A primary school "stop" parents sign: check homework is not my mother's business! The comment was bright!


A primary school "stop" parents sign: check homework is not my mother's business! The comment was bright!

These two days, my circle of friends is such a message to refresh: Jindong District Experimental Primary School for parents to bid farewell to check the job, not to let the parents for the children to sign work.

A primary school stop parents sign: check homework is not my mother's business! The comment was bright!


School cancels homework"

What the hell is that all about? Recently, the experimental Eastern primary school issued a convention, "let parents bid farewell to check the operation - Experimental Primary School Teachers' convention work chapter.". It is the basic duty of every teacher to mention correcting homework carefully! We want students to have the knowledge that checking homework is for me, not for mom...... Starting today, we want to change the status quo of homework into "homework", and cancel the requirement for parents to sign their children's homework......"

At the same time, the experimental primary school also issued a "let parents bid farewell to check homework - Experimental Primary School Students' convention work chapter", the content is as follows: "serious completion of homework, is the basic responsibility of each student."! We wanted to change the scene: Mom was nagging around, and dad was frowning at the table...... From today on, give me a desk, give me a quiet, I'll be the master of my homework......"

Present situation:

Most schools require parents to sign

Reporters also made a survey in their circle of friends, and did not expect that "homework" is really common. Mr. Wu, a Jinhua citizen, is a third year student's parents. He says homework is for parents to sign. That's what every day has to do. Mr. Lu of Dongyang gave reporters a short message from the school. Every day, the teacher will inform the parents of the day's homework in the form of short messages, and they will sign it at the end of the presentation for parents to check. See reporters in the circle of friends after the investigation, there is a teacher in Jinhua also jokingly said, should go to investigate which school is not parents sign.

Thus, the abolition of "homework" should be an unusual way. So what did the principal think?

"Now some parents are centered on children," said Fang Qing, principal of the experimental school in Jindong district. Shuttle, accompany homework, accompany dinner, play with, all children as the center, so that children lack many independent life, independent study opportunities, will let them develop dependence."

"After I become headmaster often and parents chat, we have found that the same anxiety, to check the homework, error correction, to grade, many students work became the parents work, increase the pressure of the parents in, so I think the school is necessary to advocate scientific guidance, parents do not participate in the inspection and encourage students to work independently, the teacher should assume responsibility."


Create a good learning environment

Learning is a child's business

Fang Qing suggested that parents should do for their children is to create a good learning environment and atmosphere, help and guide children to correct thinking and solving problems, rather than instead of children to complete their homework. Secondly, let the children realize that learning is their own thing, only to make the child clear the purpose of learning, improve awareness, correct attitude towards learning, the child will work hard to seriously study and homework. "I want to learn" is the best motivation for forming good study habits.

Heated discussion:

Parents sign, many memories after 90

@ Mr. Zhu: the daughter of the school requires all her own signature sign.

@ Ms. Lu: This is not our previous small time to parents to sign? I imitate the most is my dad's name reach the acme of perfection.

@ Lee: now the child's school not only require parents to sign, but in fact a lot of homework correction, are arranged to parents, children simply can not complete.

@ Guoguo: some students forget to let the parents to sign, is said to have arrived at the lodge.

@ Mr. Lu: in fact, the parents do not need to sign it is a good idea to applaud this school, the present is too many parents involved in the child's homework.

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