Shaanxi girl was abducted a neighbor murder case solved


Shaanxi girl was abducted a neighbor murder case solved

Original title: Shaanxi girl was abducted a neighbor murder case solved

The evening of September 11th, Shaanxi, Weinan County town of Chengcheng village, 5 year old girl Wang Yi (a pseudonym) was neighbor Wang Qiang (alias) to buy snacks in the name of taken away, lost contact. 14 noon, Chengcheng County Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Brigade police in Zhao town, Zhao village, kiln, natural village, West Ditch found Wang Yi remains.

Yesterday, the police informed that a man whose body was found in the village of an abandoned wells in the afternoon of the 15 day, the forensic identification of the suspect Wang Qiang. According to the police investigation, Wang Department was raped after suffocation, suspect Wang Qiang committed suicide toujing.

The girl died of suffocation after sexual assault

In September 12th, Chengcheng County Public Security Bureau received a series of Chengguan Town Village Industry tenants alarm, their 5 year old daughter Wang Yi on the evening of September 11th at 20:40 by the same hospital tenants to buy fruit by Wang Qiang away, has not returned, and Wang Qiang's phone is turned off.

At noon on September 14th, the Chengcheng police found the bodies of the girl Wang in the West Village of Zhao village, Zhao village, Zhao village. Forensic identification, the Department was raped, died of suffocation. Suspect Wang Qiang electric car is still beside Wang, and Wang Qiang did not know the tracks.

According to Wang Qiang, the Chengcheng police immediately be missing information is uploaded to the national public security information network, issued an urgent investigation to the nearby city and county public security organs informed, and issued a reward notice. At the same time, the police also retrieved the incident near the surveillance, search its whereabouts, and investigate its social relations.

Chengcheng related departments issued a circular that the suspect Wang Qiang, 29 years old this year, Zhao Zhen Village, a group of villagers, 4 years old, divorced parents, since childhood with his father life, introverted, withdrawn, extreme behavior. And worked in the field, who had been jailed for ten months for theft and returned to Chengcheng after he was released from prison.

The suspects have committed toujing suicide

After analyzing the scene of the crime and the suspect's committing the crime, the police carried out a search to the periphery by taking the crime scene as the axis. September 15th 14 am, a man whose body was found in the village near an abandoned wells. After fishing, forensic identification for the suspect Wang Qiang.

According to local villagers, in the night of September 13th, several workers had accompanied the girl's father to the nearby wells for daughter, removed the covers, with a flashlight in the photo to see a shadow, then cover the cover off.

The police found together with man's blue studious villagers told reporters BYD, the manhole cover is a heavy stone discs, when he picked up a walnut, put on the cover when smashed in, found the covers have been moved. "There are some cigarette butts beside it.". We will cover the move with a flashlight, 30 meters deep wells according to, can see the figure." So the police contacted fire fighters and villagers to help salvage them.

Local villagers involved in the body salvage Wang Shefeng told BYD reporter, the distance from the Wang found Wang's location is seven or eight kilometers, surrounded by barren hills and rotten caves. "It took three or four hours to salvage the body, and the clothes on the body were also broken by hook hooks in the salvage process."."

The suspect's home is still open

The afternoon of September 16th, Wang Qiang's childhood friend told reporters BYD, after the incident the 12 noon he also went to Wang Qiang's residence, the house lights, the computer also open on the screen or play the game screen, the table also played the wallet, ID card in the wallet, mobile phone charger in the bed." He said Wang Qiang had lived in the yard for at least 4 years and had a good relationship with his neighbors. "If you eat something, you have someone or a child in front of you. He certainly won't eat it himself.". Usually play with children, and bring them to buy things."

A fellow worker who worked with Wang Qiang said that Wang Qiang began to learn wall painting from him in 2009. He was very honest and knew little about his work. "Wages generally, when I have the ability to give, and he did not complain.". The girl's father also did the house decoration foreman, Wang Qiang also gave him a living last year, now still owes more than 2000 yuan, wages did not send."

Wang Yi's father said that the family usually get along well with Wang Qiang, the family usually in work, life, nor with others had holidays. (trainee reporter Dai Youqing)