An architect examination of suspected declared yesterday, the Ministry of housing response: once found will be seriously dealt with, will not be tolerated


An architect examination of suspected declared yesterday, the Ministry of housing response: once found will be seriously dealt with, will not be tolerated

An architect examination of suspected declared yesterday, the Ministry of housing response: once found will be seriously dealt with, will not be tolerated
Part of the candidates said that the day before the exam, network transmission part of the answer to the examination, the Ministry of housing Qualification Registration Center said it will investigate

The construction of a division last weekend of the qualification exam, many candidates reflect "professional project management and practice" situation exists declaredyesterday. The test was held on the afternoon of 17, but in the morning there was a "simulated test" crazy transmission network, the examinee said the "test questions" content of 80% is the answer to the day's questions (pictured). Beijing Morning Post reporter survey found that the initial issue of the "answer" is "a" user, yesterday noon, the post was deleted. Housing registration certificate of the Ministry of housing said that the candidates have received reports, will investigate.

Test and simulation questions highly consistent

On Sunday 18, the national level construction qualification exam ended, walked out of the room with small height of a fire in my belly, pick up the phone and talk a few words, my doubt to "get lost I Mongolia, these questions look familiar." Review of nearly a year, over the years and have done a lot of simulation questions, small high thought "familiar" because they review well, did not expect more in the future to do more wrong, "questions related to the content and students WeChat sent me a simulation problem is highly consistent, although I didn't look at the simulation problem but, a few eyes swept some questions in the impression." The exam is not the end, little work to realize answer questions had been leaked in advance after the exam, students are very surprised, said the answer came from a WeChat group, just as a readily turn before exams, who know that was the answer.

Examination questions have been answered everywhere

Be shocked not only the small high and his classmates, after the end of the examination, candidates across the country have said that before you have seen the answer, and upload a self released "called" the 2017 level division of Municipal Center simulation exercise "posts, above a dozen handwritten and on the construction of a printing plate teachers" professional project management and practice examination subjects.

The examinee Zhou Jun told the Beijing morning news reporters, this dozen simulation questions screenshot is answer questions, "no problem, so outsiders may think that this is the examination focused on painting, but people who took the exam can see at a glance, this is the answer directly to write up. For example, select questions, there is no list of options above, only the questions and the correct answer written in a sentence."

More than one major suspected leak

A construction qualification examination is the unified outline, unified proposition, unified organization of the examination, including building engineering, highway engineering, railway engineering, municipal engineering, communications and Broadcasting Engineering, electrical engineering and other 10 professional. A total of 4 exams, 3 Department of economic construction projects, construction project management, construction projects and related laws and regulations knowledge belongs to the public subject, the last professional project management and practice of the professional exam, score is maximum. The above content is suspected declaredyesterday professional project management and practice in public engineering test.

As a result of the examination registration requirements have work experience, candidates are mostly work while reviewing, and even some people resigned. Ma Li, a 31 year old candidate, said he had given up all his free time in the past year when his children were taken care of by their parents. But on the morning of 17, that and the examination questions highly similar answers appear, let her feel discouraged, "pay hard, nothing, but a national examination appeared this kind of thing, I feel I was playing with."."

In addition to municipal public works examination questions suspected to be leaked, many communications, mechanical and electrical professional candidates also reflect, in some examination communication group, once passed the examination questions and answers highly similar content.

In response to the Ministry of housing: once there are problems we will be in accordance with regulations declared yesterday, discipline seriously, will not be tolerated.

September 19, 2017, the Ministry of housing and Urban Construction Qualification Registration Center issued "on the 2017 annual construction division qualification examination related issues", the full text follows:

The first grade construction division qualification examination for 2017 was held on September 16th and 17. After the examination, we found that appear on the network to a relevant content of the post examination candidates reflect the existing situation of suspected leak. In this regard, we attach great importance to the content of the net is to verify the investigation, and reported to the public security departments involved. If there is a problem we will be in accordance with regulations declared yesterday, discipline seriously, will not be tolerated.

An architect examination of suspected declared yesterday, the Ministry of housing response: once found will be seriously dealt with, will not be tolerated

An architect examination of suspected declared yesterday, the Ministry of housing response: once found will be seriously dealt with, will not be tolerated

How did the exam leaked out? Of course, this time to stay Xiaobian can make nothing of it, stop the truth back in 2008:

In September 15, 2007, the national first grade construction division qualification examination was conducted nationwide. At the end of a subject "professional project management and practice" during the first two minutes, a Hubei examination, the invigilator found the answer in the exam room, after checking the papers that answer sequence and questions are almost identical, also marked the "sequence of questions and answers may be wrong, please remind yourself of proofreading".

At the end of the examination, the teacher found many identical papers......

September 18th, the Ministry of construction, the state personnel department personnel examination center issued an emergency notice, confirmed that the 2007 annual national construction division qualification examination appeared in a wide range of leaks.

In November 19th, the Beijing Personnel Examination Center issued a notice that the results of the first grade construction division qualification examination in 2007 were postponed.

In January 25, 2008, the state personnel department personnel examination center and the Ministry of construction qualification registration center jointly announced that the leak incident is under investigation, and the examination results and measures should be announced after the investigation work is completed.

In June 2008, the public security organs were formally involved in the investigation and the leak case entered the judicial process.

By the end of 2008, people involved had been arrested.

In early 2009, Xiaoshan Shen boss was arrested by the procuratorate.

Thing of the year

At that time, the average rate of pass was less than 30%.

Construction division qualification examination is divided into two levels, one is the highest level, level two are national level, and must participate in the national examination. According to the secrecy law, the national level examination questions, test papers (including spare volume), standard answers and scoring standards, confidentiality level is "top secret"".

The construction division qualification examination is held once a year, and the examination contents include engineering management, engineering economy, safety construction, etc.. Candidates must graduate from engineering or engineering economics, and have practical experience in construction project management.

In 2008, the country has issued a new policy, the provisions in the project bidding, bidding enterprise project manager must hold a construction qualification certificate (for a class or grade two certificate, according to the project scale), the original project manager certificate will be gradually cancelled, no longer used in engineering bidding.

This means that a large number of project managers must be qualified as a construction engineer before they can start their posts. Since there are too many candidates each year, the national average pass rate of candidates is less than 30%.

Pre examination training fee is highest 36 thousand yuan / person

Shen, male, born in 1955, Hangzhou District of Xiaoshan, has opened a vocational examination training company in Xiaoshan. In 2006, Shen's company opened a training course for the national level construction division qualification examination, but the examination rate was very low, which affected the enrollment. Shen multi inquire, understand that there is a training course in Wuhan is very famous, the examination pass rate is very high. So he decided to go to Wuhan and think of a way".

On July 10, 2007, Shen found the person in charge of this training course in Wuhan. Xie told Shen, the method is yes, absolutely guaranteed to pass the exam, but need to give him 3 million 600 thousand yuan. Shen agreed, and said to Xie, he will be responsible for organizing more than 200 students to come to the exam, each examinee to thank 18000 yuan.

The two sides reached an agreement, Shen returned to Hangzhou enrollment, he boasted, said he would pass the exam, can not get the certificate, do not pay. Soon, more than 270 people sign up for each person's training fees ranging from $27 thousand to $36 thousand. At the same time, Wuhan Xiemou found the Hubei Municipal Bureau of personnel examination from ten review papers yayunyuan Liu, asked him to help me get the papers, and promised to give 1 million yuan, liu. At the end of August 2007, thanks to the first 200 thousand yuan into account liu. Liu immediately copied the seal of an examination paper.


According to the provisions of the national uniform examination proposition team members must concentrate closed, cut off all external links, temporary restrictions on freedom, until after the start of the examination, to return to normal.


The examination papers should be printed in Beijing, and the printing places will be designated by the State Secrets Bureau, with related confidential tools and systems, and 24 hours monitoring.

Beijing to the provinces

The printed papers will be protected by the police and sent to the secret libraries at the provincial examination institutions. No secret libraries should be deposited in the local prisons. Which prison is designated by the Provincial Security Bureau?.

Province to County

Two days before the examination, all the municipal examination institutions will send escort personnel to the province for examination papers. Escort papers must be special car, escort personnel must be more than two people, need to go back and forth on the same day, not to stay outside.

County to the examination room

Papers sent to the city level examination institutions, immediately sign into confidential library, there is no secret library, and need to deposit in the local city government confidential Bureau or ammunition library, armed police stand guard, 24 hours surveillance.

Two hours before the examination, the examination papers in the public security, discipline inspection or examination of the local staff under the escort of (escorts must be more than two people) to each room.

All secret personnel must pass the "secret law" training, and signed confidentiality agreements.

The top secret exam paper was stolen this way!!!!

The morning of September 13, 2007 9 (there are two days before the exam, ten) from Municipal Bureau of personnel examination officer Liu and another officer (and the ten Yan Personnel Bureau of Hubei province) arrived at the designated testing agency procedures for the extraction of prison papers.

10 or so, Liu mentioned papers, immediately call Xie, about meeting place. Xie soon opened a room in a hotel in the city. 10:30, Liu took the hotel downstairs escort car. This is another supercargo hinted that they have relatives to look at the papers, another officer did not speak, look out of the window, Liu took out a set of papers upstairs. Xie was waiting in the room, get the papers in the bathroom opened, with a digital camera to shoot down the content of papers.

A total of 6 papers including "door, mechanical and electrical installation" test because seals firmly, afraid to recover after opening, but also worried that the guards downstairs waiting impatiently, no demolition. After taking photos, Liu took out the false seal which had been prepared and restored the original paper, covered with a false seal. 20 minutes later, Liu took the papers downstairs, sit on the escort car, leave.

Thanks to the papers photos into the notebook computer, drive to Wuchang to rent an apartment in a good, print out the papers, and then give it to a teacher at Wuhan City College, that is simulation papers, let the teacher to find answers to several colleagues, do it. Xie paid the teacher's fee (the exact amount is unknown).

After getting the answer, Xie passed QQ and passed the examination questions and answers to 5 training institutions responsible for paying the deposit, including Shen boss in Xiaoshan. There are also several from Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

In September 14, 2007 (one day after the exam), Xie and Shen in Wuhan, Xiaoshan, immediately organized training before the examination, marking the key point as an excuse and revealing the examination questions and answers to their students.

The first grade construction division examination was cancelled in 2008

After the examination paper leaks, the examination results are postponed and a large number of candidates worry about the invalid exam results and continue to consult the relevant departments. Since the leak in 2007 has not been investigated, the first grade construction division exam in 2008 was forced to be cancelled.

December 19, 2008, the Ministry of Construction issued a notice, 2007 grade construction division qualification test results are normal and effective, the same test paper to the subject when the examination results invalid.

In 2009, the national level construction division qualification test resumed normal. Test time to be determined.

Processing result: 2007 grade construction division qualification test results are normal and effective, the same test paper gives the subject when the exam results invalid.