[circular response] copy and paste the EIA report? Ministry of environmental protection: will be dealt with severely! Pick off: don't let garbage into takeout by-products; focus: China will build a "National Park", where are built?


[circular response] copy and paste the EIA report? Ministry of environmental protection: will be dealt with severely! Pick off: don't let garbage into takeout by-products; focus: China will build a "National Park", where are built?

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Copy and paste the EIA report? Ministry of environmental protection: serious handling

[circular response] copy and paste the EIA report? Ministry of environmental protection: will be dealt with severely! Pick off: don't let garbage into takeout by-products; focus: China will build a National Park, where are built?

The morning of September 27th, the Ministry held a regular press conference, meeting the media put forward the "EIA unit EIA workers work every day just to make money, just copy and paste" and other issues, in this regard, answer the environmental impact assessment EIA Secretary Cui Shuhong: "for fraud, whether from the law or from the regulations or the attitude we are very clear, for all fraud, we are to be severely punished."

Cui Shuhong further pointed out that, according to the individual EIA agencies and personnel including the lease, resort to deceit, the EIA qualification behavior, one is to catch the EIA report, report the quality requirements, environmental protection departments at all levels in the acceptance and approval of the environmental report and the report form process strictly, for those fabrications, the EIA forecast conclusion inaccurate report, report without approval. At the same time, the EIA quality is not high, fraud and environmental impact assessment institutions and personnel severely punished.

In addition, the strengthening of local environmental protection departments of the guidance, through the examination and approval system of four level network around the approval of the project information collection to a platform, through big data, the project EIA approval and quality report and quality report for one-time check, find the problem, to strengthen guidance and supervision.

Three is to punish all kinds of environmental impact violations increased punishment. Those who intentionally cheat or resort to fraud shall be removed from their qualification and prescribed rectification. In addition, to strengthen the EIA integrity system, the Ministry of environmental protection website has a column, that is, the EIA integrity system, the dishonest, malicious fraud of these institutions and personnel into the blacklist.

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Don't make garbage into takeout byproducts

[circular response] copy and paste the EIA report? Ministry of environmental protection: will be dealt with severely! Pick off: don't let garbage into takeout by-products; focus: China will build a National Park, where are built?

Enjoy a convenience, and may have to pay a certain price, "garbage" is a by-product of take away. When staying home and moving fingers to eat good food, people haven't paid attention to "where to put the lunch box" for a long time". Until someone is piled up the plastic boxes, plastic bags and disposable tableware shocked, until someone out "Chinese the disposable tableware total is about 1 million tons of data, only pay attention to things.

It's not too late to discuss how to cut away junk food. But what is the good policy, takeaway platform should be as how consumers should look at, and there is no consensus. There is no doubt that letting takeout be greener should be an obligation for everyone.

Garbage governance needs social cohabitation, but there are still many obstacles to break through. Not just take out garbage, as early as before, express garbage, sharing of steel garbage, etc., are plagued and restricting the city and the people living in it. Visible, dealing with the development of the Internet brings new garbage problems, should be considered as a whole, but also from the production side, sales end and consumer end of the whole process.

Stuck "environmental protection throat" garbage, exist in all aspects, need each link to undertake the responsibility. The government can not only encourage innovation and deregulation, the platform can not only economic benefits to the neglect of social responsibility, businesses can not just sales, consumers are "customer as God" and not "environmental protection immunity". Therefore, it is imperative to establish a community of action on garbage disposal and renovation.

Technically to break, the concept should be upgraded. Take away garbage seems to be a new situation, in fact, is the old problem, it has not been magnified by the Internet economy "plastic bag" problem?". Long ago, people flying plastic bags to suck, is now full of plastic box grease worry, although different forms, but they are plastic garbage is garbage dilemma in the modern way of life. In this sense, materials technology, degradation technology and recycling technology need to be improved, and it is necessary for people to review their own production and lifestyle.

Today, when we advocate "green development" and "green lifestyle", it is not only a transformation of the mode of development and the promotion of the concept of development, but also a reflection of all kinds of problems arising from the mode of modernization. Perhaps, through the transformation from advocacy to action, from technology to philosophy, there is a real "green" background.

Excerpts from: People's Web

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Where are China's national parks built?

[circular response] copy and paste the EIA report? Ministry of environmental protection: will be dealt with severely! Pick off: don't let garbage into takeout by-products; focus: China will build a National Park, where are built?

Recently, the general office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the general office of the State Council issued the overall plan for establishing a national park system, which marked the entry into a substantive stage of China's National Park construction. According to the program, by 2020, China's establishment of the national park system pilot basically completed.

So, how exactly will the national park be built? Where are they built? At present, China has One0 national park system pilot, these are the precious natural heritage we want to leave for future generations. Here to follow the small series together to see, these 10 "treasure land" where?!


Sanjiang National Park

As a "Chinese water tower" of Sanjiang source, maintaining the national and Asian water ecological safety lifeline, is one of the most sensitive areas of global climate change reaction, but also one of the priority areas of biodiversity conservation in our country.<1Two3>


Panda National Park

As the name suggests, the pilot is set up to protect the habitat of the giant panda. With a total area of 27 thousand square kilometers, it covers three provinces of Sichuan, Gansu and Shaanxi.<12Three>


Northeast Tiger National Park

The wild Siberian tiger is one of the world's endangered wildlife, and the leopard is listed as a critically endangered species by the world conservation union. Due to the large radius of the activities of large wild animals, the park pilot site in Jilin, Heilongjiang and two provinces at the junction of the vast area.


Shennongjia National Park, Hubei

Located in Shennongjia forest region, with an area of 1170 square kilometers. It has a forest ecosystem known as the "lung of the earth", a wetland ecosystem known as the "Earth's kidney", known as the "green miracle" at 31 degrees north latitude.


Qianjiang National Park

Zhejiang province is located in Kaihua County, here is the birthplace of Qiantang River, with large tracts of virgin forest, is the main habitat of Chinese endemic rare and endangered species, the world state of Elliot's pheasant and protect wild animal level of black muntjac.


Nanshan National Park

Is located in Shaoyang City, Hunan Province, the pilot area of the integration of the former mountain national scenic area, Gold Mountain National Nature Reserve, Liangjiang Canyon National Forest Park, Baiyun Lake National Wetland Park 4 national protected areas.


Wuyishan National Park

Wuyishan is the key area of global biodiversity conservation, preservation of the earth at the same latitude is most complete, the most typical, the largest area in the subtropical primary forest ecosystem, gene library is also rare and endemic wild animal.


The Great Wall National Park

Beijing the Great Wall National Park pilot area is the smallest of the 10 pilot areas, but also a rare exhibit of the Badaling Great Wall, the world cultural heritage of this cultural landscape of the national park. The pilot area is located in Yanqing District of Beijing city.


Pudacuo National Park

Located in Yunnan Shangri-La, listen to the name to fascinating. It has rich ecological resources, including lakes, wetlands, forests, meadows, valleys, streams, rare animals and plants, etc., and the original ecological environment is well preserved.


Qilian Mountains National Park

Qilian Mountains is an important ecological security barrier in the west of China. It is an important corridor for biodiversity conservation priority, world Alpine germplasm resources and wildlife migration. The pilot includes two provinces of Gansu and Qinghai, with an area of about 50 thousand square kilometers.

Circular list


Ministry of environmental protection issued four soil environmental monitoring methods, new standards, two to fill the domestic blank.<1Two3>


The NDRC issued the policy on the price policy of clean heating in the North<12Three>


The Shandong provincial Party committee issued the implementation plan for the reform of the vertical management system for monitoring and supervision of environmental protection institutions in Shandong province.


Shandong, Yantai informed the handling of 3 EIA agencies and staffing.


Anhui Jixi public bulletin 3 EIA agencies dishonesty record.


Sichuan Chengdu Public Security arrested 34 illegal operating fake diesel suspects.


Jiangsu province Eight months investigated and dealt with 9002 violations of the environment, the penalty amount of 550 million yuan.


Nanjing publicly collect environmental guardian".


U.S. group takeaway set catering takeaway industry's first green special fund.
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