Look into the 911 terrorist attacks 16th anniversary, review the end of American style Globalization


Look into the 911 terrorist attacks 16th anniversary, review the end of American style Globalization

PrefaceEST: the morning of September 11, 2001, 4 American civil aviation flights are almost simultaneously hijacked, two of which hit the world trade center is located in New York Manhattan, an attack on the capital in Washington where the United States Department of defense of The Pentagon. And fourth hijacked planes crashed in pennsylvania. Two of the 110 skyscrapers of the world trade center in New York collapsed after being attacked.

In the 9.11 incident, 2998 people were killed (not including 19 hijackers): 2974 of them were officially confirmed dead, and another 24 were missing. Many of the victims were chinese.

The incident was the second major attack on American soil in the second world after the Pearl Harbor incident in the wake of the world war ii. This is the worst terrorist attack in human history so far.

Look into the 911 terrorist attacks 16th anniversary, review the end of American style Globalization

Predicting 911 is not a joke

As early as in 1999, Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui collaborated on the publication of military theory book "Transfinite warfare".

The second day of the 9.11 incident occurred, a three-star general of the The Pentagon public said, "two years ago the" unrestricted warfare ", we have translated at the time, but did not cause enough attention, now they predicted that things have happened in front of us, it is necessary to go back to study this book."

In the book "out of bounds", there are seven or eight places mentioned in Ben Laden, and another two mentioned the world trade center. Accurately predicted 9. 11 events, the book was "Washington Post" as "40 years, the Chinese people in the west, the greatest impact of a book", but also by West Point as "must read" and the United States Naval Academy Teaching materials.

"Preface" unrestricted warfare cited by the Simarangju "warlike perish" and "Negligence makes dangers". In that case, Qiao Liang explained, "the first sentence is for Americans. You're too bellicose, it's not a good thing.". "Negligence makes dangers." is to Chinese.

Look into the 911 terrorist attacks 16th anniversary, review the end of American style Globalization

911 is a landmark event for the United States and the world as a whole

Wang Xiangsui:In the past, there have been many predictions about the decline of the United States, and finally proved to be wrong, that is to say, early. This reaction has been different for the American political elite, known as the "destiny of heaven". Brzezinski, who recently died, was one of the most famous strategists in the United states. In his view, the global hegemony of the United States is moving towards the "end stage", and the future world will be "disorder" and "disorder"". To do so, the United States must learn to get along with other big powers and need to find more partners, not allies, to share the basic interests of economic and social stability". In December 2013, the National Intelligence Council published a report on global trends 2030: the world of change. The report points out that the crisis will continue for at least 10 years, from the time of crisis to the lever of withdrawal. The post crisis world, are likely to stagnate, integration and differentiation, non nationalization and other four kinds of prospects, is the United States and Europe to China, the world globalization leads to extinction stagnation; two is the cooperation between the United States and China to promote a new round of integration of globalization of the world economy; three is split into the serious inequality the world is the world of differentiation; four unstate led. In the political elite of the United States, the "unipolar moment" is gone, and international politics began in 1945 with the end of "peace under the United States"".

Look into the 911 terrorist attacks 16th anniversary, review the end of American style Globalization

With the outbreak of the crisis, the inherent characteristics of the American economic system are also playing a role in deepening the crisis. In the development of the American continent, with much land and few people on the U.S. economy, has been useful to the mechanical characteristics of labor saving and wasteful use of raw materials. This undoubtedly exacerbated the impact of the system crisis. Before 1971, the world's oil in the period of low prices, cheap oil and other mineral resources, become the basis for energy and raw materials to promote the industrialization of the United States and the modernization of takeoff, also caused the high resource consumption of the American pattern of production and life style. This makes the United States become the world's largest manufacturing country, production efficiency is less than the shortage of resources in Germany, Japan and other industrial countries. Under the dual pressures of industry competition and financial speculation, the industry began to transfer to finance for the pursuit of higher margin American capital.

From 1980s onwards, American manufacturing industry began to move overseas, with the financial service industry as the core of the Sturm und Drang, created a large number of credit and financial derivative products, leading to the country's industrial structure and profit source changed. In 2015, the US manufacturing sector accounted for 9.8% of GDP, less than 20% of the country's industrial population, and more than 80% of the wealth came from the service sector, most of which came from financial income. Finance not only leads to a shift in quantity between the physical economy and the financial economy, but also changes the overall structure of society, and reflects the expansion of the forces of the interests of the interests of the people, resulting in changes in the distribution of social wealth. The United States has become a country with financial ownership and entered the stage of virtual capitalism.

Look into the 911 terrorist attacks 16th anniversary, review the end of American style Globalization

With the increasing expansion of capital especially the financial capital, the mainstream of American society from civilian to elite, pro capital Neo liberal economic thought has become the dominant economy thought, which affects the American political and social policy; embodied in Roosevelt's new deal government regulation has been abandoned, bound financial speculation law is Neo liberalism the politician is abolished, the United States has become the international financial capital of the colony. Over the past few decades, the United States, in addition to aerospace, military industry and other high-tech, high value-added industries are still maintained, the majority of civilian manufacturing industry has been unable to compete with other countries. This also proves that, has entered the financial fall of the United States, has been difficult to promote the development of industrial economy, no longer have the ability to act as a locomotive of the global economy, the so-called "re industrialization" is just wishful thinking of some politicians and impossible goals -- if not they win votes gimmick words.

Under the impact of the crisis, all the main pillars supporting the American system of globalization have been shaken, and the order of maintaining world integration has collapsed. The Bretton Woods system established in 1944 has already disintegrated, instead of the $Jamaica gold exchange system is in crisis, the dollar system has been creating a super sovereign financial derivatives virtual credit overdraft, oil - dollar system is precarious, the fact of the world core currencies: the dollar, because of lack of credit and debt are facing collapse the risk of. The United States has shown itself to give up the global trade order based on the GATT and later on the WTO. The world bank once proud became tasteless chicken ribs, it is difficult to play a worldwide influence; and the new Asian investment bank in the United States but oppose birth and rapid development. Europe is controlled by the International Monetary Fund, to become another new hair and even international institutions to challenge the U.S. monetary hegemony.

Look into the 911 terrorist attacks 16th anniversary, review the end of American style Globalization

The United Nations Security Council often indecisive or must not do, its authority is a common challenge. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the Asia Pacific Alliance System, is also facing more and more problems, there is the risk of disintegration, and the military power of the United States because of the lack of supporting the real economy, can not insist on long-term large-scale war victory. According to statistics, Since 1871, the per capita GDP of the U. S. economy has maintained a growth rate of about 2% for a long time. However, there has been a downward trend in total factor productivity (TFP) in this growth. Significant is the past 100 years between America's labor participation rate, per capita labor time, quality of the labor force, the rate of investment and technological innovation and other elements of rise and fall, offset the situation has changed, the various factors and difficult to reverse in the short period of deterioration and the phenomenon.

In a word, the previous support system and mechanism of the global system of American monetary system, trading system, banking system, security system, concept system, industry standards, scientific research and education, culture and other almost all, in the event of serious functional degeneration. This directly led to a decline in the overall strength and influence of the United states. This means that the tiger in the United States is a real tiger, but only a tired old tiger.

As mentioned above, the American system has entered a period of deterioration of its structural decay and functional aging, and the decline in the United States has been difficult to reverse. History tells us that the overall crisis of the system cycle usually takes hundreds of years to emerge. Now it is America's global system of financial capitalism. In the American system of the general trend of aging in degeneration of heart though struggling, but ultimately powerless.

New book Introduction

Look into the 911 terrorist attacks 16th anniversary, review the end of American style Globalization
China's revival requires a correct judgment of the world situation and a national strategy accordingly.

The top think-tank, famous experts on international issues, "unrestricted warfare" author Wang Xiangsui from the national strategic level, accumulated eighteen years one! Based on the national interests of China, this paper puts forward the rational and rational development plan of China's great power.

According to the national "The Belt and Road" initiative, at the strategic level, strategic goal analysis "The Belt and Road" and * final destination; at the operational level, difficulty analysis "The Belt and Road" initiative in the implementation, and puts forward the reasonable solution.

The United States alone is impossible, the two Sino US "superpower" rule the world more impossible, the future of the world trend is also difficult to accept diversity, can not solve the global problem of contemporary world, facing the "three world" trend. The book is creatively proposed Chinese should be "the Sanju" positioning. This is not the lack of national aspirations, but a reasonable path to power revival of the world trend, based on the characteristics of Chinese, is a strategic choice China combined with the vast number of developing countries from the global crisis, it is a matter of national survival every Chinese.

For the future of the country, for China's revival, in line with the world trend of strategic thinking. Top national think tank, author of "out of bounds warfare", Wang Xiangsui, another forward-looking strategic masterpiece! More exciting, please click on the original text

Brief introduction of the authorWang Xiangsui, a retired Air Force colonel. Currently professor of Beihang University, director of strategic research center, National Aviation Science and technology laboratory, aviation development strategy, chief scientist. He served as vice president of the national security policy committee of the China Policy Research Association, a member of the Advisory Committee on the reform and development of CITIC, and a deputy secretary-general. Main works: monograph "Coin border theory", etc., and cooperation with Qiao Liang, "Transfinite warfare", "officer quality theory", "the war of the century" and so on.