Small guy throwing firecrackers, fried fish but wounding hands


Small guy throwing firecrackers, fried fish but wounding hands

Original title: guy throwing firecrackers fish but wounding hands

Yesterday morning, Mr. Xie said the public call, two young men in the river with firecrackers, fish and chips, I did not expect a person injured by firecrackers hand. Reporters yesterday learned that with the approaching of the Spring Festival, firecrackers caused an increase in accidents. During the Spring Festival, people set off fireworks, please pay attention to safety.

Firecrackers explode when they are fired

Fishing guy injured hand

"Two young men work near the old north station and don't go home for the Spring Festival."." Mr. Xie said that the accident was a field guy, two people on the bike, there are many fireworks. Mr. Xie said, after hearing the Ping Shan tea, in the distant scenery with firecrackers muffled, ran over to see the two small fish play with firecrackers, fortunately only hand was blown out of a mouth, eyes will be in trouble if wounded."

Yesterday morning, the reporter found injured foreign guy Zhan, he said he was Jiangxi. Mr. Chan introduced, parents are working in Yangzhou, so the Spring Festival is the new year back home, just another colleague does not go home, two people meet winter morning fishing.

"What can not catch, and later thought of fried with firecrackers."." Mr. Chan said, go to the nearby farmers market to buy a large firecracker jiangyang. In order to let firecrackers not in the water dumb, Zhan said, they deliberately cut short lead, throw a few are no problem, throw the last one, just off the firecrackers exploded, hurt his hand. Mr. Zhan then covered the wound with paper towels.

Last year, a man was blown blind

There are brow bone fractures last week

Yesterday, the reporter learned from the emergency room in some urban areas, the Spring Festival approaching, due to fireworks and firecrackers injury cases increased significantly, mostly before the festival birthday, when the marriage was set off by accident.

21 on the evening of 7, a more than 60 year old man injured by fireworks brow, was sent to the emergency department of armed police hospital. According to the injured said, that night, relatives and children married, fireworks, he was in the vicinity, did not expect one of them suddenly flew, fell to his forehead, fried. Men feel eye blood, after diagnosis, left eyebrow bone fracture was bombed.

"Every Spring Festival, some people have been injured, and some are seriously injured."." The doctor emergency branch of the Armed Police Hospital said that the Spring Festival in previous years, often has been wounded in hospital. Not only is the Armed Police Hospital, during the Spring Festival last year, from Jiangsu Province hospital 6 fireworks related injuries of the wounded, half had been "squib" or "more than the gun wounded, including a 6 year old was a firework right eye could not keep.

When the firecrackers are off, don't start the fire

Don't set off after drinking

"The ban areas, the City suburb much less." Yesterday, emergency doctor Dr. Hu said fireworks were still popular on the outskirts of the city.

The arrival of the Spring Festival, Dr. Hu reminded the public to buy fireworks, should go to the retail point of purchase documents, not to unscrupulous traders at unlicensed stalls, stalls and street selling purchase. Many people have the habit of drinking and setting off, and the doctor reminds them that they should be alert, clear headed, or sober headed, or do not set off fireworks after drinking. Under the supervision of no parents, minors can not set off fireworks. When setting off, in case of flameout and other abnormal circumstances, never again ignition, not to extend their heads together to observe.

Don't panic too much when you are injured or scalded." Dr. Hu said, once the fireworks explosion burns, can be the first to use sterile gauze or clean towel, handkerchief to cover the wound, do not apply ointment to soy sauce, that sort of thing; if the hand or foot was firecrackers explode bleeding, oppression or bleeding at the site of bleeding and Yunnan Baiyao, hemostatic powder etc..

Spring Festival approaching, this newspaper reminds readers to try not to put or less fireworks. (please ask the receiver to collect the information fee next Thursday) reporter Meng Jian