Police reminded: Typing part-time work does not exist, all online fraud


Police reminded: Typing part-time work does not exist, all online fraud

Police reminded: Typing part-time work does not exist, all online fraud

Just during the summer vacation, Fang Min got a part-time job in typing at micro-blog. The organization called "BOSS typing group" is very attractive. It can get 100~300 yuan per dozen of 1 words per day, and can also work from home. Compared to a hot day, outside the leaflets, the part-time so that Fang min echocardiography. However, if you want to get the part-time job, you should pay the membership fee first". "Membership dues" ranging from 100~598 yuan, Fang Min's contact assured her, work 1~10 days or so, will unconditionally return membership dues". In order to let Fang min believe that you can return membership fees, the contact also showed Fang Min other members return membership fee screenshot.

Holding a try mentality, Fang min paid 100 yuan, became the lowest level of membership. Subsequently, she was introduced to the BOSS typing group's customer service". The customer service told Fang Min that her level of membership was full and that she would continue to upgrade if she wanted to get a typing list". At this point, Fang Min has not found himself cheated. When she thought of the high salary of her part-time job, she didn't think much, so she kept on paying. Until the full 598 yuan, became the highest level of "membership", Fang Mincai was allowed to enter the BOSS typing group grab single group, began to work".

Into the group after Fangmin slowly found that there is something wrong: just into the group for half a month did not list, later every week only 1~3, and the group of more than 400 people together to grab a few single business, can get the probability is very small. Fang Minjin group two months, also only grabbed two single. In addition, the remuneration and recruitment conditions are also very different from the promise: from 100~300 yuan per word, into a list after each can only get 2 yuan. At that time, the good 1~10 days refund membership dues, has become a full 100 single back half of the membership fee".

Only then did Fang Min realize that he had been cheated.

She contacted with this group of Meiai, two people find the administrator, want to seek an idea. But no matter how two people ask, administrators and contacts never reply, and finally let it go. Previously, Meiai found himself deceived, was indignant in the group said it was a hoax. The administrator found, Meiai will be kicked out of the group chat. Most of the time in this gag member of the group, the group members are not allowed to each other in private chat, private chat will be kicked out of the group, the report will receive cash rewards private chat.

However, Meiai before have the opportunity to take back the membership fee. She knew a few in the BOSS typing group of propaganda work, they told Meiai "want to put the money back to do publicity only". "Is the beginning of publicity" contact and contact the role of Fang Min. Every time they reach a person, these contacts get a certain percentage of the rebate. However, Meiai rejected this opportunity".

Fang Min wants to call the police. However, according to the law, the amount of personal fraud public and private property in the amount of 5000 yuan to more than 20 thousand yuan to reach the filing standards. To cheat 598 yuan to get back, looks a little future. Now, she's always looking for part-time typing on micro-blog, and in a variety of ways to remind people that this is a liar.

And compared with the sensitivity and Meiai, school in Hubei Zhang Ting experience more "tragedy". After paying over $300, she didn't even get a chance to grab a single group.

Saw the recruitment of typing part-time information, Zhang Ting paid the membership fee, contact her introduced to second people. Second people to "deposit fees" name to Zhang Ting money, after receiving the money, and introduced Zhang Ting to third people. Third people with the "audit fees" of the names so that she pay. At this point, she began to be vigilant and wanted to withdraw the money she had paid before she returned. But the third told her that only after completing all the procedures can the money be refunded. In order to keep the money two times before dashuipiao, she made third money. This is not over yet. Subsequently, the contact with "labor costs" to Zhang Ting fourth charges. Zhang Ting this just awakes to come over, oneself is cheated. So Zhang Ting started chatting with them, hoping to get the money back. After a period of time, the contact found no more money from her, and immediately pulled her black. Subsequently, before the two contacts also will chang Ting black.

Typist and customer service part-time have become the hardest hit area. Is it foolish to know that a part-time typist on the Internet?" This issue has more than 700 people's attention, and a considerable part of the more than 70 answer is to describe its own deception experience. Micro-blog search keywords "part-time", the first screen is basically "part-time typing" content occupied.

Heilongjiang Harbin Public Security Bureau official micro-blog "safe Harbin" has issued a reminder, "network part-time?" Earn 500 yuan per day? Believe not."

However, it is impossible to guard against fraud. Just this year, admitted to the Jiangsu Normal University high school classmate Zhou Yuan was swindling". After comparing part-time recruitment information on recruiting websites, micro-blog, and many other sources, Zhou Yuan decided to trust high school students to join her typing team. Out of the confidence of the students, when the student asked Zhou Yuan for 400 yuan membership fee, Zhou Yuan did not hesitate to hand in. After entering the typing group, she found the chat content in the group are encouraging members pull in, work content and management school is in a Book page, all photos, part-time need to take photos on the content type. "I don't understand why I need to make these lists. I don't think it's possible to type them."". After the completion of a single work, the thought will get jobs said the "Chinese a single 17 (yuan), a single English 22 (yuan)" reward, but the organizers to typo, no spaces such reasons deduct money, only gave her 5 yuan.

After talking to his parents, Zhou Yuancai knew he was being cheated. She found the supervisor and wanted to get the money back, but received no reply. She turned back and found the classmate who had introduced herself into the group. After several negotiations, the students finally told her the truth: the deposit is not holding back, but Zhou Yuan can pull people through the way back the money. Each pull a person into the group, you can get 200 yuan rebate.

After this experience, Zhou Yuan in the know on the "network part-time typist is deceptive" under the question, seriously write such an answer: to pay the deposit work, do not do, do not earn back. Don't be naive! Now that technology is so advanced, there is no such thing as a lot of typists on the Internet. I hope my friends will be careful not to believe this part-time job.