Wuhu man with a buddy drunk after dinner whether accident with drinkers should bear responsibility?


Wuhu man with a buddy drunk after dinner whether accident with drinkers should bear responsibility?

Original title: Wuhu man and buddy dinner drunk whether accident with drinkers should bear responsibility?

These days, Wuhu resident Mr. Zhao (a pseudonym) has been sleepless nights, because of his "friends" for dinner, drunk driving alone in a car accident car home, lying nearly a month in the intensive care room. Mr. Zhao and friends worry, while also consider whether they for the other drunk driving injured bear some responsibility? June 14th, Mr. Zhao call reporters, hope is drunk after the accident, who should bear the legal responsibility to drink with the professional answers. Recommended reading: "emergency test plan for integrated water search and rescue drills in the waters of the Yangtze River in Wuhu"

According to Mr. Zhao, about a month ago, he asked some friends after dinner drink wine on the table, everyone was in high spirits, drink a little more. Full back home, some people are a bit dizzy, Mr. Zhao one friend drank a little more, he lives in the east of the city, the usual electric car ride home. In the rest, the friend will ride the electric car and staggering, "although it was a bit worried, but before drinking like this, also didn't see who really had it, we do not care about".

What Mr. Zhao didn't think of was that he heard the bad news that the friend had a car accident at 12 that night. Originally, the drunken friends on the way home, because of drunken lost consciousness on the way down, because forget to wear a helmet, causing head injuries remain unconscious. In one month friends coma, Mr. Zhao and several other friends are very regret, did not persuade each other or take a taxi to send him home. For this should not bear some responsibility for each other, a few friends of Mr. Zhao have different views, some people think that the need to take some responsibility, but some people think the other is adults, drunk after the accident should take responsibility.

How drunk after the accident, the drinkers should bear responsibility? Recently, Fanchang County Court concluded with the drunk driving accident case alarming. The evening of November 9, 2016, Fanchang County Sun Village Shumou and friends Sohn, Liu eat and drink, the next morning, Shumou drunken driving a vehicle equipped with Wang, high pole base collision limit in Fan Yang Zhen a section of the middle of the road and the railway bridge, Shumou injured after she died, Wang injured.

Fanchang County Court that: Shumou drunken driving and other illegal behavior is the direct cause of the accident, and therefore most of the responsibility for the damages for its victims. Shumou, Sohn and Ryu in the hotel together drinking till late, Sohn and Ryu as compotator first left, knowing that Shumou drunk, still letting Shumou alone, without obligation to protect the safety of Shumou to prudent, Sohn, Liu duo to Shumou finally drunk driving motor vehicle traffic accidents and the consequences of death, bear some liability. Wang knowingly Yu drunk driving, failed to effectively discourage, but also take Yu driving a motor vehicle, it should also bear the corresponding liability. Court of first instance verdict, the same drink and rider compensation for the families of the deceased spent more than 11 yuan.

The judge reminded the public not to discourage alcohol drinking and driving behavior, people didn't even put the drunk back safely, is not reasonable, pay attention to the performance of the obligations of reminders and take care of each other, drunk in an unexpected situation, they will drink for not doing the duty of care and bear the corresponding responsibility.