[Shaanxi] national media network "double week" at Xi'an curtain project 266 brilliant appearance


[Shaanxi] national media network "double week" at Xi'an curtain project 266 brilliant appearance

In September 15th, the "double upgrade, the growth of new energy" as the theme of the 2017 national public entrepreneurship peoples innovation week at Xi'an start, this week will last for 7 days. During the period, in addition to the main venue of the Xi'an Venture Street Innovation Exhibition, will be in the new city, Beilin District, high tech Zone, Qujiang District, Chan Ba ecological zone, air base and space base, international port district, synchronized opening venue.

Xi'an Municipal Committee, deputy mayor Lv Jian, municipal committee, Xi'an Economic Development Zone Party committee secretary, air base Party committee secretary Li Jing, vice mayor of Xi'an Fang Guanghua and other leaders and relevant departments, the county, the development zone is responsible for people attended. In addition from universities, research institutes, enterprises, military units responsible for the well-known business organizations, investment institutions, the Xi'an multi-creation space and entrepreneurs representatives, by the recognition of advanced individual hit a total of more than 300 people attended the ceremony.

[Shaanxi] national media network double week at Xi'an curtain project 266 brilliant appearance

The leaders and representatives of entrepreneurs common press device button, officially launched the Shaanxi Xi'an double week. Reporter Yuan Jingzhi photo

The 9 major categories of 266 projects appear in open double style

In this double Week exhibition, a total of 227 enterprises with 266 projects brilliant debut project covers 9 categories, including artificial intelligence, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials, 3D printing, AR/VR and part of the research institutes, public record space, strategic emerging industries innovation achievements etc.. The next week, Xi'an will enter the double time, open the double style.

The first 24 hours of no supermarket, said that if Shaanxi robots, 3D printing Lahua coffee machine; AR/VR free experience; ultra high energy robot exhibition, the integration of military and civilian high-tech equipment...... The "double week" is for the ordinary people and creating fans offer a creative feast. Here, enough to let you experience a belongs to Xi'an Hyun black technology, new thinking, new products, so that visitors at the scene called "fun.".

"1+14+19" series of activities wonderful

It is reported that the Xi'an double week activities will continue for 7 days, will be held during the "1+14+19" series of activities. Double Talking series of dialogue, artificial intelligence and Intelligent Manufacturing Forum, DigiArtist 2017 digital art exhibition, Qin Chong, 3W, these 14 important municipal Innovation Festival activities, and held 19 of the county, the development zone and other activities.

All kinds of professional interest and management activities in the coming weeks will let Xi'an boiling, so that the majority of entrepreneurs in the sense of innovation power at the same time, also showed strong foreign Xi'an unique charm of the upsurge of entrepreneurship and innovation. (reporter Ma Danni)

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