Jingdong also marches into real estate! However, Ma has something to say about it!


Jingdong also marches into real estate! However, Ma has something to say about it!

2017 real estate market can be described as surging clouds, ups and downs.

The first half of the purchase of the property market policies continue to overweight, all kinds of bad credit tightening, the second half has a purchase right and common property such as good news, so that the majority of buyers feel down, her "my little heart ah"!

September 14th, from the media broke the news, recently, Jingdong has quietly entered the real estate! Set up the real estate business and high-tech excavation, former vice president of Sohu, Sohu focus general manager Ceng Fuhu, so that he served as general manager of the business department.

Jingdong also marches into real estate! However, Ma has something to say about it!

About Jingdong entered real estate, in fact, as early as in August threatened. In August this year, Jingdong won a commercial land for 3 billion 850 million yuan in Beijing Economic Development Zone in Yizhuang. In September, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Dongguan municipal government, will invest 30 billion yuan in the town of Dongguan, Fenggang construction of "Jingdong • urban artificial intelligence industry Metro" project. At that time, there were media speculation, Jingdong will enter the real estate.

In fact, the property market situation, this year is not a good property market. Recently entered the "golden nine silver ten" traditional nodes, however, the industry does not look too optimistic, outspoken, steady and bearish. However, why should Jingdong choose this time to enter the real estate? Responsible person Ceng Fuhu said, "when the market is good, how to do well, because developers marketing costs are more abundant, but the current market has changed greatly, developers encountered many difficulties in the marketing level.". Moreover, the policy adjustment may be long-term, a new model of change is the way to try, and this is why Jingdong choose this time to enter the real estate electricity supplier market."

It sounded like a bit contrarian as a fundamental solution, meaning that reached the hunters, and some time ago Ali reached the housing stock market has big difference. Because this year, both Pan Shiyi and Wang Jianlin sell land earlier, and Li Jiacheng sold land later, a variety of big brothers out of real estate rumors four onwards, the real estate investment climate is not too good.

According to the previous real estate perspective of network information, in August 9th, Hangzhou city housing security and the housing authority and the Alibaba, the ant gold suit signed a framework cooperation agreement, will integrate the advantages of resources to build smart housing rental supervision service platform. The platform aims to public rental housing, long rental apartments, development enterprises self-sustaining housing, intermediary intermediary housing, personal rental housing all included in the platform management. In the future, every set of rental housing, every tenant, every landlord and every intermediary service personnel in Hangzhou will correspond to a perfect credit evaluation system. Alibaba relevant responsible person, and the Hangzhou municipal government to build a platform has been in development and design, is expected in two months after the line.

Jingdong also marches into real estate! However, Ma has something to say about it!

Ma Yun ahead of the layout of the housing stock market, like how to see how the flow, which is good as Ma Yun, took the opportunity to do e-commerce! In the stock market before the outbreak of housing, ahead of the layout, in order to have a place in the future market. No one does not admire Ma Yun's sagacity!

The day before, Ma Yun told Bloomberg news interview, said "to heavy asset strategy". It's true. "I think the light asset strategy is right at the beginning of the company's size. When the company is large enough and the business is strong enough, it is necessary to switch to the heavy asset strategy. There is no such thing as heavy assets or good assets. Mixed strategies are good. To improve efficiency, we need to integrate light assets with heavy asset strategies. However, it is wrong to boycott the heavy assets strategy on the scale of Alibaba. We have to adopt a heavy asset strategy because we have to invest in building infrastructure."

No matter what the heavy assets mean, whether it's infrastructure or real estate, they are actually heavy assets. Jingdong into real estate is a perfect interpretation of Ma Zong's understanding of doing business. Jingdong quietly entered the property this year, I do not know whether it happened, or just coincidence?

Now, Ali and Jingdong have to enter the real estate, the future can not help but have a a dragon and a tiger in combat!

Jingdong also marches into real estate! However, Ma has something to say about it!

For Jingdong to enter the real estate, how do you look at children's shoes, welcome to share messages!


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