2017, the national network security publicity Zhou Zaihu opening


2017, the national network security publicity Zhou Zaihu opening

2017 national network security publicity Week opens

2017, the national network security publicity Zhou Zaihu opening

Xinhuanet.com Shanghai in September 16 (Xinhua correspondent Li Wei) in September 16th 2017, the National Network Security Awareness Week activities at the Shanghai National Convention Center curtain. This year's national network security publicity Week theme is "network security for the people, network security by the people", will be held nationwide in from September 16th to 24th.

This year the security during the week, will host the opening of network security, network security Expo exhibition, the peak network security technology forum, leading network security college demonstration University award, in recognition of advanced typical important activities. Among them, the network security Expo and network security achievements exhibition is one of the important content, will be held from September 17th to September 20th in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition center.

2017, the national network security publicity Zhou Zaihu opening

It is reported that the network security and network security Expo exhibition area exhibition area of 18000 square meters, over the most. Expo is divided into network security achievements exhibition, Shanghai network security exhibition area, enterprise network security exhibition area. Among them, the network security zone closely related to the people gathered in Ali, Baidu, 360, far from the information, the green Union, North source, and other 86 domestic enterprises.

2017, the national network security publicity Zhou Zaihu opening

"We are in the four consecutive National Cyber Security Awareness Week activities, in the popularization of network security knowledge to the community at the same time, also benefit, enhance the brand culture influence, embarked on the fast track of development." Zhejiang Yuanwang Information Chairman Fu Ruyi said that since last year, Yuanwang information have been involved in a G20 summit in Hangzhou, "The Belt and Road International Cooperation Forum, with" eternal blue "extortion virus major events such as the network information security work, and constantly improve the comprehensive ability in the" participation ". According to Fu Ruyi introduction, the current Safety Week Expo, Yuanwang information focused on network security situation awareness, critical information infrastructure management, security control, video network safety supervision business solutions are solved the intranet information security issues "and mace". (photography, Xuchang yuan)

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