager Jiang Zhengxin said, the company will be located in the joint venture platform Chinese Unicom unified big data window, foreign business operations and the main industry to expand, and will participate in the China Unicom mixed strategic investors to explore more in-depth cooperation, including complementary resources, business collaboration the development of the market, etc..

At present, the data has become the important foundation of social resources, said Jiang Zhengxin, China Unicom China (600050.SH) as one of the three operators, has advantage in large data richly endowed by nature, the customer base is large, the use of high frequency, covering two dimensions of time and space. Unicom is now integrating data from 31 provinces and has built up hundreds of big data teams. Cooperation has been reached with China unionpay.

According to business information, China Unicom large data Co., Ltd. was established in August 24th as a wholly owned subsidiary of China Unicom, with a registered capital of 500 million yuan.

Unicom big data company general manager Zhao Yue said, will open up data, while doing application, access to the market. Unicom will provide services in the context of protecting user privacy. Services include assisting financial institutions in credit reporting, looking for potential customers, and precision marketing.

As for the specific application scenario, China Unicom in the related product example, some automobile enterprises want to know the behavior of the customer, the enterprise to provide the stock of the user to Unicom mobile phone number, China Unicom users can be of different dimensions of portrait feedback

China Unicom said, Unicom has 470 million users, big data platform to handle 600 billion users per day online record information, 34 billion 900 million users record calls. User characteristics summed up more than 3700 labels, identifying about 4050 mobile phone brands. In addition, under the requirements of the Ministry of industry, the user will have to use the ID card when entering the network, so the data collected by Unicom are real name system and real data.

"Operators bigger data has two responsibilities," Chinese Unicom Technology Committee, Chinese Academy of Engineering Liu Yunjie said that the first is to use the method of artificial intelligence, big data to solve the past difficult problems, such as the use of location information to location service, as long as using a mobile phone, every 24 hours a day of action trajectory it is crystal clear, data on these areas which are of great value."

Second is to use the data to solve the operators' own problems, such as predicting network attacks and avoiding network paralysis.

"Big data industry is fire, but to dig gold, diamonds are not many," Liu Yunjie believes that the government should formulate policies related to the data open, not because of problems related to privacy protection, what to do.

In accordance with the "telecommunications and Internet users personal information protection regulations" requirements, involving user privacy user label data can not be directly traded. According to Caixin reporter understands, Unicom label system products are not sold separately, usually with Unicom other data products or applications packaged for sale, according to the basic property tag and trade mark distinction, with each user per label billing.

Liu Yunjie told reporters after the meeting, the data security is indeed a problem, but can be resolved. At the end of the operator, you can remove sensitive information such as name in advance, and then use the data after desensitization.

By the end of 2015, China Unicom had established a joint venture with Spain telecom operator Telefonica, accounting for 55% of China Unicom's shares. The company is based on location data, to provide transportation planning, real estate site services.

Telecom big data applications facing what challenges? According to the March release of "white paper" said Telecom big data applications, application requirements of Telecom big data is still not mature, in addition to the accurate marketing, financial credit and other individual areas, education, transportation, medical applications such as most of the vertical field is still at a low level. In addition, lack of standardized management of telecom data transactions, data security standards are still missing in many aspects, telecom enterprise data management capabilities also need to be improved.

Financial results show that China Unicom's first half revenue fell 1.5% to 138 billion 160 million yuan, while net profit rose 68.9% to 2 billion 415 million yuan. August, China Unicom announced a mixed ownership reform program, introduced about 78 billion huge sums of money, Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, Jingdong and other Unicom become a new strategic investors. Big data is also one of the areas of cooperation.

September 25th, as of press time, China Unicom A shares fell 2.16%, to 7.25 yuan per share. Li