Do you earn money by typing on the Internet? Fraud!


Do you earn money by typing on the Internet? Fraud!

Original title: online part-time typing money Fraud!

Online recruitment part-time typist, as long as the payment of membership fees, you can easily make money at home, this attractive recruitment advertisement, fraud information is actually, so that many people cheated. Recently, Shenzhen Longhua police destroyed a network across 5 provinces and cities of the fraud Gang, arresting 6 suspects, involving up to more than 300 yuan.

It is understood that in December 11, 2016, Longhua district police station received the alarm by Miss Xu said, she took a part-time typist working through the network, and pay 1999 yuan fee, not only did not get work arrangements, recruiters also suddenly disappeared. After receiving the report, the people's police station immediately launched an investigation, initially identified as a series of cases, gang case. Through inquiries, police also found that there are 7 similar cases within the jurisdiction.

After investigation, the task force successfully locked fraud suspect Liu, and in Baoan District Shiyan Street captured him, the scene seized 1 mobile phones, crime computers 1. Police through Liu's computer, to find more than 100 deceived information, mostly in school girls. After interrogation, fraud suspect Liu confessed, she just released part-time staff recruitment information. The ad hoc group of trace, learned that Liu Zengmou, Lin Zheng line associates and Liu Mouzhu long maintained communication link.

In April this year, the task force went to a city, Zheng Mouzhu and Zheng Mouzhu will be on-line fraud suspects online fraud suspects Zhang, Yang, Lin Yan, Zengmou Moufeng 11 arrest. After investigation, the fraud group has more than 100 customer service, gang members of more than 200, involving up to more than 300 yuan. In the process of fraud, the suspect Yang responsible for customer service department financial work, receive 5000 yuan per month fixed salary, the average monthly bonus can be about 500 yuan. The suspect has been in charge of the management department of the forest, supervising the attendance of the supervisor, checking attendance and calculating the performance and commission. The percentage is 1% of the total performance of the tutor department.

At present, the suspect Liu, Zheng Mouzhu, Zhang, Yang Lin, Yan Moufeng, had 6 people detention by the police according to law, the case is under further investigation.