"Checking homework" does not really work well for parents


"Checking homework" does not really work well for parents

Checking homework does not really work well for parents

Zhejiang primary school, due to "stop" parents signed, received widespread attention. According to the "Convention content" issued by the school, it is the basic duty of every teacher to seriously correct homework. At the same time, I hope the students realize that checking their homework is their own business, not their mother's business. We want to change the "homework" into a "parent homework" status quo, the abolition of parents for children's homework signature requirements".

From the social media "check homework is not mom's thing" quickly boarded the hot search, you can see that the general parents of this "signature model" has long been bitter. On some level, good for the children to school or teachers, from the beginning in "Xiangyuan" logic is difficult to extricate themselves, the so-called "family counseling" will take advantage of losing default appearance.

Frankly, in a fast gathering society, not parents do not want to help their children. But there are many parents who don't have the ability to coach. In other words, even if you can barely tutor, it is also very unprofessional. Many parents are afraid of teachers embarrassed their children, they can only go to the scalp. Many times, children will not do homework, it will naturally become "parents" homework". Some parents are too busy to entrust teachers to cram schools to check (spending money is a mere formality), go home to sign their own.

These forms of "signature" model, has long lost the real "coaching role", but it is bound by various responsibilities, it is difficult to break free. In the final analysis, to be good for children, or to deconstruct anxiety in the adult world. As for whether the child is really good, perhaps after all the tricks, it seems to have no regrets.

I've been thinking about how children learn, how to test, and how to achieve their dreams in the age when parents don't need to sign. However, after so many years in the past, young people of that time have already begun to be parents, even if they have not been signed, so what should they do? Why should the children now let their parents sign up to check their homework?

Moreover, we are very clear, "signature" under the academic record is like that, learning is good or bad, still conforms to the normal distribution, and not because of the parents' signature, let the children have what is different from the past. Of course, "family discipline" can not be less, but "check homework" this kind of thing should be teacher professional.

All the time, teachers, children, parents, seems to play a kind of trickery. They all know what's happening and pretend they don't know what's going on. However, others are doing, others are using, others are like that. And then we naturally become what we hate". As a matter of fact, you know these things have no eggs.

Teachers pretend to have some relationship with their parents. Children pretend to be the most obedient children, and parents are the most responsible parents. A seemingly harmonious contrast, but it reveals a different "Xiangyuan" and "country grudge". This is like parents to carry out the "cram school competition," the same, always feel that to participate in more and more learning, will not lose at the starting line.

They already do not care about the effect is good, the child will feel okay, "you reap", they never considered "good" will determine their outcome. Teachers on their own teaching, parents on their own training, as for the child's ideal, most of them are finally defeated by reality.

We live in the face of life, teachers are busy assessing titles, parents are busy with the family, the children are busy dealing with parents and teachers entanglement. Real school education is discounted, real family education is neglected, but in the growth of children there are endless assignments and endless classes. This kind of educational relationship that has lost its original intention is really difficult for children to grow normally.

Anyhow, let parents "check homework", "signature" this kind of thing, really is not the benign interaction of educational relation. On some level, it has made the education become alienated, become skinny, become full of utilitarian. Teachers, children, parents, each side is performing the best. In the long run, many people will think it's the best". In fact, that's the way daddy looks.

Want a good education, apart from reform, education in the chain of each party should be aware of, to do what it is and why, instead of floating on the surface of the rigorous, obedient, cherish. The teacher has the teacher's appearance, the student has the student's appearance, the guardian has the guardian's appearance, finally the education can return to the original appearance.