National Directory of professional qualifications officially announced


National Directory of professional qualifications officially announced

Beijing, September 15th (reporter Gao Liang) reporter learned today from the Ministry of human resources and social security, national directory of professional qualifications officially announced.

It is understood that the list of 140 professional qualifications. Among them, professional technical personnel qualification 59, including access class 36, level evaluation class 23; technical personnel professional qualification 81, including access class 5, level evaluation class 76. Access to public interests or occupation qualification relationship involving national security, public safety, human health and safety of life and property, all laws and regulations or decisions of the State Council as the basis for the evaluation of the level of the class; occupation qualification has a strong professional and social commonality, technology skills are higher, industry management and the construction of talent team really need.

In accordance with the requirements, outside the catalog are not allowed and recognized professional qualifications, within the directory, in addition to access to professional qualifications, shall not be linked to employment and entrepreneurship. The catalogue is subject to social supervision, maintaining relatively stable and dynamic adjustment. No region or department may, without approval, set up its own national vocational qualification outside the catalog.

The development and revision of Chinese Vocational Education Research Institute of quality assurance and evaluation board director Li Zhihong participated in the occupation education directory and professional teaching standards, he told reporters: "the standard occupation qualification certificate, especially the entry class occupation qualification certificate, to promote students' employment. The Ministry of education in the professional directory and the ongoing revision of the professional teaching standards are the national occupation qualification certificate and qualification of social enterprises occupation (high skill level) certificate, encouraging students to obtain the certificate. For the publication of the professional qualification list, we will pay close attention to, and actively docking."

China Education Daily, 2017, 09, 16, Second Edition