IS's attack on London was responsible for the worst terrorist attack in Britain in ten years


IS's attack on London was responsible for the worst terrorist attack in Britain in ten years

IS's attack on London was responsible for the worst terrorist attack in Britain in ten years

The "lone wolf" terror suspect after being hit for treatment, littered with two knives (red circle).

In Brussels Dutch act bomber 1st anniversary day, London 22, suffered a "lone wolf" terrorist attack, a knife wielding thugs in the house of Parliament (Westminster) and driving the attack, killed 4 people, injured more than 40 people, nearly more than 10 years the most serious terrorist attack event. Prime Minister Wen Cuishan condemned the violence, says it will not give in to terrorism, the British Parliament 23 days as usual meeting, members of a minute of silence, Wen Cuishan said, fear too is a native of England, was the five military intelligence (MI5) survey, but only as a peripheral figure". The police later released the suspect is 52 year old Khaled. Masood was born in Kent. Extremist organization Islamic state (ISIS) 23, claimed responsibility for the incident.

ISIS told the news agency that the attacker was a ISIS fighter, who attacked the Western coalition forces for air strikes in Iraq and Syria.

Police openly suspected of identity

Wen Cuishan 23 speech, said the suspect was born in Britain, because of violent extremism involved, has been investigated by the MI5, but it was considered a "peripheral figure", and now is no longer within the scope of intelligence detection. MI5 has a list of 3000 people, including possible terrorist attacks in the country, but the suspect is not on the list. Wen Cuishan also stressed that the attacks will not affect the United Kingdom in March 29th started off Europe Lisbon 50.

Police have arrested 8 suspects from 6 homes in London and Bermingham and other 23 suspects, trying to find out if anyone was related to the incident.

Police are focusing on the motives of the suspects, the preparation and the presence of their partners, and hope that the media will not try to guess or publish the identity of the suspect during the incident, said London assistant chief police officer. But 23 days later the police issued a statement that the terrorist suspects for the 52 year old Khaled Masood, was born in Kent in recent years living in the West Midlands of England, where Bermingham is.

Be caught off guard pedestrian casualties

This shocked the world of the attacks occurred in the 22 day at 2:40 in the afternoon, then at the palace of Westminster Westminster Bridge, a South Korean modern grey buggies suddenly accelerated toward the crowd, many people due to be caught off guard injured, some people even from Thames River, most tourists have been screaming scattered to escape, the scene is very tragic besmeared with blood.

The attackers then continued to drive forward, hitting the iron fence around the main entrance of Westminster palace. Then, dressed in black assailants armed with knives out of the car, crazy stabbed a policeman, and trying to break into the palace of Westminster, plainclothes police came but was shot and killed.

At that time, because it is unclear whether there are the accomplices and more large-scale attacks, the police quickly cordoned off the Westminster Bridge and Westminster surrounding roads and traffic, the British government is located in Whitehall also entered the blocked state, authorities through the media warned people not to go to the area. Ambulance and ambulance personnel arrived at the hospital 6 minutes after the incident and sent the injured to hospital. The gunfire also alerted members of the meeting, who were told to stay away from the windows and be moved to safety. Prime Minister Wen Cuishan planned to take part in a vote in the house of Commons to ensure safety, and she left the Council by car quickly under police protection.

Wen Cuishan condemns morbid meanness

Wen Cuishan hosted the evening of 22 emergency Cobra meeting and issued a statement condemning the attack, choose the heart of the capital is sick and dirty, and any person through violent attempts to sabotage the British values are doomed to failure. She also encouraged the people to live as usual, and not allow "hate and evil voices to split us". The house of Commons and parliament will resume their meeting on 23. She also said that Britain will not raise Terrorist Alert levels, will continue to maintain the existing second high "severe" level.

London mayor Jian Shide also issued a statement saying that London will not be afraid of terrorists, nor will it be defeated by terrorism. After the attack in London, the Scotland parliament suspended debate and voting on independent issues.

As of 23, terrorist attack incidents were caused by assailants, including 4 deaths, more than 40 people were injured, this is London since 2005 "7 - 7" terrorist attack caused 52 deaths since the most serious terrorist attack event. In addition, the incident also paralyzed the hearts of the British government, the government and parliament work was forced to stop, the queen was originally scheduled to live near the scene, the new headquarters of the London police start-up ceremony was forced to cancel.

The anti phase bodyguard gun crime

IS's attack on London was responsible for the worst terrorist attack in Britain in ten years

Fang Yinglin (left) has bodyguards and bodyguards, The Associated Press.

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported: for lone wolf terrorism may be 22 attacks on enough succeeded, there are a lot of questions parties, public opinion has again questioned the British Parliament's security is too lax. There is news that the incident occurred when facing Parliament Square "carriage door" as a chicken coop, the knife wielding assailant successfully broke into the.

"Carriage door" is the only way for the British Prime Minister to enter parliament. Other members sometimes go through here. Usually there are four guard guards near the carriage gate, two are outside, and two are in the door. But the four guards and no fixed positions, they will usually patrol in the vicinity of the door, the authorities of this arrangement is that the original "mobile police" to confuse the public, let potential terrorists can not know the exact location of the guard.

The day after a knife stabbed a police officer tried to escape, was eventually shot and killed by plainclothes police officers, the British media 23 revealed that Great Britain has set up anti phase housing Ying Lin's private bodyguard. Witnesses said two plainclothes bodyguards and brandished a knife attacker confrontation, to kill him, Fang Yinglin himself was in the capitol.