Stop preschool education, primary school can not light kindergarten


Stop preschool education, primary school can not light kindergarten

The Spring Festival is the cousin home, son in kindergarten to worry. Why? Although the kindergarten is a municipal demonstration park, but "learn nothing", cousin anxiety growing day by day. After several "search", she aimed at a comprehensive introduction of primary school courses kindergarten.

"The kindergarten may advance Professor primary school education content, education departments injunctions. Whether it is three years of pre-school education action plan, or last year's "Regulations on kindergarten work", it will be placed in an important position. But in fact, this provision is embarrassing, although it is for the healthy growth of children, but many parents do not buy it.

The reason for the parents is simple: I want to let the child relieve pressure, but it depends on how to reduce". If no pressure to the kindergarten, primary school will be "a head-on blow", the child's self-confidence will hit; on the other hand, if the kindergarten when something hard, at least the level of "follow the crowd" children to primary school not made, not a more active "decompression"?

Now, "don't let children lose at the starting line" seems to have been popular". Now the preschool, kindergarten primary school "looks like" incorrigible "and parents" given ", is actually more like watching movies at the cinema, the first row of children" stood up "behind the children" have to stand up". And to solve this problem, I am afraid that can not stop in a paper, requiring all people to sit down, but let the front row of children do not need to stand up". In short, when the primary school will be maintained every rhythm rhythm, "zero starting point" to implement the teaching of "preschool education, primary school" will lose the market.

Beyond that, the preschool education of primary school is embodiment of "Domino effect", in front of a fall, we involuntarily. From the source point of view, the selection of employers only elite schools, only education theory, and gradually transmitted to the big, middle and primary schools, and then transmitted to the kindergarten. On the face of it, the preschool primary school board should be played in kindergarten, and in fact it is not quite the case. Find out the root cause, you need to know, from kindergarten primary school, not only need to take control of the kindergarten, primary school held, but in view of education, talent changes. Otherwise, a piece of paper, I'm afraid, is not enough".