"Just now, we've found five big network security night watchmen.""


"Just now, we've found five big network security night watchmen.""

Xinhua news agency, Shanghai, September 17 (reporter Zhou Lin wumengda) with our wallets, car, refrigerator, TV, speakers are connected to the network, data security has become a field of 24 hours non-stop "battle". Telecommunications fraud, Trojan viruses and other insecurity factors, such as the TV game "power game" in the "strange ghost", and security experts are "information night watchman."". Here, on 2017, the national cyber security awareness week, the "night watchman" came to the stage, allowing us to truly sense the thrilling nature of the campaign.

Just now, we've found five big network security night watchmen.

The audience in the event show up.

- "live for a long time": intelligent robots can also prevent fraud

An audience standing in the Ali security technology experience zone, to intelligent robot "Tmall Wizard" issued instructions: "Tmall wizard, help me find a number."." "Please tell me the number you want to inquire."." The audience then reported a strange phone call he had received, and the Tmall Genie quickly identified and reported, "Qian Dun, APP told me it was a fraud call, please don't call and answer it."."

"I didn't expect it to be recognized. It was really interesting and practical." An audience at the scene after the completion of the Tmall wizard talk scripts, anti fraud and other functions, said. The experience area is crowded with queuing people looking forward to entering a narrow glass room with a close contact with an intelligent anti fraud robot.

The robot can prevent fraud, the governance of telecom network new illegal crime against the inter ministerial Joint Conference Office of the State Council (hereinafter referred to as the "State Council joint office") money fraud platform shield against fraud Intercept Technology into the robot, which has a dual recognition of the number of fraud "piercing eye", and provide the new anti fraud remind. Money Shield security expert Shen Dun said, in response to "upgrade" the means of fraud, anti fraud platform for the first time will shield the money fraud interception technology and artificial intelligence together, to help people raise awareness of fraud prevention.

Not only that, the robot can also understand Mandarin speech commands. Imagine, in the home only shouted the command to be executed to a robot, you can automatically turn on the lights, TV, air conditioning temperature, even in the supermarket shopping, Tmall takeaway, send express, playing games and listening to scripts, this life will be more fun?

- "black technology": quantum communications that will not be declassified

Just now, we've found five big network security night watchmen.

Any map for the quantum secret communication booth.

At the exhibition site, viewers can also contact the quantum security communication network closely. In the China Telecom and the big country shield quantum company's cooperation booth, the reporter has experienced a "secret meeting", and the Beijing venue staff in real time to say hello. Although there is no difference between a video conference and an ordinary video conference, the encryption principle behind it is quite different.

Department of country vice president He Wei told reporters the shield of quantum technology Limited by Share Ltd, according to the "uncertainty" and "quantum no cloning" and other characteristics, in theory, quantum key generated through the device, and then encrypt the data transmission, is not stolen, it is very necessary to have a variety of important data transmission security demand that will be widely used in industry, finance, government affairs important defense, electricity, energy, transportation, telecommunications, data etc..

According to reports, China Telecom began in 2014 to track and promote quantum security communications related technology research and industrialization work, and the University of Science & Technology China quantum team work closely. In April 2017, the Shanghai State Shield quantum Corporation and China Telecom Shanghai company to cooperate, has now built in Shanghai to grow more than 1000 kilometers of financial quantum city network.

As quantum communication powerful "infrastructure", "Beijing Shanghai line" project has broken through the key technology of high speed quantum key distribution, high speed and high efficiency of single photon detection, trusted relay transmission and large-scale quantum network control, complete completed at the end of last year, and recently the technology acceptance, built connecting Beijing, Ji'nan, Hefei, Shanghai, a total length of 2000 km of the quantum secure communication backbone.

Just now, we've found five big network security night watchmen.

Any map for the quantum secret communication booth.

"Magic mirror": a key to identification of telephone fraud phishing sites

Always worried mom and Dad by telephone fraud? Also worried that phishing sites pervasive? The day of terror is over. In the network security week, as the management of telecommunications network fraud "before Zhu Geliang", the anti fraud platform shield money to solve the rampant telecommunications fraud plus a "Impenetrable Defence cocoon".

Reporters experience at the scene found that as long as the phone installed software, call or access suspected fraud phone, mobile phone will remind the Ministry of public security criminal investigation bureau to remind fraud phone". According to reports, because the system the number of libraries and the Ministry of Public Security Criminal Investigation Bureau of the black and grey number can be real-time comparison, those identified by the number of fraud as a software outcrop, will be the first time to remind people, will be intercepted in the mobile phone in addition to cheat.

Not only that, with the means of fraud upgrade, many fishing links will disguise, click on the content, into our daily news, it is difficult to distinguish between people. To install the system, just click on the link, mobile phone can intercept the first time, like a mobile phone fitted with a "mirror".

Reportedly, the money shield anti fraud platform is jointly created by the State Council, Alibaba provide technical support "anti fraud artifact."".

- "Detective:" eagle eye "through the trajectory of action" to prevent deception"

In June 11th this year, Mr. Zhang worked in Xuhui District Tianlin area received a strange call, "" call said Mr. Zhang did not take the parcel post, then the caller will call to the Pudong Public Security Bureau, Mr. Zhang was told "was involved in a financial fraud" need "to assist in the investigation to prove innocence, and avoid all single contact in second days". The second day morning, Mr. Chang confused in accordance with the other instructions to a hotel, and prepare your own bank account to inform each other.

But at the same time, Shanghai anti telecommunications network fraud center platform through Hawkeye, smart phone box, big data analysis and other techniques, to determine that Mr. Zhang is likely to become a telecommunications fraud high-risk groups". According to Mr. Zhang's trajectory, the platform determines compliance with the characteristics of deception, command center rushed to the scene in time to stop the telecommunications fraud occurred.

Tencent security anti fraud laboratory leader Li Xuyang told reporters that the above Hawkeye smart anti telephone fraud box is one of the Tencent's anti telecommunications network fraud smart brain products at the fair. This "smart brain" is based on artificial intelligence technology for black production confrontation model research results, will be in the telecommunications fraud in the pre, and the case analysis and other key links play a role.

- the "moat": blacklist allows harmful information can not be ashore"

Before the introduction of information on the line, the use of systematic strategies for high-speed machine screening, for a small number of systems can not identify or make a final judgment content, will be pushed to manual review. At Baidu's booth, this harmful information screening system is eye-catching.

On site staff, the first half of this year, Baidu's risk black list has included the vocabulary of harmful information of more than 360 thousand samples, has formed the information display before the active interception, both self cleaning inspection information loop, harmful information more than 86.2% will be blocked at the front of the line.

Baidu's main show is the "emergency response center", can help partners to establish a comprehensive security defense system to complete solutions, including monitoring, covering network security against telecommunications fraud and other 14 major functions and services, widely used in political, financial, medical and other industries.

Among them, the most characteristic is traceability tracking function, which can be closely integrated with telecom operators, network security and other departments to provide effective solutions to combat online fraud and other issues. The staff told reporters that a pseudo base station if it is in the mobile WiFi car, it is difficult to catch; now have to send a signal source, can first IP address or address encoding equipment, the final positioning position, provided to the supervision department.