Men's dinner, drunken sudden death, remember to pay attention to drinking


Men's dinner, drunken sudden death, remember to pay attention to drinking

In recent years, in the wine on the table to drink drink the life, they advised a responsibility of the incident. Then, without being invited to the dinner drink of death, whether relevant personnel need to bear responsibility? The reporter learned that, recently, Suzhou Wuzhong District City People's Court concluded such as tort liability cases drinking death.

Men's dinner, drunken sudden death, remember to pay attention to drinking

Tang operates a machinery factory, the company expanded its size, the company moved to the new plant. In order to celebrate the relocation, Tang invited the workers and friends in the factory to have a meal together, and ordered three tables in a restaurant. However, the accident occurred, Xu drunk home, unfortunately sudden death.

In this regard, Tang feel very injustice, he said he and Xu in 2015 introduced by people, but usually less contact, that day to entertain themselves, did not notify Xu to participate.

Since there is no invitation, so why Xu appeared in the banquet? After investigation, the original, that evening, Xu Tang also came to the new factory visit, met a friend, said to go to Tang's dinner, Xu that together with the past. Xu will usually have dinner drink, drink good. The day of the dinner, Xu sat in the first box, because the dinner table people are not particularly familiar with each other, so there is no Quanjiu phenomenon. About 8 points finish, Xu was drunk. The guests are guests, Tang arranged 3 people will Xu sent home. On the way, Xu pushed him several times and fell. When I got home, Xu's wife came out and helped Xu back home.

Xu died in the wee hours. The medical certificate (deduction) issued by the hospital indicates that the cause of death is sudden death. After identification, the concentration of ethanol in Xu's blood was 294mg/100ml. Xu died, without detailed autopsy, has been cremated.

After the incident, the families of the deceased will be dinner organizers, escorts and seven people drinking together with the court, requiring the defendant to bear the responsibility for compensation in accordance with the fault.

The family of the deceased, Xu will usually have dinner drink, drink can, in a pound. But think Xu should be excessive drinking, fall on the way home, causing brain bleeding and died.

Tang asked to accept that, Xu was in the box drank a total of three or four bottles of white wine, drinking about 4 people, you can see Xu no excessive drinking. The dinner table, and Xu et al have denied the malignant behavior of quanjiu.

Men's dinner, drunken sudden death, remember to pay attention to drinking

The court held that, after identification, Xu a blood ethanol concentration was 294mg/100ml, both sides confirmed that the concentration is not enough to death, and after extensive investigation, has ruled out a possible death due to mechanical sexual violence. Tang as the organizer, after the banquet arrange to send a home, have been to a reasonable duty of care. Xu lost part of his ability to drink, fell carelessly on his way home. Zhang et al have no subjective intention, after Xu Xu handed over his family, his escort duty has ended. Xu family failed to prove the existence of Xu brain injury facts.

The evidence provided by Xu's family is not enough to prove that there is a causal relationship between Xu's death and drinking and escorting behavior. It is impossible to make sure that the accused are responsible for Xu's death. Accordingly, the court's request for compensation for the loss of Xu's family by Xu's family has not been supported.

Later, Tang, the escort and the same drink and other voluntary compensation Xu Xu 2000 yuan to 5000 yuan range.

The judge reminded: dinner drink more, and participate in the banquet organizers not overdo sth., to others, or to take care of the drink drinkers, have some care, care, help and other obligations to the drinker.

Further reading: matters needing attention in drinking

1, do not drink on an empty stomach, this is not drunk the main trick. Because this allows ethanol to absorb in vivo longer. The best way to prevent that before drinking, first edible fats, such as fat, trotter, or drinking milk to protect the stomach, to prevent the infiltration of gastric alcohol.

2, do not drink with carbonated drinks such as cola or soda. These drinks can accelerate the body's absorption of alcohol.

3, after drinking, can try drinking hot soup, especially with ginger stew soup, especially with a hangover effect.

Men's dinner, drunken sudden death, remember to pay attention to drinking

4, because alcohol is more harmful to the liver, should drink more green leafy vegetables, which antioxidants and vitamins can protect the liver. You can also eat some soy products, of which lecithin has the role of protecting the liver.

5, a popular drink tea hangover is not what scientific basis, tea polyphenols had the protective effects, but theophylline in tea can cause vasoconstriction, increased blood pressure, exacerbate headaches, so after the drunk can drink tea, it is best not to drink tea.

6, should be slow, not fast. After five minutes of alcohol, alcohol can enter the blood, 30 - 120 minutes, the blood concentration of ethanol can reach the peak. Rapid alcohol consumption also increases the concentration of alcohol in the blood quickly, and soon there will be a drunken state.

7. Combination of eating and drinking. Drinking, not easy drunk to eat pork liver cooked pork or the best fried pork livers is ideal with food and drink.

8, dessert with fruit. Immediately after eating dessert and fruit, you can stay drunk.

9, prevention of drunken gastritis and dehydration, can drink sugar or honey milk, not only can promote the decomposition of ethanol, but also protect the gastric mucosa.