The answer varies! Jingdong in the end have entered the property market?


The answer varies! Jingdong in the end have entered the property market?

The answer varies! Jingdong in the end have entered the property market?

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Home of FinanceSeptember 14th hearing, Jingdong entered the real estate market rumors renewed, and the truth?

Jingdong to enter the real estate speculation is not due to the renewed rumors of Weakness lends wings to rumours., Jingdong recently established real estate business department, and spare no effort to dig to the original Sohu vice president Ceng Fuhu served as general manager of the real estate business department. On the face of it, rumours of a Jingdong foray into real estate seem to be on the way.

As early as the Jingdong real estate business was established, the Jingdong has been hoarding large amounts of soil reserves for many years, and has attracted the attention of the outside world. According to the park China network statistics, as of August 2017, the Jingdong in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Wuhan, Chengdu, Shenyang, Ji'nan, Qingdao, Suqian, Kunshan, Zhaoqing, Hefei, Xi'an, Zhengzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Hainan, Nanchang, Lintao and other cities of more than 20 or more than 10000 acres of land to contract. According to Jingdong 2016 Earnings Disclosure, as of the end of 2016, Jingdong has won 3 million 900 thousand square meters of land in 15 cities nationwide, 5850 acres.

It is worth noting that, since the eleven holiday in 2016, the national real estate market into the most stringent regulatory period, but not only did not stop buying Jingdong, but even more than before. At the beginning of August this year, the Jingdong in 3 billion 850 million competing in Beijing through the open area of a business. Less than a month later, Jingdong again spotted a 540 thousand square meter block in Guangdong, Dongguan.

Electricity supplier based Jingdong's hoarding of such a large land reserve, had to make people doubt its true intention. For speculation, there are market analysts believe that Jingdong's main business will not change, the land reserve is still in line with the needs of the main business. However, it is undeniable that these land will bring Jingdong appreciation space and asset returns.

While saying that our main business is the electricity supplier, while continuing to buy in batches throughout the country, Jingdong practices some people elusive. Today, the real estate business was established, and finally found a reasonable explanation for Jingdong's large amount of local savings. But Jingdong's real estate business will be how to layout, once again become the focus of attention.

According to the Beijing Business Daily reported that the Jingdong involved in real estate, the focus of the content for the construction of real estate business platform, Jingdong to change the existing electronic business platform, only the line is not heavy offline drawbacks, to get through the line and offline. Among them,Development of real estate POP merchants Jingdong property is an important part of the electricity supplier.The so-called POP refers to Platform Open Plan, that is, the platform introduces third party sellers. In fact, Jingdong mall settled in two modes, first, Jingdong self mining model, and the other is the POP model. (see Beijing business daily net September 13th published article "Jingdong formally layout real estate electricity business platform"): reporter: Peng Yaoguang)

Retrospective discovery, this is not the first time Jingdong test the water real estate business, after Jingdong has repeatedly tried real estate electricity supplier business. As early as in 2014, double eleven period, Jingdong financial joint ocean group to carry out Internet marketing, testing the real estate public chips. In 2015, the Jingdong in the 6.18 anniversary day, launched thousands of sets of special offer rooms, 80 of which involve the first, CITIC, China Vanke, poly, country garden, the first 43 of the project.

However, Jingdong's choice to enter the property market at this time is puzzling. Today, the real estate market into the winter rhetoric, the real estate business platform from the initial development in the throes of prosperity. In a number of real estate business platform is the earliest example, anjuke was acquired, the real world suffered transformation dilemma, and later lovehouse Kyrgyzstan, a lot of room, Q housing network also suffered multiple bad blow. What is the purpose of the Jingdong's choice to enter at this time?

According to the time node Jingdong established real estate business department, once Fuhu said in an interview, when the market is good, how to do good, because developers marketing costs are adequate, but the current market has changed greatly, the developers in the marketing level to meet a lot of difficulties. Moreover, the policy adjustment may be long-term, a new model of change is the way to try, and this is why Jingdong choose this time to enter the real estate electricity supplier market.

Ceng Fuhu further explained that the home is the starting point of consumption, Jingdong want to do more things in this regard. Jingdong will start from the new premises, the future will be second-hand housing, rental, cultural, real estate, overseas real estate and other business expansion. (see ID:tanfangdc, published in September 13th) "how big is the real estate division of the Jingdong, Liu Qiangdong's real estate ambitions?": Mu Lan

Occupy the major portals headlines on the occasion of the Jingdong to enter the real estate news, Jingdong PR evening of September 13th accept Caixin said in an interview, the business sector for the logistics real estate department, is the company's main warehouse logistics. Jingdong is not doing real estate business, the future is impossible (to do real estate business).

The Jingdong public relation seems to contradict Ceng Fuhu's speech. And how the truth can only wait for time to give more answers.