The course of for building a safety dam - online home network security business review five years


The course of for building a safety dam - online home network security business review five years

The course of for building a safety dam - online home network security business review five years

2017, the national network security awareness week will be held in from September 16th to 24th in 31 provinces and autonomous regions simultaneously, to enhance awareness and skills of the whole society network security.

At present, cyberspace has become a common homeland for millions of people. General secretary Xi Jinping, "there is no network security, there is no national security" argument, for the construction of network security work made a fundamental follow.

Of the party since eighteen, in the central network security and Informatization Leading Group, China's development of the implementation of network security, heavy regulation network spatial chaos, adhere to the comprehensive management of network and simultaneously, in the protection of personal and national security, and comprehensively build safety.

The course of for building a safety dam - online home network security business review five years

Network security for the people, the construction safety and the online home

"Network security includes social, national security and personal safety." Research Center of Fudan University network space management deputy director Shen Yi said, how to network security and information network business, can not be measured only with simple technical indicators, but to see people get what.

In recent years, China's multi sectoral linkage, and constantly punish network rumors, crack down on cyber crime, combating Internet pornography. At the same time, to carry out "Miao Miao action" for young people to create a healthy and secure Internet environment, through the network security awareness week to cultivate public awareness of network security.

According to the central network information office recently published comments "Internet services regulations" the post comments to the real name system, many netizens said, was finally able to teach "key man" and "network navy", which is conducive to curb the spread of those uncivilized, irrational, unhealthy, not real information.

The disclosure of personal information is an important reason for the proliferation of Internet fraud. Fraudsters to obtain personal information through illegal means, then the implementation of precision is impossible to guard against fraud. Recently, the central network information office, the Ministry of public security and other departments of the organization and guidance for the first batch of 10 network products and services privacy policy review, to prevent the leakage of personal information from the source, strictly regulate the collection, preservation and utilization of enterprise, the transfer of personal information behavior.

This year, a "WannaCry" extortion virus in a large-scale outbreak worldwide, some sectors of our country have suffered varying degrees of impact. Study on the rapid development of Qihoo 360, Tencent, antiy, Kingsoft security and other related businesses, the initiative to provide users with security services and prevention tools.

Regulating network ecology, maintaining personal information security, and ensuring the security of key information infrastructure...... In five years, according to the law in our country to strengthen the governance of cyberspace, standardize the network communication order, punish network crimes, and gradually build up a secure online home.

The course of for building a safety dam - online home network security business review five years

Establish a long-term guarantee system, according to the rule of governance network, improve the system standards

Since the eighteen years of the party, the rule of law and the mode of rule of law have been throughout the development of the network trust. Rule by law, network, according to law, network, according to law online, more and more become the government, enterprises and the community consensus. They are trying to forge the unbreakable security line of the system.

Institutional mechanism innovation. 2014, the central network security and information technology leading group was established, centralized and unified leadership of the national Internet work. Central network letter office co-ordination, the network letter institutions gradually established, network security management work pattern is more mature.

- top design. Formulated the network security law, which is China's first network security field, basic and comprehensive legal framework; issued "national cyberspace security strategy"; formulated a series of network security related planning and policy documents etc..

- introduce rules and regulations. Establish a key information infrastructure protection system, improve the network security classification protection system, and preliminary establishment of network security review, data exit security assessment, personal information protection and other important systems.

- frequent heavy fist chaos. National public security organs to carry out special operations, set up "network security police room" and so on, continue to crack down on all types of illegal criminal activities in accordance with the law, and strive to enhance the security of the masses network.


Safety is the premise of development, development is the guarantee of safety. According to law, in accordance with regulations according to the standards of governance, governance; Duocuobingju, multi pronged, multi-party participation. Since the eighteen years of the party, the rule of law and the modernization of China's Internet Governance and governance capability have been continuously improved.

The course of for building a safety dam - online home network security business review five years

Network security depends on the people, each Internet user to be a safe Guardian

Network security for the people, network security by the people, maintaining network security is the common responsibility of society as a whole, the government, enterprises, social organizations, the majority of Internet users to participate in, build a network security line.

Effectively implement the network security laws and regulations. Recently, the National People's Congress start network security law, the decision on strengthening the network information protection law enforcement inspection, respectively in Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Fujian and other places, adhere to problem oriented, in-depth investigation and study, understand the implementation of the law, to find the problem, analyze reasons, put forward opinions and suggestions, promote the settlement of key and difficult problems in law enforcement and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of national cyberspace security and the masses of the people.

Pay attention to talent training, seize the commanding heights. The whole network security industry, in essence, is the talent competition at the national strategic level. China has established a level of network security disciplines, 21 colleges and universities set up network security institute, the national network of security personnel and innovation base construction to accelerate.

Since 2014, our country has held the national network security propaganda week continuously, popularized the network security knowledge, strengthened the network security education, promoted the formation entire society to pay attention to the network security the good atmosphere. Central network letter office network security coordination bureau director Zhao Zeliang said, will do regular network security publicity and education, run the national network security publicity week, improve the whole society network security awareness and skills.