Policy behind the network security industry, huge potential market space


Policy behind the network security industry, huge potential market space

Xinhua news agency, the twelve session of the twenty-fourth meeting of the NPC Standing Committee voted through the 7 "People's Republic of China network security law", which is the basic law of our country in the field of network, specifically to strengthen the protection of personal information, the fight against Internet fraud. The law shall come into force on June 1, 2017.

It is understood that the "network security law" a total of 7 chapters 79, the network space safety obligation the principle of sovereignty, network products, service providers and network operators, to further improve the personal information protection rules, establish the critical information infrastructure security protection system. In addition, the network security law has made clear provisions on the operation safety of key information infrastructure, the establishment of network security monitoring, early warning and emergency response system, and so on. According to the disclosure of personal information, "network security law" stipulates that any individual or organization may be stolen or other illegal means to obtain personal information, shall not illegally sold or illegally providing personal information to others, and the provisions of the corresponding legal responsibility.

Institutions expect, along with the introduction of network security law and localization push forward, China's network security industry will usher in rapid development opportunities. At present, China's investment in network security accounted for only about 2% of the entire IT, far below the level of about 10% of Europe and the United States, the potential space will reach 100 billion levels. The fourth quarter for the network security industry's traditional settlement peak, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange interactive research summary of the show, since late October, the agency for network security industry research efforts increased significantly.

China Internet users' network security status report released in 2015 by the China Internet Network Information Center shows that, by the end of last year, the number of mobile Internet users in China has reached 620 million. With the popularity of mobile 4G network, the rapid development of O2O services, mobile phone shopping and mobile payment business, more and more users of personal information through the Internet to the various application service providers, mobile phone users of information security environment is becoming increasingly complex, mobile phone information security is expected to be considered. China's Internet users and mobile phone users are far more than the sum of the total population of the United States, while the size of China's network security industry market is only 1/10 of the United States, the potential market is huge.

In order to strengthen the network security management and software and hardware foundation, products independently controllable construction, China has issued a series of support policies. "13th Five-Year" plan clearly put forward the implementation of network strategy, development of network and information security, improve the national security system. With the mobile Internet, cloud computing and other information economy development, China's network security needs will rise significantly, it is expected that in the next few years, the industry compound growth rate is expected to reach 30%.

With the rapid development of mobile Internet technology and the independent control of information security, network security related companies are stepping into the release stage of performance. Recently in accept the rich funds, Westone shenwanling letter and other research institutions said that the company is advancing steadily set by the program, domestic independent high security dedicated terminal project, network information security services, security SoC products can be used for networking security protection etc.. Stars and stars have also been investigated by dozens of organizations, and the company's gateway classes, detection classes, and security management platforms have performed well, and aggressively expanded the field of military industry. The company has tens of millions of scale in industrial control security. In addition, the company will provide solutions in terms of anti DDOS attacks, plans to launch around the end of the SME SAAS platform for SMEs through SAAS way to provide security services.