The students reported school is discouraging not matter


The students reported school is discouraging not matter

After the complaint letter of school making up fees was issued continuously, the life trajectory of Liu Wenzhan, a 16 year old boy from Ganzhou County, Jiangxi, Yudu Province, was reversed. The new semester starts, "received the school notice, next semester does not accept Liu Wenzhan's registration, please change a school."." Liu Wenzhan doesn't understand. How does the school know that the report was written by him? Why not received a report on the change of positive and negative by the class teacher "? (September 20th China Youth Daily)

The students reported school is discouraging not matter

In recent years, the state has been shouting to reduce the burden of primary and middle school students, the Ministry of education three "five schools is prohibited in any form of makeup, but does not allow the teacher to conduct remedial fees. But now, not only failed to reduce the burden on children's learning, but there are more and more fierce, both of which are more than that of the phenomenon, more regulation and supervision factors, and "policy / xiayouduice" was part of the school as a violation of popular motto "".

In an interview with reporters, Yudu County Experimental Middle School Principal Wang Nanchang said the school had the existence of holiday organization students, fees, also means that the 16 year old Liu Wenzhan to report illegal charges is the fact that the makeup school. From this, people have to query: who leaked information to the informants? Why should he disclose information to the informants? What are the interests of them? Is there any benefit transfer?

Perhaps the answer these questions, in order to solve the flattery "policy, a policy of" illegal charges remedial school dare to come from the mystery of courage. Only the leak out, thorough investigation of the interests of the transport, eliminating the worries of informants, in order to ensure that people can be assured and boldly reported illegal.

In fact, the report is to find a variety of problems, the effective means of social cohabitation, but also the inevitable path to play the masses supervision. From this perspective, regardless of informants, the complainant's report, complaint is legitimate, reasonable, informants, the complainant and complaint letters, letter of complaint content must be strictly confidential and not disclose any exposure, go out. This is the basic standard for the protection of informers and complainants, as well as the basic requirements for reporting and handling complaints.

In the face of the 16 year old Liu Wenzhan for reporting into the studying difficulties, the local government can not regard as unimportant, informants information confidential, is not only a moral requirement, is also a kind of legal norms, if handled properly, on the surface of the wound is just a whistleblower's heart, but will hurt the social supervision, public participation to report the irregularities of confidence, it will ruin the credibility and impartiality of government departments in the minds of the people.

Yudu County Experimental Middle School, the County Bureau of education should take "person first oneself" attitude, problem oriented, strict inspection, timely rectification, and self-examination and rectification to the informants and reveal to the public, the public a satisfactory answer, this is the proper meaning of the local government that is to highlight the social public to the government under the rule of law determination.