Pofen painting firecrackers Hefei man with improper way for debt jailed for 8 months


Pofen painting firecrackers Hefei man with improper way for debt jailed for 8 months

Original title: Hefei pofen painting firecrackers man with improper way for debt jailed for 8 months

Throw dung, paint paint, set off firecrackers, sprinkle oil...... A man in Hefei for a million in debt, after failing in front of the debtor debt people take "special measures". In July 5th, Wan Mou was charged with causing trouble and causing trouble. Eventually, the court sentenced 10000 to eight months in prison. "" "recommended reading: Hefei 8 year old boy high floor tiles smashed downstairs, neighbors parents bring their children to surrender

The court found that the victim Lee and Wang had a project cooperation relationship. Wang believes that during the cooperation, Lee owed his money, repeatedly asked for nothing. Later, Wang introduced by friends, met 10000. I heard a million good debt, Wang was commissioned to ask for a million after the arrears, and promised to reward.

This year, 33 years old 10000, in a company in Hefei to work. Once because of the crime of affray, crime of illegal detention punishment, was sentenced to four years in prison.

A million times to the Lee family, beg for arrears, but Lee said he is not in arrears, and repeatedly alarm. Due to economic disputes, police police inform both through legal channels to solve the litigation. Because the debt is not smooth, a million hearts indignant, has come up with the tone.

Last May 20th, Wan Mou has found three friends to discuss this matter together. Two friends offer to the Lee family throwing feces, agreed to a million. Two friends of a million in May 26th to the late Lee residence, carry a bag of excrement poured into the Lee House, and use the red paint on the corridor spray XX write "money", "bastard" and other words.

The early morning of June 6th, a million came to the door, set off firecrackers in the corridor, let Lee home pestering, even the neighbors are very disturbed. The early morning of June 9th, a million friends once again to the Lee family, to the door of the oil spill.

The evening of June 20th, when a million people came to call again invited the Lee family, Lee family control and alarm, the public security organs after receiving the alarm, rushed to the scene to a million back investigation. Wan Mou brought to justice, truthfully confessed the facts of the case.

The court held that, although a million people who beg for debt, but in the public security organs to inform its should be resolved through litigation, the social order in the face of repeated abuse, threatening behavior in the corridor and other public places, resulting in adverse social impact, their actions constitute the crime and find. Because Wan Mou once because intentional crime was sentenced to imprisonment, in the five years after the execution of the crime, recidivism, recidivism, and finally sentenced to eight months imprisonment. Morning paper reporter Zhou Yong