Crazy gambling ushered in the end: bitcoin full collapse, billions of funds wiped out!


Crazy gambling ushered in the end: bitcoin full collapse, billions of funds wiped out!

One by one, the whole crash! It's time to come!

After a fire cooking oil after soaring today, bitcoin ushered in a total collapse!

Tonight, a lot of people estimated to be awake at night. Once, let bitcoin them crazy, now is the time to let them jumpy.

Crazy gambling ushered in the end: bitcoin full collapse, billions of funds wiped out!

Bitcoin China yesterday (September 14th) announced at 7 in the evening, said the digital asset trading platform from today to stop the registration of new users; September 30, 2017 digital asset trading platform will stop all transactions.

Fully shut down, in the end of September!

Shanghai has issued an oral notice, shutting down bitcoin trading platform.

"Time node set at the end of September, the caliber of strict." The source said. Surging news confirmed the news to a digital currency exchange in Shanghai.

"All closed down and out of the market in the near future."

Twenty days, $20 billion

Since September, Chinese regulators have blocked ICO and shut down bitcoin exchanges in the country. The regulation of digital money has never been seen before.

The supervision department is currently involved in all virtual currency and currency trading platform for monitoring, to prohibit all transactions. Zhengbao also issued a document earlier said, regulators will ban the territory of virtual currency trading venues, and interviews have been related platforms.

In early September, the Beijing Financial Services Bureau held a meeting to require the issue of tokens, financing, trading platform and virtual currency trading platform to make a comprehensive clean-up work.

On the evening of September 8th, regulators decided to shut down exchanges on virtual currencies in china. News came out, less than half an hour, bitcoin RMB quote big crash, or more than 19%.

Crazy gambling ushered in the end: bitcoin full collapse, billions of funds wiped out!

Bitcoin is an investment tool? Foreign exchange escape?

Turnover of China's three largest bitcoin trading platform accounted for 98% of the global total volume of transactions. In the "asset shortage" background, bitcoin wealth effect over real estate. At the same time, due to the bitcoin due to trading in the international market, bitcoin is used as the "swap" and "some underground expressway".

It is because of Chinese bitcoin such special demand, the price China bitcoin market premium than the international market, according to mainland bitcoin trading platform bitcoin quote, Chinese market price than the international market premium of about 4%.

Since bitcoin belongs to the goods in the cross-border capital settlement is listed in the trade project, from under the capital account foreign exchange controls, so bitcoin has a natural "swap", the "currency" Renminbi funds abroad.

The bitcoin trading program is very simple, only in the domestic trading platform for investors to buy bitcoin, certified password can transferred to the overseas trading platform to sell, can complete arbitrage exit procedures, but it will have to bear the risk or price volatility.

The underlying technology of bitcoin is block chaining. Block chain is composed of many nodes, all nodes through a public information sharing all books of all transactions, so each node of each other of zhigenzhidi, ensure the block on the chain bitcoin can be barrier free high-speed transfer, need a lot of trust agreement between unlike traditional financial channels, which provides favorable conditions for the exchange "money".

Crazy gambling ushered in the end: bitcoin full collapse, billions of funds wiped out!

Bitcoin industry has even spawned the relevant "underground banks", the direct exchange of RMB exchange traded dollars, the middle bitcoin transactions entirely by the banks. In addition, the banks will also introduce anonymous bitcoin wallet, allowing buyers identity, trading bitcoin overseas platform.

If God wants to destroy, he must make him mad

There is a price for madness, not for retribution, but for being late!

This time, regulators are so frequent, so steady, accurate and ruthless, beyond most people's expectations.

Predictably, the implementation of a decree, immediately Chibidaigou will fall into the drain point; dig bitcoin ore miners, I am afraid to keep a lot of crying in the toilet of the machine.

No one could guess that bitcoin would have gone so crazy as it is today.

In 2008, bitcoin was developed by an unknown one or more programmers. The asset, known as bitcoin, does not have intrinsic value, but has a wildly volatile market price.

According to the current price of bitcoin, means that a small room in Shenzhen is not worth 100 bitcoins; a Benz S500 top can not be worth 100 bitcoins.

In a deeper sense, bitcoin is not essentially a currency. The essence of money is credit, the essence of legal money is national credit, and there must be corresponding wealth in the back of money, and there is legal guarantee. And bitcoin does not have national credit endorsement, there is no legal protection, it created not wealth, but an amazing bubble.

Even more frightening is bitcoin, the mysterious currency that cannot be seen and touched, is becoming the bearer of the black trade. It has become a "black hole" of funds bypassing regulatory flows and has become a tool for money laundering and arbitrage.

A crazy gamble is over!

No country will allow unregulated financial game, from the beginning of the "tulip bubble" of the human history, the first recorded financial bubble, a bubble formation, expansion to rupture, through a financial history.

History will not repeat, but always with the same rhyme.

Today, we are no better than the Dutch who fired tulips.

Whether domestic Pan Asia, e, rent treasure, Jin, or foreign come from what MMM financial aid, WV dream trip, the final story is similar:

When the drumbeat stops, the chain of Ponzi schemes breaks suddenly, leaving only a feather.

Too many people are blindfolded blinded by lust for money, desire, even skeptical, temptation, or when the most willing to the moth.

In the bitcoin crash tonight, maybe a lot of people can more deeply appreciate: not everyone can fondle the financial game, the financial must remain in awe.

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